High CPC Keyword List for Google Adsense

If you have a website that uses AdSense, it’s really important to know about high and low CPC keywords. Why? Well, the money you make from Google AdSense each month depends on it!

Think about it – some websites start at the same time, but one makes a lot more money than the other. Why does this happen? It’s because of CPC, which stands for Cost Per Click. If your website uses high CPC keywords, you make more money. If it uses low CPC keywords, you make less.

So, using high CPC keywords is the key to earning more. That’s what we’re talking about in today’s article. If you’re focused on making money with Google AdSense, this article is for you.

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What is CPC?

High CPC Keyword List for Google Adsense

Let’s talk about earnings later; first, let’s understand what CPC really means.

The money you get from Google depends on specific words – we call this CPC.

Still confused? Let me explain it better.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It’s the money you earn for each click. Imagine this – when you visit a website, you see different ads – those ads are promoted by Google.

Now, when you click on those ads, Google pays some money to the website owner. But here’s the catch – the amount varies for different keywords.

For instance, if you search Make money online and click on an ad, Google might pay $1. On the other hand, if you search online income and click on an ad, Google might pay only $0.50.

NOTE – The CPC amounts mentioned are just examples for explanation and not actual figures.

So, the difference in earnings is because of different keywords. It’s called Keyword-based CPC, and the money you earn is called Sipsi.

What are High CPC Keywords?

High CPC Keyword List for Google Adsense

Now that we’ve talked about ‘What is CPC,’ let’s dive into the world of high and low CPC keywords. It’s essential to know the difference!

High CPC keywords and low CPC keywords make a big difference in how much money you can earn. Let’s break it down – if you focus on certain keywords, you can make more money, and those are called High CPC Keywords. On the flip side, there are keywords that might not earn you as much, and those are called Low CPC Keywords.

Remember the examples I gave earlier? When you search for ‘Make Money Online’ and click on an ad, the website owner earns a certain amount. But if you search for ‘Video Editing Apps’ and click on an ad, the owner of that website earns less.

So, it’s all about the keywords you use. High CPC Keywords can help you earn more, and that’s what we’ll explore in detail.

What Causes CPC High and Low?

Now, let’s unravel the mystery behind why some keywords make Google open its wallet wide, while others don’t get as much love. Why does Google pay more for certain keywords and less for others? It’s not just a random decision by Google – it’s a partnership with advertisers.

It’s like a conversation between advertisers and Google, and you can learn more about this relationship in an article on Google AdSense. But don’t worry, I’ll give you a simple explanation.

Let’s skip the technical jargon and use a real example. Imagine Bkash, a popular service. They paid Google a hefty amount to promote their app. Why? Because they wanted people to download the Bkash app, and ads need to be shown for that.

Now, the publishers who helped get people to download the Bkash app were paid $0.50 per download. This kind of deal happens between advertisers and ad networks, determining whether the CPC for a keyword will be high or low.

Several factors play a role in deciding which keywords get a high CPC. I’ll touch on those briefly in the upcoming discussion.

High CPC Depends on Location

The location of your audience can significantly impact your earnings from Google AdSense ads. If you’re using AdSense, this is something you should pay attention to.

Imagine you’re starting a new website. Right from the beginning, you have to decide which country your website will focus on.

For instance, if you target visitors from a specific country, your content may be tailored to their language, and most visitors from that country will come to your site. On the other hand, if you create a website for visitors from developed countries like the US or UK, people from various countries will visit your site.

Now, if your website targets visitors from a specific country, your income might be less compared to targeting visitors from the US or UK. Why? Because CPC (Cost Per Click) depends on location.

Let’s break it down – If you can earn $1 from a visitor from the US, you might need at least 10 visitors from another country to earn the same $1. So, a visitor from America might earn $1 per click, while a visitor from another country might need to click 10-20 times to earn that $1.

Calculating based on these clicks, the CPC rate for visitors from another country might be around 0.05$ – 0.10$. In simple terms, where your audience is from matters when it comes to earning more with a high CPC.

High CPC Depand On Language

Just like location, the language you use on your website can also affect how much money you make with Google AdSense. When you create a website, it’s important to think about the language you want to use.

Imagine you’re starting a new website. In the beginning, you have to decide which language your website will be in. Some may choose English, and others might go for Hindi.

Here’s something crucial to understanding. Let’s say you create a website in a specific language. Who will visit your website? People who understand that language well.

Now, if your website is in English, you can attract visitors from all over the world. That’s because English is a language that people from many countries understand.

Now, let’s talk about CPC. If your website is in a language with a limited audience, you might have to settle for a low CPC. But if you create a website in English, you can bring in visitors from America, Europe, and Canada, and enjoy high CPC along with it.

High CPC Depend On Niche

After considering Location and Language, another crucial factor is your website’s Niche. Just like with location and language, some keywords in certain niches can bring in high CPC, while others might result in low CPC.

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As we’ve learned before, CPC varies based on where your audience is and the language you use. Similarly, the niche you choose can make a big difference.

In simpler terms, if you focus on specific niches, you might enjoy high CPC, doubling your income.

For instance, let’s say you create a technology niche website. Keywords related to technology often lead to higher CPC compared to keywords in a health niche.

NOTE – Any niche can potentially get you the highest CPC. Below is a list of some niches that tend to perform well. If you’re aiming to earn more from Google AdSense, consider working on these niches.

Why Take High CPC Keywords?

If you’re looking to make money with Google AdSense through your website, it’s essential to focus on high CPC keywords. Why? Because it means more income with less effort – and who doesn’t want that?

Here’s the thing – whether you’re working with High CPC or Low CPC keywords, the goal is the same. You have to put in the effort and work hard on both.

Even if you choose to work with low CPC keywords, you still need to publish content and make it SEO-optimized. But here’s the trick – if you put that same effort into high CPC keywords, you’ll reap more rewards for your hard work.

So, always aim for bigger things. This way, you can take a few steps forward on the ladder of success. After all, the goal is to make the most of your efforts and increase your chances of success.

How to find High CPC Keywords?

High CPC Keyword List for Google Adsense

Welcome back to the main topic! We’ve covered what CPC is and why it’s crucial to work with high CPC keywords. Now, let’s dive into how to find these valuable keywords for your website. There are two effective ways to do this –

  • Through Tools – There are numerous tools available online, making it impossible to mention them all. If you’re new to this or just starting out, I recommend using free tools. Currently, in my opinion, one of the best free tools is SEMrush.
  • Through Google AdWords – Google AdWords is a fantastic and free way to find the CPC of any keyword. It’s a product of Google itself, so you can easily discover the CPC for any keyword through this platform.

For those who can afford it, there are also many paid tools available online. Ahrefs is one example of a paid tool that can assist you in this process. Choose the method that fits your needs and budget to uncover those high CPC keywords and boost your website’s earning potential.

List of High CPC Keywords

For those who prefer a shortcut (like me!), here’s a little bonus tip. If you don’t feel like searching for keywords online, I’ve got you covered. I’m providing you with a sorted list of high CPC keywords. Just take a look, find the ones that suit you, and start working with them. It’s an easy way to increase your income from Google AdSense. Explore the list of high CPC keywords now!

High CPC Keyword List

If you’re looking for high CPC keywords, here’s a list to make things easy for you. These keywords come with attractive CPC rates, meaning more earnings for your Google AdSense. Take a look –

  • Insurance – $61 CPC
  • Gas/Electricity – $58 CPC
  • Loans – $50 CPC
  • Mortgage – $46 CPC
  • Attorney – $48 CPC
  • Lawyer – $42 CPC
  • Donate – $42 CPC
  • Conference Call – $42 CPC
  • Degree – $40 CPC
  • Credit – $38 CPC

Bonus Keyword Niches

Want to discover more high CPC keywords? Look no further! Here’s a bonus list of keyword niches that can boost your earnings with Google AdSense –

  • Treatment – $41 CPC
  • Software – $39 CPC
  • Classes – $36 CPC
  • Recovery – $34 CPC
  • Trading – $33 CPC
  • Rehab – $33 CPC
  • Hosting – $31 CPC
  • Transfer – $29 CPC
  • Cord Blood – $27 CPC
  • Claim – $25 CPC

WARNING – Ready to make things comfortable? These high CPC keywords are right at your fingertips. Now, create a website using these keywords and start earning big! But here’s the deal, you’re not alone in this. Many others, just like you, are working with these keywords. So be prepared for some competition if you decide to dive into these niches.

CPC is Equality

No, they’re not the same. In fact, there are quite a few differences. Let me break it down for you – if you get $1 for the CPC of the keyword Make Money Online in English, you might only get around $0.10 for the same CPC if you write about “online income.

Now, you might wonder, why is the CPC so much lower? The main reason is that we’re still developing and not as reliant on the internet as more developed countries. But is that the only reason? No, there are many other factors, but we’ll save that discussion for another time. For now, just understand that the CPC is currently on the lower side.

I’ve shared everything I wanted to in the discussion above. Now, it’s up to you to decide. If you’re looking to boost your earnings, consider working with high CPC keywords.

And if you’re not sure where to start, reading drawwithpappu.com blog articles can be a great way to learn more about online income, even if you’re starting late.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPC?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It is the amount of money a website owner earns for each click on an ad displayed on their website. The earnings vary for different keywords, and CPC is a crucial factor in determining how much money you make through Google AdSense.

What are High CPC Keywords?

High CPC Keywords are specific words that, when used in the content of your website, can result in higher earnings through Google AdSense. Focusing on these keywords can significantly impact your revenue compared to using low CPC keywords.

Why do CPC amounts vary for different keywords?

The CPC amounts depend on various factors, including the specific keywords used. Advertisers bid different amounts for keywords based on their promotional goals. For example, keywords related to financial services or insurance may have higher CPC compared to keywords in other niches.

What causes CPC to be high or low?

CPC is influenced by a partnership between advertisers and Google. Advertisers bid on keywords to promote their products or services, and the competition for certain keywords drives CPC rates. Additionally, factors like location, language, and niche play a role in determining whether the CPC for a keyword will be high or low.

How does location impact CPC?

The location of your website’s audience can significantly impact CPC. Targeting visitors from developed countries often results in higher CPC compared to targeting visitors from other regions. Advertisers may pay more for clicks from specific locations, influencing your overall earnings.

How does language affect CPC?

The language used on your website can impact CPC. Creating content in English, for example, can attract a global audience, potentially leading to higher CPC. In contrast, using a language with a limited audience may result in lower CPC.

How does niche selection affect CPC?

The niche of your website plays a crucial role in CPC. Some niches, such as technology, may attract higher CPC compared to others. Choosing a niche strategically can contribute to maximizing your earnings through Google AdSense.

How can I find High CPC Keywords for my website?

You can find high CPC keywords using online tools like SEMrush or Google AdWords. These tools provide insights into the CPC of specific keywords. Alternatively, you can explore paid tools like Ahrefs for more in-depth analysis.

How can I find High CPC Keywords for my website?

There are two effective ways to find High CPC Keywords –
Use online tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs.
Utilize Google AdWords to discover the CPC of specific keywords.

Is CPC the same for all countries and languages?

No, CPC varies based on the country and language. Advertisers may bid differently for keywords in various regions, and the language used on your website can also impact CPC. Developed countries and widely spoken languages often result in higher CPC.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with one piece of advice – stay connected with the drawwithpappu.com blog. Thank you!

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