What is an ATM Card? ATM Card Usage Rules

It’s like a magic key that lets you get money from a machine. Just like how we use Bikash to send or get money, with an ATM card, you can do this anywhere in the country.

But guess what? Some people still don’t know what an ATM card is or how to use it to get money.

That’s why I’m writing this article today.

I’ll be explaining everything about ATM cards and clearing up any confusion. Let’s dive in.

What is an ATM Card?

What is an ATM Card? ATM Card Usage Rules

Think of it as a magic money card. Instead of carrying cash in your pockets or wallets, you just carry this card. All your money is stored in it. People call these cards ATM cards.

Quick Fact – Lots of people use these cards today because they’re safe and easy to use.

What is an ATM Machine?

What is an ATM Card? ATM Card Usage Rules

Some people mix up the ATM card with the ATM machine, but they’re different things! The ATM card is that little card you carry in your pocket. But the big machine where you use that card to get or put in money? That’s the ATM machine.

What is the Full form of ATM?

Ever wonder what those letters ‘ATM’ mean? No worries, I’ll tell you! ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. It’s a cool machine that lets you handle your money and is directly linked to the bank. So, using it is safe and easy.

How Many Types of ATM Cards?

There are two main types – credit cards and debit cards. They work in different ways and are used for different things. Let’s talk about these two

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Some folks might not know the difference between them, so let’s break it down and make it simple.

What is a Credit Card?

Imagine having a card that lets you spend more money than you actually have in your bank. That’s a credit card! Say you have $1,000 in your bank, but you end up spending $1,200. A credit card lets you borrow that extra amount from the bank.

What is a Debit Card?

It’s a card that lets you spend only the money you have in your bank. So if you have $100, you can only spend up to $100. Unlike credit cards where you can borrow extra money, with a debit card, you stick to what you have.

What is the Work of an ATM Card?

Think of an ATM card as a tiny tool that lets you handle your money without actually touching it. Instead of carrying cash everywhere, you just use this card. Long ago, we stood in long lines at the bank to deal with our money. But now, with an ATM card, you can put in or take out money anytime you want, easily and quickly.

How to Get An ATM Card?

Want an ATM card to handle your money? Here’s what you do

  • Open a bank account at any bank you like.
  • Ask the bank for an ATM card.
  • They’ll need some papers from you, so be ready with those.
  • Once they give you the card, you can start using it!
  • If you want it connected to your bank account, just let the bank folks know.

ATM Card Usage Rules

Got an ATM card? Great! Just remember to follow some rules so you don’t run into issues

  • You’ll get a secret PIN code with your card. Keep it a secret! Only you should know it.
  • To use your card, find an ATM booth and pop your card in.
  • Some machines might need you to swipe your card instead. Just keep an eye out for that.
  • It might seem tricky at first, but give it a go! You’ll get the hang of it.

How to Withdraw Money with ATM Card?

What is an ATM Card? ATM Card Usage Rules

Want to get cash using your ATM card? It’s easy, but be careful so your card doesn’t get blocked. Here’s what you do

  • Find an ATM and put your card in.
  • The machine will ask what you want to do, like take out or put in money.
  • Choose how much cash you want.
  • It’ll ask for your secret PIN code – always keep this number to yourself.
  • Different bank cards might look a bit different, but just follow the screen’s steps and you’ll be fine!

How Much Money Can Be Withdrawn from the ATM Booth?

Wondering how much money you can get from an ATM? Well, there’s a limit, and it changes depending on the bank.

Different banks have different rules. For example, what you can take out might be different from another bank.

So, the amount you can get really depends on which bank your card is from. When you get your ATM card, make sure you find out your cash limit.

What to Do if You Forget the ATM Card Password?

Oops, forgot your ATM card’s PIN? Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of us. But you can get it sorted out easily. Here’s how

  • Go to the Bank – Head to your bank and they’ll help you reset the PIN. Just bring along your documents.
  • Call the Helpline – If you don’t feel like going to the bank, just call their helpline. They can guide you on resetting your PIN. You can find the helpline number on the bank’s website or on some papers they gave you.

Tips – Be ready with some papers because the bank will want to make sure you’re really you.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of ATM Card?

ATM cards are super handy, but like everything, they have their good and bad sides. Here’s what I’ve noticed


  • Super Convenient – You can use it anywhere in the world to handle your money.
  • No Need for Cash – Forget carrying lots of bills and coins! With this card, you’re good to go.
  • More Money with Credit Cards – Credit cards can let you spend more than you have. But be careful, as it’s like borrowing and you’ll have to pay it back!


  • Security Issues – If someone finds out your card number and secret PIN, they might use it without you knowing.

Remember, what I’ve shared is based on my experience. Everyone might see things a bit differently.

What Did You Learn About ATM Cards?

We talked a lot about ATM cards and things you should know. Like –

  • What’s an ATM card?
  • What’s an ATM machine?
  • How to get cash with your card.
  • Costs for using Bikash ATM.
  • Rules when you’re at the ATM.
  • How to use the card safely.

If you’re curious about these topics, check out the info above. Hope it helps you get the hang of it.

Some Unknown Facts about ATM Card

There are some cool facts about ATM cards that not everyone knows. If you learn these, you’ll be a pro and can handle any ATM card issue on your own!

If You Use a Credit Card, will You Pay any Interest?

You might have to pay some extra money called ‘interest’ when you use a credit card. Each bank has its own rate. It’s a good idea to chat with your bank about it so you don’t get any surprises later.

Do You have to Pay Interest if You Use a Debit Card?

With a debit card, you only spend the money you have in your bank. You can’t spend more than that, so there’s no extra charge or ‘interest’ to pay.

What to Do if the ATM Card is Lost?

If you lose your ATM card, don’t panic. Just follow these steps – First, make sure to block your card so no one else can use it. The quickest way to do that? Call your bank. They might ask for some papers, so have them ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ATM Card?

An ATM card is like a magic key that allows you to access your money from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) without carrying cash. It’s a secure and convenient way to handle your finances.

What is an ATM Machine?

The ATM machine is where you use your ATM card to perform transactions. It’s the large machine connected to the bank that dispenses cash, accepts deposits, and more.

What is the Full Form of ATM?

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. It’s a machine directly linked to the bank that allows you to handle various financial transactions easily and safely.

How Many Types of ATM Cards Are There?

There are two main types of ATM cards: credit cards and debit cards. They function differently, with credit cards allowing you to borrow money, and debit cards allowing you to spend only what you have in your bank account.

How to Get an ATM Card?

To get an ATM card, open a bank account, request an ATM card from the bank, provide necessary documents, and start using the card once issued. You can also link it to your bank account for seamless transactions.

What are the ATM Card Usage Rules?

Keep your PIN code secret, insert or swipe your card at an ATM booth, and follow on-screen instructions. With practice, using an ATM card becomes easy and efficient.

How to Withdraw Money with an ATM Card?

Insert your card into an ATM, select the desired transaction (withdrawal or deposit), enter your PIN, and follow the on-screen prompts. Be cautious to avoid card blocking.

How Much Money Can Be Withdrawn from the ATM Booth?

The withdrawal limit varies by bank. Different banks have different rules, so it’s essential to inquire about your specific card’s cash limit.

What to Do if You Forget the ATM Card Password?

If you forget your PIN, visit the bank with necessary documents to reset it. Alternatively, call the bank’s helpline for guidance on resetting your PIN.

If You Use a Credit Card, Will You Pay Any Interest?

Yes, using a credit card may involve paying interest. The rate varies by bank, so it’s advisable to discuss this with your bank.

What to Do if the ATM Card is Lost?

If your ATM card is lost, promptly call your bank to block the card. Have necessary documents ready, as the bank may require them to address the issue.

Today, we went deep into the world of ATM cards. Hopefully, all your questions were answered. I broke down how to use them step by step.

If you still have any questions or issues, just drop a comment.

Thanks for reading! Big shoutout to the drawwithpappu.com blog community.

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