How to Draw a Pumpkin: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Halloween Fun

Learn how to draw a pumpkin with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Drawing pumpkins can be a fun and creative activity, especially during the Halloween season. Follow the simple instructions below, and you’ll be amazed at the spooky pumpkin you create! Let’s get started.

How to Draw a Pumpkin Step By Step – Easy Drawing For Kids

Pumpkin drawing

Let’s start drawing pumpkins now little kids. Here are some simple ideas for pumpkin drawing step by step.

Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to draw the Pumpkin drawing picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Step 1 –

Drawing the Pumpkin.

How to Draw Pumpkin

To begin, grab a sheet of white paper and draw margins by leaving a half-inch space around the edges. This will help you draw the pumpkin evenly. Now, draw the outline of the pumpkin on the white paper. The pumpkin shape is similar to that of a pillow, making it kid-friendly and simple to complete.

Step 2 –

Giving the Pumpkin a Halloween Look.

Halloween Pumpkin Drawing

Make your pumpkin drawing more Halloween-inspired! Draw two triangular eyes and a triangular nose for your pumpkin. To add a spooky touch, make the face of the pumpkin larger, giving it a scary appearance. Don’t forget to draw the stalk on top of the pumpkin to complete the look.

Step 3 –

Adding Eyes, Nose, and Mouth.

Pumpkin Drawing Ideas.

It’s time to add some depth to your pumpkin drawing. Carefully shade the nose and mouth of the pumpkin. Add shading on the top and bottom of the pumpkin’s face to create a smiling, yet terrifying expression.

Great! Your pumpkin drawing is almost complete. Now, let’s move on to adding colors step by step.

Step 4 –

Coloring the Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Coloring

Take a light yellow color and fill in the entire body of the pumpkin drawing. Be careful not to go beyond the outline. Leave the eyes, mouth, and nose blank as they will be colored differently. The yellow color gives the pumpkin a unique appearance, especially when viewed in sunlight.

Step 5 –

Adding Orange for Ripeness.

Color the pumpkin Step by Step

Now, let’s give the pumpkin a ripe and ready-to-eat look. Use an orange color and apply it all over the yellow part of the pumpkin. To create a textured effect, gently rub the orange color with tissue paper. This adds depth to your pumpkin drawing, making it look more realistic.

Step 6 –

Final Touches – Eyes, Face, Nose, and Stalk.

Pumpkin Coloring

For the finishing touches, paint the stalk green, and use black color to fill in the eyes and nose. Paint the face of the pumpkin black as well. The inside of the pumpkin’s body should appear dark to make it look even spookier.

Step 7 –

Adding a Border.

Pumpkin Drawing

To highlight your pumpkin drawing, use a black marker pen to draw a border around the pumpkin’s body. Next, draw the floor where the pumpkin is placed using a blue color.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully drawn a spooky Halloween pumpkin. Drawing step-by-step makes it easy for everyone to learn. Be sure to check out more drawing tutorials like this on our website and stay tuned for new pictures. Don’t forget to bookmark our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel, “Draw With Pappu,” for more exciting tutorials! Happy drawing!

You must draw the picture and send me your picture with the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

Watch How to Draw a Pumpkin Step By Step Full Video Tutorial :

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