Superhero Bear Drawing Step By Step – Easy Drawing For Kids

Cartoon Superhero Bear is very easy to draw there is nothing more complicated. All you need to know is the right path, the right plan, and the right rules. Cartoon Superhero Bear is really nothing, it’s just kids’ fantasy world superheroes who help everyone. First, you have to draw a cartoon beer structure, then gently draw a picture and paint it there.

How are you, little friends. Today we will draw pictures of Cartoon Superhero Bear Drawing with the world of children’s play. Those are very nice to look at and perfect as a playmate. Cartoon Superhero Bear is wearing a blue shirt. Before describing it we will learn how to draw, Cartoon Superhero Bear Drawing. In today’s age where children are wasting their precious time on harmful gadgets like computers, mobiles, video games, pubs. There we have been working as well-thought-out, consultants, to make them well-organized. Once they enter our world of painting, their life will be full of happiness.

Cartoon Superhero Bear Drawing Step By Step For Kids :

Let’s start drawing Cartoon Superhero Bear, little friends.

bear drawing

Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to draw this superhero bear picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

1. Draw margin.

how to draw a superhero bear

All we need is a piece of clean white paper. Then slowly draw the margins with the help of scale on that white paper. Remember to omit half an inch from the edge of the ledger. Now our margin is complete.

2. Draw the head of the cartoon superhero bear.

how to draw a superhero bear

First, we need to draw a large circle, a little oval. Draw the circle right in the middle of the notebook. Draw exactly as shown in the picture above. But here we do not have to take the help of any gazette and material, you have to draw pictures with your own hands.

3. Draw a small circle just below the big circle.

how to draw a superhero bear

This time we will draw the belly of the superhero bear. You don’t have to bother much for play money, just a circle, but smaller than before. Remember that the belly of a cartoon superhero bear should be smaller than the head.

4. This time we will draw a bandage on his head.

how to draw a superhero bear

Putting a bandage on his head means he wants to hide his face. No superhero wants his face to come out in front of everyone. So here we will cover the appearance of a cartoon superhero bear with a bandage.

5. Draw the ears of the superhero bear.

how to draw a superhero bear

We will draw two more small circles on either side of the head. That two circles will be just on the head. Those two are his ears. Now, look at the structure of Mickey Mouse.

6. Now we will draw a hole in the ear.

how to draw a superhero bear

To draw an ear hole we need to draw two small circles inside the ear. To draw this picture of this cartoon superhero bear we need to draw most of the circles.

7. Draw eyes, face, and nose.

how to draw a superhero bear

Draw eyes with two small dots in the bandage above your head. Then draw a small nose and draw a smiling face just below the nose.

8. Now we will draw hands and legs.

how to draw a superhero bear

We draw two hands on either side of the body just below the head. Keep the hand position so that one hand is up, one hand is slightly down. Draw a picture of the feet just below the round body. Give two bands on the legs.

9. Give two bands on hand.

how to draw a superhero bear

We have to give the same band as you got a little earlier. The two bands look like they have gloves on their hands and feet. There is no need to draw hands and feet fingers.

10. Give the belt at the waist.

how to draw a superhero bear

Every superhero has a belt around his waist. So we will give the band of cartoon superhero Bear to his waist.

11. Paint ears and mouth yellow.

how to draw a superhero bear

First, paint the ears then the mouth. There we can use a yellow pencil. If we don’t have a yellow color pencil, we will paint with oil pastel.

12. Give brown color to the face.

how to draw a superhero bear

Apply yellow first on the outer part of the ear and brown on it. As if the predominance of brown color is more. Just like that, paint the face. The brown color will be more predominant on the face.

13. Apply purple color on the head’s bandage.

how to draw a superhero bear

To cover the face, the bandage that our superhero used, We will give purple color. Give purple in such a way that the eyes can understand.

14. In hand and foot gloves, paint purple.

how to draw a superhero bear

We will give purple color to hand gloves and foot gloves. We will also paint the underwear under the bell purple.

15. Paint the clothes blue.

how to draw a superhero bear

The color of the clothes and pants will be blue very slowly. There will be underwear on the pants. The color is purple. When dyeing the clothes, keep a little white space on the chest. There will be a fastened logo. Which looks a lot like a red plus sign.

16. Paint the hand and foot bands red.

how to draw a superhero bear

Now we will color the hand and foot bands. There you can make red, orange, yellow, green, etc. But we color red here.

17. This time we will paint the mat on the back of the superhero.

how to draw a superhero bear

There is a mat behind every superhero. So we will put a mat behind our superhero. You can use sheets instead of mats. We will color it red. And the colors on the belt are yellow and red.

18. This time we will highlight the border outline.

how to draw a superhero bear

We will highlight the whole picture with the help of a marker pen that we first drew with the rule pencil. Give a little more black around the face.

19. Now let’s create shadows.

how to draw a superhero bear

The existence of an object cannot be understood without shadows. So we will draw a shadow of blue under the feet of our superhero. There is no need to give too much shade.

Look, our superhero bear drawing is completed. There are many more ways to make pictures like this on our website. And many more pictures will come later. So all of you bookmark this website in our browser and subscribe to our YouTube channel Draw With Pappu.

You must draw the picture and send me your superhero bear drawing picture with help of the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

Cartoon Superhero Bear Drawing Step By Step Watch Full Tutorial :

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