How To Draw a Cartoon Fox Step by Step For kids

Foxes are very fast and cunning animals. We don’t usually see foxes around our house. Foxes are commonly found in the Jungle. If your home is in the village, you will usually see foxes around the house. The fox enters the village and steals the chickens of the poor people and eats them. Moreover, at midnight, the full moon fox started howling. Especially in winter, lots of fox calls can be heard.

First, you need to know the correct rules for drawing foxes. If you don’t know the right rules, you won’t know how to start drawing. Draw the fox’s head. Then draw the fox’s arms and legs and finally the tail. Then start painting. All you need is brown and orange to color the whole picture.

How To Draw a Cartoon Fox Step by Step For kids

Let’s start drawing Cartoon Fox Step by Step, little friends

Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to draw a Cartoon Fox picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Cartoon Fox Drawing In Easy 8 Steps Full Tutorial

Here are 8 easy and simple steps to draw a Fox picture easily with oil pastel.

1. Draw the head of the fox.

The fox’s head looks a lot like the English letter ‘M’. Draw the head very slowly with patience. Two mountain-like parts above the head are the fox’s ears. The size of the two ears will be the same as each other.

2. Draw the fox’s nose.

The fox’s nose will be a little longer. Which will have two eyes on either side. Since the fox’s mouth is long, its nose is long. If you do not know about the fox, then the above is discussed in detail, you can go there and learn more about the fox.

3. Draw the beard and lower body of the fox.

Foxes are very cunning animals. Their beards are a little bigger. So we are drawing beards like bushes. We will draw two small legs and a thin body. Draw a picture of a fox in such a way that the fox is standing on two legs.

4. Draw two hands and a small belly of a fox.

We will draw the fox’s hand small. As if he were standing with his hands on either side. We will draw a small belly in the middle of both hands and a little below.

5. Draw a long tail behind the fox.

This time we will draw a long tail like a bush behind the fox. Which looks a lot like a squirrel’s tail. Here we will draw its tail a little bigger than the fox.

6. Give the brown color to the whole body.

First paint the fox’s head brown. After painting the head brown, paint the whole body brown, and finally paint the tail. Here to paint brown in oil pastel, then rub a little with brown color pencil.

8. Paint the rest of the white parts orange.

First I will paint the fox’s beard orange. Apply a little more orange on both ends of the beard and lightly whiten the middle. Paint the abdomen and tail in the same way. There will be more orange in the lower part of the abdomen and more orange in the upper part of the tail.

8. Highlight the outline.

The outline should be highlighted all over the fox’s body. We will use a black marker pen to highlight the outline. Then We will draw a few small nails on the fox’s hands and feet. Then draw the eyes with two dots. Finally, rub a little blue color under the feet.

How to Draw a Fox Easily Full Video Tutorial :

Fox Drawing Picture High Quality Download

You can download Fox Drawing Picture easily by clicking the download button.

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