What is Google AdMob? Ways to Earn from Google Admob

Hey there! Notice a lot of chatter online about Google AdMob and how to earn with it. I did too! That’s why I’m writing this post on our drawwithpappu.com Blog.

Let’s break it down today. I’ve been working with AdMob for about 3 years, so I know a thing or two. If you’re new to AdMob, you’re in the right place!

In this post, we’ll cover the basics and dive deep into the world of AdMob. Ready? Let’s go step by step. So grab a snack, relax, and let’s get started.

Here’s the deal – Google AdMob is HUGE. It’s a top platform where you can make good money with ads. Now, some folks mix up Google Adsense with Google AdMob, thinking they’re the same since both are from Google. Well, yes, they’re related, but they work a bit differently when it comes to making money.

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of what Google AdMob is and how you can earn from it. Stay tuned.

What is Google AdMob?

Google Admob is like your money-making buddy from Google! You see, Google isn’t just a search engine giant; it’s also one of the world’s biggest ad networks.

What is Google AdMob? Ways to earn from Google Admob

When you put Google’s ads in your apps, they give you a special account to track your earnings. Imagine seeing the cash rolling in every time someone views those ads in your app! That special account? It’s called Google Admob.

Now, you might be thinking, “I’ve heard of Google Adsense too. How’s that different?” Well, hang tight, and we’ll dive into that next.

What is the Difference Between Google Admob and Adsense?

Google Admob and Adsense – Both are cool tools from Google to help you earn money. But they’re not quite the same thing. Here’s a simple breakdown


Use Adsense if you have a blog, website, or YouTube channel. Google gives you a virtual account where you can see how much you’re making and what share of the earnings Google is giving you.


Got an app? That’s where Admob comes in. With Admob, you get a special account just for tracking the money you make from ads in your apps.

So, in short – Adsense is for blogs, websites, and YouTube. Admob is for apps. Simple as that!

Wondering why Google pays you in the first place? Let’s dive into that next.

Why will Google Pay You?

Imagine Google as the biggest library in the world. So many people come to Google every day! That’s why big companies love to show their ads on Google. They pay Google loads of money to advertise their stuff.

Here’s the cool part – When these ads appear on blogs, websites, YouTube, or apps, Google doesn’t keep all the money. They share some of it with the people who own those places – the publishers.

So, just by letting Google show ads on your site or app, you get a slice of the pie! It’s like teaming up with Google and making money together.

Next, let’s see how you can earn with Admob.

How to Earn from Admob?

What is Google AdMob? Ways to earn from Google Admob

Want an easy way to earn? Admob’s got your back! I know many folks who’ve made big bucks using Admob.

Here’s the deal – If you want to earn with Admob, you’ll need your own Android app. The more users your app has, the better!

Once you’ve got your app, here’s what you do

  • Apply to be a Google publisher.
  • Make sure your app follows Google’s rules.
  • If Google likes your app, they’ll start showing ads on it.
  • Bam! You start earning whenever people see or click on those ads.

Easy, right? Dive in and start making some money.

Ways to Make Money from AdMob

You might be wondering – “I know what AdMob is, but how do I start making money?” Good news! It’s not just about making an app. Let me break it down for you.

Here are 4 simple steps to cash in with AdMob

  • Make Your App – This is where you start. You need your app to show Google ads and earn from them.
  • Put It Out There – Got your app? Awesome! Now, you should publish it. The Google Play Store is the go-to place for this because that’s where everyone downloads apps from.
  • Get the Green Light – Once your app is on the Play Store and people are downloading it, you can ask Google to start showing ads in it. This is called getting AdMob approval.
  • Watch the Cash Flow – With everything set up, you can keep an eye on your AdMob account and see the money rolling in.

Thinking, “Making an app sounds hard!”? I get it. Building an app can seem tough if you’re not into coding. But don’t worry! There are ways to make apps even if you’re not a tech whiz. Let’s dive deeper into that next.

How to Make Android Apps and Earn from Admob?

Want to make money with AdMob? First, you need an app. Now, you might think, “I can’t code, so I can’t make an app.” Guess what? You don’t need to!

Sure, some people use programming languages to make apps, but that can take a while to learn. The good news? There are easier ways!

Here’s a breakdown

  • Coding Way – This is the traditional way where you learn and use programming languages.
  • Website Way – Yep, some websites help you make apps without needing to code!

Curious about these methods? Let’s dive in.

Mobile App Development with Programming Language

Want to build your app? Most apps are made with programming languages. It might sound tough, but some languages make it easier than you think!

Here are some popular ones


Most apps on the Google Play Store are made with this. It’s a top pick for Android app-making. If you’re new, starting with JAVA is a good idea.


This is Google’s language, introduced in 2019. If JAVA sounds too hard, give Kotlin a try. It works well with JAVA and is beginner-friendly.


You can make great Android apps with this. But a heads up – it might be a bit tricky for newcomers.


Think of this as JAVA’s best buddy. If you run into coding problems, C# has a ton of resources to help you out.


This one’s super cool! It’s easy to learn and super versatile. Fun fact – Google, the one we’re talking about with AdMob, is made with Python!

Html, CSS, Javascript

Usually, these are for websites, but guess what? They can make apps too! To make apps using them, you’ll need a tool called Adobe PhoneGap.

If all this coding talk sounds like gibberish, don’t worry. Up next, we’ll chat about making apps without touching a line of code. Stay tuned.

Some Websites to Build Android Apps Yourself

Want to create a mobile app for AdMob but don’t want to dive deep into coding? No worries! Here’s a list of cool websites that let you build apps without any tech wizardry –

Appy Pie

A free platform where you can whip up apps even if you’re not tech-savvy. Plus, they throw in some fancy premium features at no extra cost.


This site is big with businesses. They’ve helped folks create around 30,000 apps. If you’re thinking of making an app for a small company, BuildFire is your go-to.


Been around for years and offers tons of designs and templates. Just pick, drag, drop, and your app’s ready to roll.


My personal favorite! Feels like a pro tool, but is super user-friendly. A web developer from the Netherlands made it, and it’s a gem. You can make basic apps for free, but for the top-notch stuff, you might want to check out their premium plans.

Of course, there are loads more websites out there. A quick Google search will give you even more options.

Remember, just making an app isn’t enough. To earn from AdMob, you’ve got to get it on the Google Play Store.

Now that you know how to make an app, let’s see how to get it out there for everyone to download.

How to Submit App to Google Play Store

Ready to put your app on the Play Store? Great! Before we start, make sure you have these things ready

  • Google Play Console account – This is where you’ll upload your app.
  • Apk File – This is your actual app file.
  • App Icon – A picture of 512×512 pixels that represents your app.
  • App Screenshots – 2 or 3 images showing what your app looks like.
  • Featured Image – A bigger picture of 1024×500 pixels.

Got all that? Awesome! Now, let’s walk through how to get your app on the Play Store.

Upload App in Play Store

Finished making your app? Cool! Let’s get it on the Google Play Store. Here’s a quick 8-step guide –

  • Start a Developer Account – This is like your Play Store backstage pass.
  • Set Up a Google Wallet Merchant Account – You’ll need this to get paid. Connect it to your developer account.
  • Upload Your App – Get your app on the Play Store platform.
  • Upload Your Android Package Kit – Think of this as your app’s suitcase. It holds everything.
  • Get Your Store Listing Ready – This is like your app’s showcase.
  • Rate Your App – Just like movies, apps need ratings too!
  • Pick Your Price and Distribution – Decide if your app is free, costs money, or maybe has in-app purchases.
  • Hit Publish – And your app is live!

Quick tip – Uploading can be tricky. If you need detailed help, there are some great YouTube tutorials out there.

Once your app’s on the Play Store, let Google know you want to show their ads. This is how you earn from AdMob. Just make sure to turn on app monetization.

But, heads up – Sometimes, Google might not agree to put ads on your app. Why? You might’ve missed some AdMob rules. So, always check out their guidelines. Don’t get discouraged – just make the needed changes and try again.

Google AdMob Guidelines

Google is one of the most trusted names online. So, if you want to make money with them, you’ve got to play by their rules. If Google checks your app and sees you’re breaking their guidelines, they won’t let you make money from ads.

So, what are these rules? Let’s dive in!

  • No Nasty Software – If your app is like a virus or hacking tool, Google’s a no-go.
  • Absolutely No Child Abuse – Any content related to this is a big red flag. It’s a serious crime, and Google will steer clear of your app.
  • Original Content Only – Google isn’t a fan of copied stuff. If you didn’t make it or have permission to use it, keep it out of your app.
  • Watch Out for Trademarks – Trademarks are like name tags for products or brands. If you’re using someone else’s, it’s like wearing their name tag without permission. Not cool!
  • Stay Legal – Always keep it on the straight and narrow. No illegal content.

Now, you might be thinking, “Alright, I get the rules. But how much can I really earn from AdMob?” Hang tight! We’re getting to that. But first, you need an AdMob account to start earning. Let’s see how to set one up.

How to Create an AdMob Account?

Getting started with AdMob? It’s super easy! All you need is a Gmail account. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you going

  • Visit AdMob – Head over to www.admob.com. That’s AdMob’s official home.
  • Click to Start – There’ll be a ‘Sign Up’ button. Click it! Then choose ‘Start Now’ with your Gmail.
  • Pick Your Place and Time – Set your country and time zone.
  • Read the Rules – Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see AdMob’s Terms & Conditions. Give them a read and check the box if you agree.
  • Verify Yourself – You’ll see some options for verification. Choose one that works for you.
  • Share Your Number – They’ll ask for your phone number. Type it in, include your country code, and get it verified.
  • Welcome to AdMob – Once verified, you’re in! You’ll land on your AdMob dashboard.

Congrats on setting up your AdMob account! Now, let’s look into boosting your earnings with it.

What is Admob’s Income Like?

Working with Google, like with AdMob, can mean big bucks! But how much you make really depends on your approach.

While a bunch of folks use AdMob, not everyone earns the same. Some even hit the jackpot and make millions! They’ve got some tricks up their sleeves.

I won’t promise that I’ve got millionaire secrets. But, I’ve been with AdMob for 3 years and have learned a thing or two. Stick around, and I’ll share some tips from my journey.

Ways to Earn More from AdMob

Want to make the most money with AdMob? Focus on these three key things –

  • App Type
  • Audience
  • Popularity

Let’s dig deeper

App Type

Your earnings depend on your app’s theme. Is it for fun? Is it educational? The more people like it, the more they’ll use it. If you pick a topic nobody cares about, even if you’ve got ads, you won’t earn much. So, choose topics people love!

Know Your Audience

Your earnings also hinge on who’s using your app. For instance, after you put ads in your app, Google checks to see who’s using it. They want to show the right ads to the right people. A kid doesn’t care about software ads. And an adult isn’t looking for toy ads. Remember – ads for grown-ups usually pay more than kiddie ads.

Everyone loves what’s trending. Make your app the talk of the town! If it’s popular, other similar apps can become famous too. Think about it boosted apps like Likee. But to be popular, your app should be easy to use, free of glitches, safe, and reliable.

Keep these pointers in mind, and watch your AdMob earnings grow.

How to Get Admob Money?

What is Google AdMob? Ways to earn from Google Admob

So, you made an app, set up ads, and started earning with AdMob. Awesome! Now, how do you get that money?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is a platform that allows app developers to monetize their mobile applications by displaying ads. It is a part of Google’s ad network, providing a way for developers to earn revenue through in-app advertisements.

How does Google AdMob work?

When you integrate Google AdMob into your mobile app, it allows Google to display ads within the app. Advertisers pay Google to showcase their ads, and a portion of that revenue is shared with app developers whose apps host these ads. AdMob provides developers with a special account to track their earnings.

What is the difference between Google AdMob and AdSense?

Google AdMob is designed for mobile apps, allowing developers to earn money by displaying ads within their applications. On the other hand, Google AdSense is used for websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. AdSense provides a platform for website owners to earn revenue by displaying ads on their online content.

Why will Google pay you through AdMob?

Google pays developers through AdMob because it acts as a bridge between advertisers and app developers. Advertisers pay Google to display their ads, and Google shares a portion of this revenue with developers whose apps serve as the advertising platform.

How to earn from AdMob?

To earn from AdMob, you need to create your own Android app. After creating the app, you can apply to be a Google publisher, ensure your app complies with Google’s rules, and if approved, Google will start showing ads in your app. Earnings come in when users view or click on these ads.

What are the ways to make money from AdMob?

There are four simple steps to make money from AdMob –
Make your app.
Publish your app on the Google Play Store.
Apply for AdMob approval.
Monitor your AdMob account as users interact with ads in your app.

How can I make Android apps and earn from AdMob without coding?

There are two main approaches –
Coding Way – Learn and use programming languages like JAVA, Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Website Way – Use online platforms like Appy Pie, BuildFire, Shoutem, and AppMachine to build apps without coding.

How to submit an app to the Google Play Store for AdMob?

To submit your app to the Play Store, you need a Google Play Console account, an APK file of your app, an app icon, app screenshots, and a featured image. Follow an 8-step process, including starting a developer account, setting up a Google Wallet Merchant account, uploading your app, and setting up your store listing.

What are the Google AdMob guidelines?

Google AdMob has guidelines to ensure the quality of ads and apps. Some key rules include –
No malicious software.
No content related to child abuse.
Use only original content.
Respect trademarks.
Adhere to legal standards.

How to create an AdMob account?

Creating an AdMob account is easy. Visit www.admob.com, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button, choose ‘Start Now’ with your Gmail account, set your country and time zone, read and agree to AdMob’s Terms & Conditions, choose a verification method, provide your phone number for verification, and you’re ready to go.

How long does it take to start earning from AdMob?

The time it takes to start earning from AdMob varies. It depends on factors like the popularity of your app, the number of users, and user engagement. Successful apps with a significant user base can start earning sooner.

Here’s the deal

You don’t get the money straight away. First, it goes to your AdMob account. Once you’ve earned $100 or more, you can transfer it to your bank account. It’s that simple.

AdMob can be a solid way to make some cash. If you play your cards right, you could start with a little and end up with a lot!

The key is to stay committed and honest in whatever you do. Put in the effort, and success will find its way to you.

We’ve got more tips and tricks about online earning on our blog. Feel free to check them out!

Do you have questions or thoughts about this article? Drop a comment below. We love hearing from you and will get back to you. Plus, your feedback helps motivate us to write more helpful stuff.

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