Draw a Dream Moon Land Scenery Easy Step by Step For Kids

Greetings, little friends! I hope everyone is doing well by the grace of God. Today, we will learn how to draw a beautiful moon and land scenery that exists only in our dreams. Although such a world does not exist in reality, children have an endless imagination where they believe that people live in houses on the moon. They dream of visiting the moon world one day, not realizing that there is no oxygen on the moon. In the fantasy world of children, they imagine that the moon has trees, houses, and a world similar to Earth. That’s why every child wants to go to the moon with their mother to see the moonlight at night.

How to Draw a Dream Moon Land Scenery Easy Step by Step For Kids

Draw a Dream Moon Land Scenery

Let’s start working on this picture, little friends. Here is a simple process to draw a moon land scenery step by step.

Requirement Materials :

Moon Drawing for Kids needs these materials.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Step 1 :

Draw the margin.

Today we will draw the margin a little differently. Here we will draw the margins with the help of masking tape. Place the masking tape around the page of the same size. Do not apply masking tape in a crooked way, it will make the margins crooked.

Step 2 :

Make the moon with the help of masking tape.

To make the moon you need a large size masking tape. If you do not have a large size masking tape, you can enlarge it by joining small masking tapes. Then draw the moon, using the rule on the masking tape. Make sure the moon is semicircular. Then cut with the help of glass according to the shape of the moon.

Step 3 :

Paint the background black and blue.

Moon Drawing for Kids

First, give black color around the white page. Then give blue color after black color. Gradually mix black and blue, as if black has turned blue. If you think you can do it with watercolor, the picture will not be very beautiful. Here you have to use oil pastel.

Step 4 :

Finish painting the whole background.

Moon Drawing for Kids

After painting black and blue, We will give light blue color. After painting it light blue, We will paint the moon pink. Paint the edge of the moon a little white. Give pink color to the area adjacent to the moon and blue and black to the area far from the moon.

Step 5 :

Rub the whole background with the help of tissue paper.

Now rub the whole background well with the help of tissue paper. Do not rub the whole background with one tissue paper. Use new tissue paper for each color. Remember to rub black first and then pink. As we rubbed in the picture above.

Step 6 :

Remove the masking tape from the moon.

Draw a Dream Moon Land Scenery

This time we will remove the moon that we made with the help of masking tape, from the white page. Remove the masking tape very carefully and slowly. As if the moon is full of white. If for some reason you rush to pick up the masking tape, the shape of the moon will be lost. Which would be a lot worse to see.

Step 7 :

Paint the moon.

Moon Drawing for Kids

We will paint the moon pink. Give a little more pink on the outside of the moon and a lighter pink on the inside. First, put a good pastel on the moon, then rub it there with the help of the pink rule. If you want you can draw small spots on the moon, as we have drawn. This will further enhance the beauty of the moon.

Step 8 :

Draw a view of a village on the moon.

Moon Drawing for Kids

We must first create an environment on the moon. First, draw a few trees then draw a beautiful house. In real life, there are no houses on the moon. You can draw the environment as you like. Because in the world of children’s imagination they want to live on the moon. The environment should be painted with full black paint or a marker pen.

Step 9:

Draw some stars and comets.

Draw a Dream Moon Land Scenery

With the help of whitener or white paint, they will draw some small stars. On the very side of the moon, do not draw any stars. Draw the stars in black color. Then draw a comet by drawing some small lines on the star. Draw one or two comets. Your drawing is complete. If you follow our rules, you will easily learn to draw any difficult picture in a very easy way step by step. Our moon drawing for kids tutorial is complete.

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