Godzilla Baby Drawing Easy Step By Step For Kids

Today we will draw a Godzilla baby with help of oil pastels. Godzilla Baby drawing is very easy for kids and beginners. We will try to make this Godzilla baby drawing tutorial as simple and straightforward as possible. Just follow our tutorial to make a beautiful Godzilla baby drawing a picture.

There are many children who have seen cartoons in the house and thought of drawing but could not start drawing. We will show the kids how to start drawing and draw the whole picture. In the world of children’s imagination, there are two arms and two legs and there are thorns on his back. The Godzilla and the thorns on the back are at the end of the tail. It looks dangerous for the gorilla’s thorns and horns. But we know Godzilla as a very good animal in the cartoon character. We will draw pictures of children’s cartoon hero Godzilla so that children will be happy to see it.

Today we will draw a picture of an imaginary creature that does not exist in reality. The animal’s name is Godzilla. Some of the children know its name and some do not. Kids who know may have seen a cartoon or a movie on TV. Scientists believe that Godzilla is a very dangerous animal. For example, in the movie Godzilla vs. King Kong, we saw how terrifying Godzilla is. Godzilla is much larger in size. According to scientists, Godzilla lived in water and survived by eating fish. Although Godzilla is terrible, every child has a very calm nature, so today we will draw a picture of Gorzilla’s baby. Today we will draw a beautiful picture of a Godzilla baby just like the children see in the cartoons Godzilla is very beautiful to look at.

Draw a Godzilla Baby Step By Step – Easy Drawing For Kids

Let’s start drawing Godzilla’s picture, friends. We will start drawing the picture step by step.

how to draw a godzilla baby

Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to draw this picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Step 1 :

Draw a picture of Godzilla’s head.

Draw a Godzilla Baby Step By Step - Easy Drawing For Kids

First, we will take white paper. Draw the margins around the white paper. Leaving half an inch around, everyone will draw a margin. Now we will draw a circle to draw a Godzilla head. Every child knows how to draw a circle, so drawing a circle will not be difficult for a child. Note that the circle will be in the middle on top of the white paper.

Step 2 :

Draw pictures of Godzilla’s body and legs.

Draw a Godzilla Baby Step By Step - Easy Drawing For Kids

We will draw another circle to draw a picture of Godzilla’s body, this circle will be a little smaller than the previous circle. Between the two circles, there will be a small circle below the big circle. Below the small circle, We draw a picture of Gorzilla’s two legs on either side, which look like a broken eggshells. Kids can easily draw a picture of a broken eggshell, it is everyone’s belief.

Step 3 :

Draw gargoyle eyes, face, nose, horn, and tail.

Draw a Godzilla Baby Step By Step - Easy Drawing For Kids

Draw the horn on Godzilla’s head. And draw the image of the tail on the back of the body. Draw two small circles inside the big circle to draw the eyes. Drawing the English letter U a little below the middle of the two circles will make it very easy to draw a picture of a Godzilla nose. Draw a small line under the nose to draw the face. Draw two small gains to draw the soles of Godzilla’s feet.

Step 4 :

Draw a picture of Godzilla’s thorn.

Draw a Godzilla Baby Step By Step - Easy Drawing For Kids

Godzilla and thorns are drawn one after the other. It has thorns on its tail. The thorns look like the English letter V. Hopefully, the kids have drawn pictures of the thorns. Having these thorny bullets makes Godzilla look even more terrifying. Children are also very scared.

Step 5 :

Paint the body of Gorzila pink.

Draw a Godzilla Baby Step By Step - Easy Drawing For Kids

We will use pink to color the body of the Godzilla. Since Godzilla is fictional, you can use other colors as well. Give pink color to the tail of the Godzilla. Keep the eyes and soles of the feet blank, you need to use another color. The babies of every creature are beautiful to look at, so it is better to use pink color to make the Godzilla baby more beautiful.

Step 6 :

Paint the eyes and the thorns and give the border.

Draw a Godzilla Baby Step By Step - Easy Drawing For Kids

Godzilla’s thorns will be pink. The soles of the feet should be pink in color, but darker. Use black color to the eyes because the color of the eyes of every animal is usually black. And also use black color on the eyebrows. Border with black markers around the Godzilla and both hands will be bordered with black markers. Godzilla is looking down nicely as a baby. See how easy it is for children to draw Godzilla, this is how you too can learn to draw by watching videos on our channel.

You must draw the picture and send me your picture with the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

Watch How to Draw a Godzilla Baby Step By Step Full Tutorial :

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