Bird Drawing for Kids – Bird on Tree Drawing

Hey there, budding artists! Get ready to spread your wings and dive into the exciting world of drawing with our easy guide on creating a stunning Bird Drawing for Beginners. With just a few basic materials like paper, pencils, and colors, you’ll be on your way to crafting a masterpiece that will make your creativity take flight!

Let’s soar through 12 simple steps to bring a colorful bird to life on paper. Start at the top of your page, draw the bird’s head, and add wings, a beak, a tail, and legs. Picture your bird perched on a beautifully detailed tree branch surrounded by a charming forest scene. And the best part? We’ll guide you on adding vibrant colors to make your feathered friend truly come alive.

How To Draw Bird Drawing for Beginners Picture Step By Step

Here is some elementary and straightforward step to draw Bird Drawing pictures.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Bird Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this Bird Drawing for Beginners picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Bird Drawing for Beginners Picture Drawing Step-by-Step Full Tutorial

Here are 13 Easy Steps to Draw a Bird Drawing.

1. Draw The Bird’s Eyes And Top Of The Head.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Get a blank piece of paper to draw a bird. Start at the very top of the paper and use a black pencil to draw the bird’s head shape. Right below the head, draw a little circle – that’s the bird’s eye.

2. Draw The Wings Of The Bird.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Let’s make the Bird Drawing for Beginners picture even more awesome! Draw the wings beneath the bird’s head, and in the space between the wings, come up with a cool design.

3. Draw The Bird’s Beak.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Time to give your bird a beak! Draw it right in front of the bird’s eyes. Then, draw the bird’s belly just below the beak.

4. Now Draw The Tail And Back Of The Bird.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Let’s make your bird even more fantastic! Draw two long lines extending from the ends of the wings to create the tail. Connect the ends of these lines to finish the tail. Next, draw similar spots along the bird’s back, from the tail to the belly. This will give your bird a stylish and unique look!

5. Now Draw The Two Legs Of The Bird.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Give your bird a sturdy foundation by drawing its legs. Extend two lines down from the bird’s belly to create the legs. Add little feet at the ends, and your bird will be ready to stand tall and proud!

6. Now Draw The Tree And The Branches Of The Tree.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Make your Bird Drawing for Beginners pictures even more exciting! Draw a tree branch extending from one side, then add more branches next to it to make it beautiful. Imagine your bird perched on one of these branches, surrounded by a charming forest scene. Keep adding details to bring your picture to life!

7. Colour The Bird’s Head And Belly.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Time to add some colour to the Bird Drawing for Beginners. Grab your light blue crayon and carefully colour the bird’s head and belly. Remember to be gentle and not use too much colour.

8. Now Colour The Wings Of The Bird.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Now, let’s bring the bird’s wings to life! Colour each wing design separately. For the top design, use light yellow. Fill in the inner design with deep blue, and for the bottom design, use deep yellow. Feel free to use other colours if you’d like. Have a blast colouring!

9. Colour The Tail Of The Bird.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Time to colour the bird’s tail! Grab your deep blue crayon and paint the bird’s tail with utmost care. Make sure the colors stay inside the lines.

10. Colour The Back Of The Bird Drawing for Beginners.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Now, let’s colour the bird back! Use a green pencil to carefully paint the bird’s back. Take your time and be patient, making sure not to mix the green colour with the blue.

11. Colour The Bird’s Feet.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Let’s add some colour to the Bird Drawing for a Beginner’s picture of a bird’s feet! Take the light brown crayon from your colour box and paint the bird’s feet in the picture. Be very patient and make sure the color stays inside the lines. Enjoy the careful colouring!

12. Colour The Branches Of The Tree.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

To make the picture even prettier, let’s colour the branches of the tree! Use deep yellow to paint the branch where the bird is sitting in the Bird Drawing for Beginners picture. Be careful not to make the colour too dark. Enjoy making the picture more beautiful!

13. Now Paint The Leaves Of The Tree.

Bird Drawing for Beginners

Now, let’s paint the leaves of the tree! Begin by coloring the upper leaves of the bird’s branches with light yellow. Then, on top of the yellow, paint green on the leaves. Remember, the green colour should not cover the entire leaf. And there you have it – our bird drawing is complete! Enjoy the finished picture.

Bird Drawing for Beginners Video Tutorial

Hey little artists! Ready for a colorful journey? Our “Bird Drawing for Beginners” video tutorial is here to guide you step by step. Grab your pencils and let’s dive into the magical world of drawing together! Perfect for beginners, this video will have you creating your feathered friend in no time. So, hit play, unlock your creativity, and let’s soar into the world of “Bird Drawing for Beginners.” Happy drawing! 🎨🐦

Congratulations, young artists, on completing your Bird Drawing for Beginners tutorial! You’ve transformed a blank page into a vibrant masterpiece, showcasing your creativity and imagination in this step-by-step guide. Remember, the joy of drawing is not just in the final picture but in the journey of bringing it to life.

As you admire your colorful bird perched on the tree branch, take a moment to appreciate the skills you’ve developed – from shaping the bird’s features to choosing the perfect hues. Drawing is a wonderful way for beginners to express themselves, and with practice, your artistic abilities will continue to soar.

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of Bird Drawing for Beginners, feel free to experiment with different bird species, landscapes, and color combinations. Let your creativity take flight and explore the endless possibilities that drawing has to offer.

Keep your pencils sharp, your colors vibrant, and most importantly, have fun with your artistic adventures. Whether you’re drawing for relaxation, self-expression, or simply for the love of art, remember that every stroke brings you one step closer to becoming a true artist.

So, keep dreaming, keep drawing, and keep spreading your wings into the colorful world of art. Happy drawing, young artists, and may your Bird Drawing for Beginners journey be the beginning of many more artistic adventures to come!

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