BGMI A2 Royale Pass Rewards are here, Check Details

As Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) keeps its momentum going, the excitement surrounding its Royale Passes never seems to die down. The A1 Royale Pass had us all on the edge of our seats, and now it’s time for A2. What rewards can players anticipate? Well, the leaks promise an even more enticing array of in-game items.

Your Path to BGMI Glory The Royale Pass

At its core, the Royale Pass is BGMI’s innovative system that offers players the chance to earn a diverse range of rewards. By completing both Challenge and Daily Missions, players accumulate Royale Pass Points, advancing in ranks, and subsequently, unlocking an array of fantastic rewards. For the Elite Pass holders, the Elite Missions offer a faster route to these rewards.

A Comprehensive Glimpse into the A2 Royale Pass Rewards

Here’s the much-awaited list of leaked rewards for the A2 Royale Pass:

  1. Surfside Sweetheart Set (With cover) – Kick things off at Level 1.
  2. Vogue Surfer- SKS – A stylish addition at Level 10.
  3. Marvelous Emote – Show off this free emote at Level 15.
  4. Blissful Reachfront Finish – Also available at Level 15.
  5. Rainbow Blitz Helmet – Shine bright at Level 20.
  6. Seaside Summer Parachute – Float down freely at Level 25.
  7. Pearlescent Upgrade Card – A free upgrade option at Level 30.
  8. Poolside Floatie- Honey Badger – For a unique style at Level 30.
  9. Vogue Surfer Emote – A mythic move at Level 30.
  10. Vogue Surfer Set (With Cover) – The mythic set arrives at Level 40.
  11. Battle Crescendo Cover – Free to grab at Level 50.
  12. Marine Evolution- UMP45 – Level up your UMP45 at Level 50.
  13. Joyful Debut Emote – A joyful free emote at Level 55.
  14. Steet Kiss- AMR – Equip this at Level 55.
  15. Gemshell Backpack – Store your loot in style at Level 60.
  16. Dazel Dreamicorn Ornament – A dreamy accessory at Level 65.
  17. Sweet Kiss Buggy – Ride in style at Level 70.
  18. Battle Crescendo- SCAR-L – Free firepower at Level 80.
  19. Donut Rush Stun Grenade – A delightful surprise at Level 80.
  20. Serene Rapture Emote – A mythic addition at Level 80.
  21. Electric Disco- AKM – Light up the battleground at Level 90.
  22. Serene Rapture Set – The grand reward awaits at Level 100.

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Investing in Your BGMI Future

For those eager to get their hands on this plethora of rewards, the A2 Royale Pass can be purchased using BGMI’s in-game currency, UC. With the Elite Pass priced at 720 UC and the Elite Pass Plus at 1920 UC, players can accelerate their progression, gain exclusive access, and fully immerse themselves in the BGMI experience.

Closing Thoughts

The BGMI A2 Royale Pass appears to be an exhilarating ride filled with diverse rewards that cater to every player’s taste. From the chic to the mythic, the lineup promises a satisfying experience for everyone. Ready to dive in? See you on the battlegrounds!

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