Sketch Bird Drawing Easy for Kids Step by Step

Today, we will learn how to draw a stunning bird using simple steps. This Sketch Bird Drawing Easy can be achieved without the need for colors or any other materials. All you need is a pencil, which makes it an excellent pencil drawing activity for kids. Many children are often intimidated by the idea of drawing birds and may avoid trying altogether. But with this easy method, we can overcome this fear and create a beautiful bird drawing using only a pencil.

Pencil Bird Shading Easy Drawing Draw A Bird Scenery With Sketch Easy

Here are simple processes to draw a beautiful bird sketch easily step by step.

Sketch Bird Drawing Easy for Kids

Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to draw this picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser

1. Draw margin.

We will draw the margins with the help of scale around the white page. When drawing a margin, be careful not to bend it. Make sure the pages are clean and tidy. Now we will start the Bird drawing for Kids.

2. Draw the bird’s beak and head.

Now we will start Bird Drawing with a Pencil. First, we have to draw the lips of the bird. Start the bird drawing very nice and slowly. Draw hair on the head in a way that looks a lot like a cock. Draw two curved lines, draw the bird’s neck. Keep the side of the neck a little thicker. Draw the neck in such a way that it looks like the bird is looking to the left.

3. Draw the wings and belly of the bird.

Just below the lips should draw a beautiful wing with feathers. The feathers should be sorted one by one. The feathers will be shaped exactly like the English letter ‘U’ or ‘V’. The beauty of a bird depends on the wings. So if we can’t draw the wings well, the Bird drawing for Kids will look bad. So we have to make sure that when a bird is painted, its wings are beautiful.

4. Draw the bird’s eye and tail.

When the wings of the bird are complete, this time we will draw the tail of the bird. Most birds have long tails. This time we will draw the bird’s eye. It is as if the eyes were made by the Creator Bird’s eye looks a lot like the English letter ‘O’. First, draw a circular circle and another small circular circle inside it. Once the eye is drawn, the eyebrow should be drawn just above the eye. This will make this Sketch Bird Drawing more attractive.

5. Start painting the bird’s head.

Now you have to start shading the head. The base of the lips should be slightly blacker and should be light black when moving away from the lips. When dyeing the hair of the head, it is necessary to make the top more black and the bottom light black. Bird drawing for Kids with shading is difficult but it makes the drawing attractive. So we need to do some shading in this bird drawing with a pencil.

6. Draw small feathers on the body.

We draw Very small soft feathers from the neck of the bird drawing to the top of the tail. These small soft feathers need to be drawn one by one with the mind. Care should be taken while drawing the feathers that the feathers should always be from top to bottom. It would be wrong to draw feathers from bottom to top. All the feathers on the wings are big. The feathers on the chest, abdomen, and neck will be very small, very soft, and smooth.

7. Paint the wings and tail of the bird.

Bird Pencil Drawing

All the feathers we drew on the neck, chest, and abdomen were from top to bottom. But the feathers of the wings have to be shaded from bottom to top. The wing feathers will be slightly larger than the belly feathers. The right side of the wing of the bird should be made a little more black and the long fringe should be pulled out. The tail feathers of birds are the largest. `The tail feathers are very long and slender.

8. Draw the legs of the bird and the branches of the tree.

Bird sketch

When we finish painting the tail, we have to draw the legs. Draw a long short leg just below the abdomen and just above the tail as shown in the picture below. When we have finished bird drawing with a pencil, draw strong and small toes at the very end of the foot. We have to draw thick hard tree branches from between the toes. Remember to draw the branches of the tree at the end when the drawing of the bird is finished. We draw any pictures, In any other picture except this picture, you will actually draw a bird first, then a tree branch or something else. Although, Bird drawing for Kids does not need these trees or branches.

When We have finished drawing the branches of the tree, start shading. Shade the branches of the tree a little more black at the top and when you go down it will gradually turn light black and eventually turn white. Give a little more black shade to the branches of the tree where the branches will come out.

9. Draw folding carts on the branches of the tree and paint the background.

Sketch Bird Drawing Easy for Kids

Cracks should be drawn in the middle of the small holes in the branches of the tree. The cracks will be shot long and parallel. A little more black in the crack and the farther the side will be the lighter the black. When you have finished drawing the branches of the tree, you need to paint the background behind the bird. The same black shade should be done on the same side with the background rule.

Now a picture of a beautiful bird in front of you has appeared in the notebook. Drawing is another thing that is not possible in one day so you have to go on practicing continuously. The more you teach your children to draw, the more proficient they will become.

Tutorial of Sketch Bird Drawing For Kids Step by Step:

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