Cow Drawing Easy Step by Step Methods for Kids

Today we will draw a cow. The cow is a domesticated animal. The children are afraid to draw a picture of this cow. Today we will overcome their fear and draw a picture of the cow very easily and simply. We will show you every step in detail, it may help you draw a cow. First, we will start drawing the head, ears, and eyes of the cute cow. We will then draw the body parts of the cow one by one so that the drawing for kids is easy to understand. Let’s start drawing this simple picture of a cow step by step, little friends.

Cow Drawing Easy Tutorial

Let’s start the cute cow drawing step by step for kids without wasting time, little friends.

Cow Drawing Easy Step by Step Methods for Kids

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Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to draw the cow picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Cow Drawing Easy Step by Step

1. Draw the Head of a Cow

  • Begin with a clean sheet of white paper and leave a little space around the edges.
  • Draw the cow’s head in the center. It’s like drawing a rounded shape.
  • Add two ears on either side of the head.
  • Draw two round eyes to bring your cow to life.

2. Create the Nose, Mouth, and Horns

  1. Draw two small circles to form the cow’s nose.
  2. Right under the nose, create the cow’s mouth.
  3. Make a circle around the nose and mouth area.
  4. Add a line in the middle of each eye to make them look like stars.
  5. Don’t forget to draw two horns on top of the cow’s head. This is starting to look like a cow, isn’t it?

3. Sketch the Cow’s Body and Front Legs

  • Continue by drawing the cow’s body. Imagine a line going straight back from the head.
  • Now, draw a curved line under the head to form one of the cow’s front legs.
  • Leave a little space and draw another leg next to it.

4. Draw the Remaining Legs, Hooves, Tail, and Udder

Cow Drawing Easy sketch for Kids
  • Draw the other two legs, extending backward.
  • Under all four legs, add hooves to give your cow a strong foundation.
  • Sketch a long, beautiful tail at the back of the cow’s body.
  • Don’t forget to draw the udder, where milk comes from, under the belly.

5. Paint the body and legs of the cow.

  • Time to bring color into your drawing! Use brown to color the cow’s body.
  • Give the same brown color to all four legs. Make sure it’s not too dark.

6. Paint the cow’s head, ears, mouth, and milk.

  • Color the head and ears brown as well.
  • Paint the cow’s face pink, and color the udder pink too.
  • Leave the eyes and nostrils blank. Those will stay white.

7. The star of the cow’s eye, the two horns, the hooves, and the hair under the tail, will give color.

Cow Drawing
  • Use black color to add tiny stars in the cow’s eyes.
  • Color the horns, hooves, and the hair on the tail black too.
  • This will make your cow look even more charming.

8. Highlight the picture and paint the nostrils.

  • Paint the nostrils of the cow black to make them stand out.
  • Use black to highlight the entire picture of the cow. This will make it pop!

9. Paint the grass.

  • Draw a patch of green grass in front of the cow’s face.
  • Your cow is ready to munch on these delicious greens.

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Cow Drawing Full Video Tutorial :

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