Baby Elephant Drawing Easy | How to Draw an Elephant

Today we will make a baby elephant drawing with help of oil pastels, a pencil, and drawing paper. Baby elephant pictures can be drawn by kids and beginners easily. Kindergarten and school students will be able to easily draw a baby elephant by following our simple and easy steps. We will draw the picture of the baby elephant step by step. First, we will make a beautiful sketch of the baby elephant and then color the baby elephant. Just follow our tutorial and make a baby deer drawing easily.

We will first draw the elephant’s trunk. Then, we will draw elephant eyes and faces. This way we will draw each part step by step. In a very simple and straightforward way. So that children can learn to draw very easily. And can teach others to draw step by step.

Let’s start drawing baby elephants without wasting time, little kids.

How to Draw Baby Elephant Step by Step

Here is some very easy and simple step to draw a baby elephant.

Baby Elephant Drawing Easy | How to Draw an Elephant

Baby Elephant Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

1. Make a Baby Elephant trunk.

White Paper

First, we will take a drawing paper. Draw the margins evenly around the drawing paper. Then we will draw the trunk of the elephant with the help of curved lines.

2. Make the face.


Draw a round shape of the whole face of the baby elephant. then, draw two small circles to draw the two eyes of a baby elephant. Then draw eyebrows again by drawing two small lines over the eyes. The upper part of the eyebrows is the head of the baby elephant.

3. Now draw the baby elephant ears.

Complete Face

Draw two baby elephant ears on either side of the head with the curved line. Draw the ears much larger.

4. Draw the baby elephant’s hands, fingers, and belly.

Baby Elephant Drawing

We will draw his two hands under the baby elephant’s mouth and draw the fingers of the hand. The baby will draw the elephant’s fingers very well. The middle part of both hands is the belly of the baby elephant.

5. Draw the hair, eyeball, feet, and toes.

Baby Elephant Drawing

Draw hair on the elephant’s head. To draw the eyeball of the baby elephant, draw the small circle between the two eyes. And draw the baby elephant’s foot on the side of the hand. The legs are round in shape. Then draw the toes. The baby elephant is sitting, and we drew the picture in this pose.

6. Paint the baby elephant’s face.

Fill Color

We will paint the baby elephant’s face easily. First, we will put a grey color on the face. Then use pink color lightly on the face of the baby elephant’s picture.

7. Color the elephant ear.


We will use grey color to color the ears. Look at our baby elephant drawing we will make the exterior color of the elephant ear darker and the inner color lighter.

8. Paint the baby elephant trunk.


We will paint the elephant’s trunk in exactly the same way we painted the baby elephant’s face. First, we will paint the baby elephant trunk gray at the beginning and then we will paint it light pink.

9. Color the body of the baby elephant drawing

Body color

In this step, we will put pink color on the baby elephant’s body following the baby elephant drawing.

10. Color the nails.

Nail color

Now, we color the nail of the hands and legs one by one. We put the pink color very carefully on the nail.

11. Color the eyeballs.

Baby Elephant Drawing

We color the eyeball with help of black color or a black sketch pen. Look at our baby elephant drawing, we have painted the bottom of the baby elephant’s eye black so that the baby elephant looks more beautiful in the picture.

12. Make a love sign.

Baby Elephant Drawing

We will draw a love symbol a little above the trunk of the elephant with the help of red color.

13. Highlight the border.

Baby Elephant Drawing

This time we will take a black sketch pen and highlight the border shots of the baby elephant picture.

Finally, we will make a light shade with blue color under the place where the baby elephant is sitting

Look our baby elephant drawing for kids is almost complete. There are many more drawing ideas like this on our website. And many more pictures will come later. So all of you bookmark this website in our browser and subscribe to our YouTube channel Draw With Pappu.

You must draw the baby elephant picture and send me your baby elephant drawing a picture with help of the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

Baby Elephant Drawing Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on baby elephant drawing. This video tutorial is very helpful for beginners. In this baby elephant drawing video tutorial, we explain every step of the baby elephant drawing slowly. So follow our video tutorial and draw a baby elephant. Also not forgot to send your drawing😊.

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