Ben 10 Drawing Easy – Ben 10 Cartoon Drawing For Kids

Hey there! Ready to have some fun drawing? Today, we’re going to create our own Ben 10 masterpiece! No need to stress, we’ve made it super simple with step-by-step instructions. Take your drawing tools, and let’s start together. Trust us, even the trickiest drawings are straightforward with our easy-to-follow steps. Get those tools ready, and let’s turn this into an easy drawing! Are you excited? Let’s begin our Ben 10 drawing!

Ben 10 Drawing Easy

How To Draw The Ben 10 Cartoon Picture Step By Step

Here is some very easy and straightforward step to draw the Ben 10 Cartoon’s pictures.

Ben 10 Cartoon Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this Ben 10 Cartoon drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Ben 10 Cartoon Picture Drawing Step-by-Step Full Tutorial

Here are 12 Easy Steps to Draw a Ben 10 Cartoon easily.

1. Draw the Eyes.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Start with a white drawing paper. Begin by drawing the eyes of the Ben 10 cartoon. Make it round-shaped and add a well-drawn eyeball inside the eye. Create curved lines above and below the eyes for the eyelids. Then, draw a thick and nice eyebrow on top of the eyelid to complete the look

2. Draw the Face Part and Front Hair.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Draw the second eye. Add zigzag lines for the hair on the front of the head. Draw a nose and, a curved line for the mouth. On the left side, draw a curved line from the hair.

3. Draw Hair, Ears, and Face Shape.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Add a light design to the middle of the head for hair. Draw ears on both sides and complete the face shape.

4. Draw the Body Dress and Omnitrix.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Use zigzag lines for hair on the back of the neck. Draw the neck, then the dress on the chest. Finally, create the Omnitrix watch on the left hand.

5. Draw the Hands and Dress.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Draw the left hand above the right, add fingers, and then draw the dress. Make sure to draw the hands and dress well.

6. Color the Eyes.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

We’ll make Ben 10’s cartoon eyes green and color the eyeballs black. Use the colors in a way that makes the eyes look bright.

7. Color the Eyebrows.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

We’ll color Ben 10’s cartoon eyebrows with dark brown. Be careful not to go color outside the lines, so it looks good. Just use the color neatly.

8. Color the Dress.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Use black color for the middle part of the dress. Color the ends of the hands black. Leave the rest of the dress white.

9. Color the Omnitrix.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Use ash color for the watch design, brown for the edges, and green and ash color for the middle part.

10. Color the Skin.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Let’s color the Ben 10 cartoon’s skin now. Use a skin color for the face, neck, and skin. Make sure to only use the skin color on these parts and not anywhere else.

11. Color the Rest of the Dress and Hair.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Give the orange above the middle of the hair. Use ash for the rest of the dress. You’re almost done!

12. Color the Hair.

Ben 10 Easy Drawing

Finish by coloring the hair brown. Ensure the entire hair is well-covered. Congratulations, your Ben 10 cartoon is now complete! Hope you also completed the attractive Ben 10 drawing along with us.

In conclusion, following these 12 easy steps to draw the Ben 10 cartoon is a fun and accessible artistic journey. The tutorial provides clear instructions, breaking down the process into manageable steps for both beginners and enthusiasts. Starting with the eyes and facial features, the guide progresses through the creation of the entire character, including the distinctive Omnitrix watch and clothing details. The emphasis on coloring adds depth and vibrancy to the drawing, with careful attention to details like the eyes, eyebrows, dress, Omnitrix, skin, and hair. The step-by-step approach allows for a gradual and enjoyable exploration of the cartoon drawing process, ensuring a satisfying result. Whether you are a fan of Ben 10 or simply enjoy cartoon drawing, this tutorial provides a great opportunity to express creativity and produce an attractive Ben 10 cartoon. Congratulations on completing your drawing, and may you continue to enjoy your artistic endeavors!

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