A Short Love Story Animation Flipart Making Easy

Hello little friends how are you all? Today we will present a beautiful picture of a love flipbook through drawing. We all know that love is infinite. Love is made for a boy and a girl. This does not mean that the mother has no love for her son. There are many types of love, but we will discuss the love of a boy and a girl. We have shown through this video that where there is real love, there is anger and pride. Just because your loved one is proud of you doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t love you. That means he wants to love you very much.

A Short Love Story Animation Flipart Making Easy

We had to draw a total of 250 pictures to make this video. You need infinite patience to draw this kind of picture. Such videos are made by arranging one picture after another. First, we drew a picture of the boy. After that, I had to draw pictures according to the situation. Finally, it’s time to take pictures. We took pictures one by one with the help of a camera. This type of video is made by arranging the pictures one after the other. It requires hard work. Kind of flipbook anyone can make. To draw your picture, you have to understand the condition of the drawing.

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