Edit Professional YouTube Thumbnails – How to Make YouTube Thumbnails?

Making a Great YouTube Thumbnail – Super Important! Ever wonder why some videos get lots of views right after they’re posted? Around 70% is because of the thumbnail picture they have. Sadly, many new YouTubers overlook this.

Even the biggest YouTube stars say – “Spend as much time on your thumbnail as you do making your video.” Not sure about that? Read on. I’ll show you how vital a good thumbnail is for your channel’s success.

What is YouTube Thumbnail?

How to Design Professional YouTube Thumbnails

When you’re browsing YouTube, before clicking on a video, you see a little picture representing it, right? That picture is called a ‘YouTube Thumbnail’. YouTube set it up this way to help viewers get a quick idea of what the video is about. So, when you see a thumbnail, it’s giving you a sneak peek of the video’s content.

What is the YouTube Thumbnail Size?

Ever wondered about the right size for a YouTube thumbnail? It’s essential to get it correct for your video to look professional.

Good news – YouTube keeps it simple! They suggest one size for all video thumbnails. Once you know it, you won’t need to stress over sizes again.

So, what’s the magic size? Thumbnails should be in a 16:9 Ratio, which is (1280×720) pixels. Stick to this, and you’re golden!

[HEADS UP – Making your thumbnails too big or not following the 16:9 Ratio? YouTube might not accept them.]

Why use YouTube Thumbnails?

Ever wonder why YouTube videos have those little preview pictures? Those are called ‘thumbnails’. But why bother with them?

Imagine this – you hop onto YouTube, check your notifications, then start scrolling. What makes you stop and click on a video? Most times, it’s an interesting thumbnail! It grabs your attention and makes you curious about the video.

You might think, “I’ve seen some videos without custom thumbnails, and they seem fine!” Well, if you don’t pick a thumbnail, YouTube just picks a random moment from your video to display. But having a catchy thumbnail? It’s like a mini-advertisement for your video!

In short, thumbnails are a big deal. They can be the difference between someone watching your video or scrolling past it.

How to make a YouTube Thumbnail?

Want to make your YouTube videos stand out? A great thumbnail can help! Here’s how you can make one

  • Using Your Phone – Yep, there are loads of apps on your phone just for this.
  • Computer or Laptop – There’s software available that makes this super easy.
  • Online Websites – Not into editing? No worries! Just search ‘YouTube Thumbnail Maker’ on Google, and you’ll find sites where you can whip up a thumbnail in minutes.

These websites are pretty handy. Most have ready-to-use templates. Just pick one, add your touches, and voila – a shiny new thumbnail for your video.

Can You Design YouTube Thumbnails with Mobile?

Absolutely! Your phone is more powerful than you think. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a computer – if you’ve got the creativity, your phone’s got your back.

Did you know? About 60% of YouTubers started their journey using just their phones. And with all the cool apps out there now, making thumbnails on your phone is a breeze. Some of these apps have features that’ll blow your mind.

Bottom line? Don’t worry if you don’t have a computer. If you’re passionate and creative, your smartphone is all you need.

Apps for Making YouTube Thumbnails with Mobile

Alright, we’ve talked about using your phone for YouTube stuff. Now, let’s dive into some top apps you can use to make those thumbnails.

There’s a bunch of apps out there if you check the Play Store or Google. But which ones are the best? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some of the best ones to try out

Picsart (Thumbnail Making Apps)


Picsart is a big deal in the world of mobile photo editing. I’ve tried a bunch of apps, but Picsart stands out. It’s perfect for making professional-looking YouTube thumbnails.

Why? Well, it’s packed with cool features. You can adjust the image size to fit your video, use layers, and even play with effects like Blending Mode, Brush, and Filters. With all these tools, making a catchy YouTube thumbnail is a breeze.

PixelLab (Thumbnail Making Apps)


Ever heard of PixelLab? It’s another awesome app to make YouTube thumbnails right from your phone. Even if it has fewer features than Picsart, it’s still a powerhouse.

PixelLab is best known for adding text to photos. But wait, there’s more! You can also use features like unlimited layers, color blending, cool effects, and even a color remover. So, making a standout YouTube thumbnail is no problem with PixelLab.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor (Thumbnail Making Apps)

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Ever heard of Adobe? Of course, you have! Photoshop Touch is one of their mobile apps, and it’s fantastic for color perfection in pictures.

There’s a catch, though. You won’t find it in the Play Store. Adobe had launched it for phones, but then they pulled it back. However, a quick Google search can lead you to websites where you can still grab this handy app.

Software to Make YouTube Thumbnails with Computer

Let’s shift gears and talk about making thumbnails on computers. For those using a PC, tools like Adobe Photoshop are gold.

Graphic designers love this software.

[ QUICK TIP – Just a heads-up, Adobe Photoshop might feel tricky at first. But with regular practice, you’ll master it in no time.]

But wait, Adobe isn’t the only game in town. There are tons of other programs out there! Another popular choice is Adobe Illustrator. It’s more vector-based, whereas Photoshop is great for photo edits.

To sum it up, there are plenty of tools on the computer to help you design perfect thumbnails.

Website to Make YouTube Thumbnail Online

Don’t want to mess with apps or software? No worries! You can craft awesome thumbnails online. Some websites have ready-made templates. Just pick one, tweak it a bit, and you’re set!

Some top sites to check out

  • Canva
  • Photo
  • Snatch
  • Visme
  • Bannersnack
  • The photos
  • PicMonkey

There are heaps more out there. Just choose the one that feels right for you and start creating!

How to Set YouTube Thumbnail from Mobile?

Want to add a thumbnail to your YouTube video from your phone? It’s easy!

Here’s a step-by-step

  • Make sure you have the ‘YouTube Studio app on your phone.
  • Open the app and sign in with your Gmail linked to your YouTube channel.
  • You’ll see your channel’s name and logo at the top. Below that, you’ll find a list of your videos.
  • Find the video you want to add a thumbnail to, and tap on it.
  • Look for a little pen icon (it’s an edit button). Tap on that.
  • From there, you can select and upload your thumbnail.
  • Hit ‘save’, and you’re done!

[QUICK TIP – If you want your phone to act like a computer while browsing, switch to ‘Desktop Mode’ in your browser’s settings.]

How to Set YouTube Thumbnail from PC

Wondering how to add a thumbnail from your computer? Let’s break it down

  • Open up a web browser. I suggest using Google Chrome.
  • In the address bar, type in “studio.youtube.com” or just click on the link if you have it.
  • You’ll be greeted with your channel’s dashboard.
  • On the left side, there’s an option called ‘Video/Media’. Click on that.
  • A list of your uploaded videos will pop up. Find the one you want to add a thumbnail to and click on it.
  • The rest is intuitive; just follow the prompts to add your thumbnail!

It’s that simple!

I hope everything about YouTube thumbnails is clear now! I did my best to explain. But if you’re still curious or have questions, drop a comment below.

I’ll check it out and help you further. Keep following our blog. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a YouTube Thumbnail?

A YouTube Thumbnail is a small image that represents a video before it’s clicked. It serves as a preview, giving viewers a quick idea of the video’s content.

What is the Recommended YouTube Thumbnail Size?

The recommended size for YouTube thumbnails is a 16:9 ratio, specifically (1280×720) pixels. Ensure your thumbnails adhere to this size for a professional look. Thumbnails not following this guideline may not be accepted by YouTube.

Why are YouTube Thumbnails Important?

Thumbnails are crucial because they grab viewers’ attention and act as a mini-advertisement for your video. They can be the deciding factor between someone clicking on your video or scrolling past it.

How Can I Make a YouTube Thumbnail?

You can make YouTube thumbnails using your phone, computer, or online websites. There are various apps and software available, as well as online platforms that offer ready-to-use templates.

Can I Design YouTube Thumbnails on Mobile?

Absolutely! Many YouTubers use their phones for thumbnail design. Numerous apps, such as Picsart, PixelLab, and Photoshop Express Photo Editor, make it easy to create professional-looking thumbnails on your mobile device.

What Apps are Recommended for Making YouTube Thumbnails on Mobile?

Some recommended apps for making YouTube thumbnails on mobile include Picsart, PixelLab, and Photoshop Express Photo Editor.

What Software Can I Use to Make YouTube Thumbnails on a Computer?

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are popular choices for designing thumbnails on a computer. However, there are many other tools available to suit different preferences and skill levels.

Are There Online Websites for Making YouTube Thumbnails?

Yes, several online websites offer ready-made templates for crafting YouTube thumbnails, such as Canva, PhotoSnatch, Visme, Bannersnack, The Photos, PicMonkey, and more.

How Can I Set a YouTube Thumbnail from Mobile?

To set a YouTube thumbnail from your phone, use the YouTube Studio app. Open the app, sign in with your Gmail linked to your YouTube channel, find the video you want to edit, tap the edit button, select and upload your thumbnail, then save.

How Can I Set a YouTube Thumbnail from a PC?

Open a web browser, preferably Google Chrome, go to “studio.youtube.com,” navigate to ‘Video/Media’ in your channel’s dashboard, select the video you want to edit, and follow the prompts to add your thumbnail.

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