How to Draw a Peacock – Beautiful Peacock Drawing For Kids

Today we draw a beautiful peacock with oil pastel. Beautiful peacock drawing for kids easy step by step. Before we start to draw a peacock. Let’s know some information about peacocks.

Peacock is a beautiful, colorful bird belonging to the pheasant family, also popularly known as Peafowl. There are 3 prominent species of the peacock, Namely Indian peacock, African Congo peacock, and Green peacock.

Peacock dances when it is raining. The peacock is a very beautiful bird. The rainbow is present in the seven colors. Peacock is beautiful so it is loved by all. Let’s start to draw a picture of this peacock in a very simple way in small steps.

How To Draw a Beautiful Peacock Step By Step Full Tutorial :

Friends, let us learn to draw a peacock easily step by step.

How to draw a peacock

Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to draw this picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Red Color.

1. Draw a half-circle.

First, we take a white drawing paper and a black pencil then make a margin.

We draw a half-circle with help of a geometry compass or protractor. We draw the half-circle at the center of the paper to make our drawing perfect.

2. Draw a small simple face and a small body of the peacock.

We draw the peacock body step by step. We will draw the round face of the peacock. Then we draw two small round eyes inside it. After that, we draw a ‘crown-like tuft’ on the peacock’s head. Then draw a beak.

After completing the peacock’s face we draw a long throat of a peacock. This step is big. So we complete this step following the upper picture.

3. Now we draw two long legs under the body.

In this step, we will draw the body and legs of the peacock. First, we draw a half-circular body and then we make the legs.

4. Make some design rounds around the feathers.

How to draw a peacock

We give some design to this picture to make the peacock more beautiful. Draw some circles around the half-circle. We can make different sizes of circles. But remember that each sphere should be the same size.

Look Our line drawing is almost complete. You must send your line drawing of the peacock via social media. Now we color this beautiful peacock.

5. Color the feathers.

How to draw a peacock

First, We color the feathers step by step. We give a total of seven numbers of color on the peacock’s feathers following inside to outside rhythm.

  • Violet
  • Indigo
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

6. Color the peacock’s body including the circular design.

First, we color the circular design. We put yellow color inside the circle. Then we color the face, body, ‘crown-like tuft’, and throat blue. We make the eyes yellow and the legs violet.

7. Make the legs of the peacock.

How to draw a peacock

Take a violet color and we give it on the outside of the circular design. And we make two legs via black sketch pen.

Look our coloring of the peacock is almost completed. Now we color black sketch on the outline of the peacock.

Look, our peacock drawing is completed. There are many more ways to make pictures like this on our website. And many more pictures will come later. So all of you bookmark this website in our browser and subscribe to our youtube channel Draw With Pappu.

You must draw the picture and send me your picture with the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

Watch How To Draw a Beautiful Peacock Step By Step :

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