Apple Drawing for Kids Tutorial

Drawing an apple can be a challenging task for kids, and it’s understandable that they may feel intimidated by it. However, with some guidance and knowledge of the right techniques, anyone can draw an apple with ease. In this tutorial, we’ll be teaching kids how to draw an apple step by step, using simple and easy-to-follow rules that will make the process a breeze. So, let’s get started and create a beautiful apple drawing together!

Apple Drawing for Kids Tutorial

How to Draw an Apple for Kids Step by Step :

Now, little friends, let’s paint the picture of Apple in this way.

Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to draw this picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

1. Drew the margins around the drawing paper.

First, we need to take a clean white paper for Apple Drawing for Kids. Then pull the margin by dropping half an inch around the paper. Keep the margins very carefully. The opposite side of the margin will be parallel. Which of the margins will be 90°. If there is any stain on the drawing page then it is better not to draw the picture on that page.

2. Now Draw a structure of Apple.

First, draw the English alphabet letter ‘C’. The letter will be in the middle of the drawing book. The letter of the English alphabet will be much larger. Then draw Conversely ‘C’ on the opposite side Once again.

3. Complete Apple Drawing.

How to Draw an Apple

Now draw the stalk on the top of the apple. Be very careful when drawing an apple so that it looks very beautiful. The top of the apple looks like a lot of high and low hills. You don’t need a color box to color the Apple Drawing for Kids.

4. Now, we start basic shading on the Apple.

Apple Drawing for Kids Tutorial

Once the drawing is complete, we will start giving the basic shading on the apple. The desert side of the apple will be more black and the middle side will gradually become lighter and white. Moreover, first, paint the top of the apple. To draw this type of picture we need to have different types of pencils, like which one is more black, which one is light black, and which one is very light black. We can use tissue paper if you want. With the help of tissue paper, we will rub a little black color in the apple. Moreover, if you do not have more black pencils, then we can use black oil pastel.

5. Now we will paint the middle part of the apple

This time we will set the middle part of the apple with the help of a light rule pencil. First, blacken the top of the apple a little more and gradually lighten it as you go down. Now we can rub the part in the apple drawing for kids with the help of tissue paper. The shading has to be done very carefully. Keep in mind that if you blacken any area while shading, the image will get worse.

When rubbing on tissue paper, be careful not to leave too much of the area as it will get worse. The drawing book and the angle of the rule will always be less than 40° when shading. When shading, we need to make sure that the angle of the rule pencil is less than 30° with the drawing book.

6. Now, We made the middle part of the apple white.

Now we will make the middle part of the apple a little white with the help of rubber. After using the eraser, you have to rub a little with the help of tissue paper. Now we’ve blackened the left side of the apple a little more. By this, we mean light and shadow. The beauty of the picture will be a little more when you highlight the light and shadow in any picture. As we have made the apple in this picture a little more white on the right and a little more black on the left, we mean the part of light and shadow.

7. Make shadow of the apple.

Apple Drawing for Kids Tutorial

A little while ago we discussed the importance of light and shadow in the picture. So we are telling you through the shadow which direction the light is coming from. Before drawing a picture you have to imagine the light source on another side. For example, the white part of the apple on the right in this picture indicates the source of light. And the light rule pencil peel on the back of the apple on the left makes the light source clearer. Draw shadows with the help of a black pencil. Then you lightly rub on the shadow with the help of tissue paper. We completed the Apple Drawing for Kids tutorial successfully.

Now our drawing is done. You can easily learn to draw if you read these instructions carefully without skipping in detail. Okay, little friends, so far today, see you later, more beautiful pictures.

Watch How to Draw an Apple For Kids Step by Step :

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