Daffodil Drawing Easy For Kids – Oil Pastel Drawing

Drawing a daffodil flower can be a fun and creative activity for kids and adults alike. To begin, gather all the necessary tools, such as pencils, drawing boxes, and paper.

With these simple steps, you can draw a beautiful daffodil flower that is both realistic and easy to make. Keep practicing, and you’ll be able to draw even more intricate and detailed flowers in no time!

How To Draw The Daffodil Picture Step By Step

Here is some very easy and straightforward step to draw Daffodil’s pictures.

Daffodil Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this Daffodil drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Daffodil Picture Drawing Step-by-Step Full Tutorial

Here are 8 Easy Steps to draw Daffodils easily.

1. Draw A Stigma.

Begin by taking a drawing paper and drawing even margins around it. Place the paper on a pitch board and secure it with masking tape on all corners to prevent movement while drawing. To start drawing the base of the stigma, create a curved line vertically. Kids, draw the stigma nicely to the right of this curved line.

2. Draw the Corona.

Now, draw a circular shape around the stigma using a curved line. Kids, make sure to draw the corona part of the Daffodil in a round shape.

3. Draw Some Petals.

Complete the corona part of the Daffodil by adding a ‘U’ shaped curved line behind the round shape. Draw four petals at the bottom part of the Daffodil’s corona. Kids, draw these four Daffodil petals nicely around the corona.

4. Draw Two More Petals.

Draw two additional Daffodil petals between the initial four. Then, draw lines at the base of each petal to represent the veins. Kids, make sure to draw the petals well.

5. Draw a Stem and Leaves.

Extend two lines downward from the petals to draw the stem. Add leaves on both sides of the stem, lengthwise.

6. Color the Stigma, Corona, and Petals.

Use yellow color to fill in the stigma, corona, and petals of the Daffodil. Apply the yellow color carefully to each petal. Kids, follow along and color your Daffodil yellow.

7. Use Dark Yellow and Light Orange.

Apply dark yellow at the base of the stigma and petals. Then, use a light orange color over the dark yellow. The light orange color enhances the beauty of the Daffodil.

8. Color A Stem and Leaves.

Use dark green color for the stem and give green color to both side leaves. Apply light blue color to the lower part of the Daffodil tree. With this, the coloring of your drawing is complete. Kids, ensure you color the Daffodil as instructed.

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You must draw a picture of a Daffodil and send me your Daffodil drawing a picture with the help of the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

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