Fire – Boltt Phoenix Ultra Review – Is it Good or Bad?

In a sea of budget-friendly smartwatches, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra shines with its classic watch design and affordable price tag. Priced at just Rs. 2,199 in India, this smartwatch boasts a metal body that resembles traditional timepieces, making it a stylish choice for those on a budget. However, beyond its attractive looks, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra faces some challenges regarding performance and software features. In this review, we will dive deep into the key aspects of this smartwatch to determine if it genuinely delivers on its promise or if there are better alternatives in the market. Let’s find out if the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra is more than just a pretty face.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Key Features

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra boasts a classic watch design with a metal body, setting it apart from other budget smartwatches in the market. Its key features include an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, which provides added durability for everyday use. The smartwatch offers a 1.39-inch LCD display with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels and a standard 60Hz refresh rate. Users can choose from three case finishes (steel, black, and gold) and multiple strap combinations in the box.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Price and Other Info

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra is priced at Rs. 2,999, but it is available at a discounted rate of Rs. 2,199 from online retailers in India. The package includes a silicon strap, an extra magnetic metal loop strap, and a two-pin magnetic charger. While the price and design are the standout features, potential buyers should carefully consider other aspects of the smartwatch before making a purchase decision.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Build & Design

The build quality of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra impresses with its elegant steel finish and absence of sharp edges. The metal case gives it a premium look, resembling traditional timepieces. The smartwatch weighs 55g without the strap, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. Users can choose between the provided metal and silicone straps, both of which offer a secure and comfortable fit.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Display

The 1.39-inch LCD display of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra provides adequate visibility and responsiveness. However, the chunky bezels surrounding the display and the misaligned bottom bezels may be minor distractions for some users. The display supports a 60Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth navigation through the interface. The single physical button on the smartwatch functions as a power button and allows users to wake the display or return to the watch face from other menus.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Performance

While the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra excels in design and affordability, its performance in health tracking and smartwatch features is underwhelming. The sleep monitoring feature inaccurately counts resting time as sleep, compromising the accuracy of sleep stage data. Heart rate measurements are inconsistent and unreliable compared to standalone oximeters. The smartwatch offers up to 123 fitness tracking sport modes, but the results are not entirely trustworthy for fitness enthusiasts.

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Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Software

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra runs on a basic software interface with limited functionality. It lacks support for third-party apps, and users may find essential features missing, such as the ability to set the display timeout or access a basic calculator app. Navigating the interface is relatively easy using swipe gestures, but the usefulness of the crown is reduced to simply powering the display on or off.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Battery & Charging

The smartwatch manages to deliver on its claimed battery life of seven days, mainly because it lacks automatic health tracking features, which users need to activate manually. Charging the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra takes around two hours when connected to a 33W charger. Despite the lack of auto-syncing, daily battery drain remains relatively low, making it suitable for users seeking extended battery life.

Is the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra water-resistant?

Yes, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra comes with an IP67 rating, making it resistant to dust and water. It can handle splashes and brief immersions in water, but it is not suitable for swimming or submerging in water for extended periods.

Does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra support third-party apps?

No, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra does not support third-party apps. Its software interface is basic and lacks compatibility with external applications beyond the built-in features.

How long does the battery of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra last?

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra offers a claimed battery life of up to seven days. However, actual battery life may vary depending on usage patterns and whether health-tracking features are manually activated.

Does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra have a built-in GPS?

No, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra does not have a built-in GPS. Users can utilize GPS-connected exercises, such as outdoor runs or walks, through the Da Fit app on their connected smartphones.

Can I download and install custom watch faces on the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra?

Yes, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra provides a gallery of preinstalled watch faces, and users can access additional downloadable watch faces through the Da Fit app. However, the process of downloading and installing watch faces may temporarily render both the smartwatch and the app inaccessible, causing potential frustration during this operation.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Connectivity

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect the smartwatch to their smartphones for notifications and other features. The Bluetooth calling feature works as expected, enabling clear communication with the caller. However, users need to ensure that the Da Fit app remains open in the Recents menu of their Android smartphones to receive notifications on the smartwatch.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra Extra Features

In addition to its basic smartwatch features, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra offers a handful of preinstalled watch faces, and users can access more downloadable ones through the Da Fit app. However, downloading and installing watch faces can be frustrating, as it renders both the smartwatch and the app inaccessible during the process. The smartwatch also lacks built-in GPS, requiring users to use GPS-connected exercises via the Da Fit app for outdoor runs or walks.


The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra impresses with its stylish design and budget-friendly price, making it a tempting option for those seeking an elegant smartwatch without breaking the bank. However, its allure ends there, as the performance in health tracking and smart features leaves much to be desired. The inaccurate sleep monitoring, inconsistent heart rate measurements, and limited software functionality are significant drawbacks for users looking for reliable fitness tracking.

While the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra manages to deliver on its claimed battery life, its basic interface and lack of essential features may disappoint users seeking a more comprehensive smartwatch experience. For accurate health tracking, better alternatives like the Amazfit Band 7 offer more reliability at a lower price point.

Ultimately, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra’s charm lies in its appearance, but for a more well-rounded and feature-rich smartwatch experience, users may find better choices like the Redmi Watch 3 Active or the OnePlus Nord Watch. As such, potential buyers should carefully weigh their priorities and explore other options before deciding on the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Ultra.

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