Lord Krishna Drawing – Janmashtami Drawing For Kids

Get ready for some creative fun! Today, we’re going to draw Lord Krishna pictures. It’s super easy—just follow our step-by-step instructions. Grab your drawing tools, and let’s bring this divine lord Krishna’s picture to life together! Drawing Lord Krishna is easier, for you. Watch our simple guide and start drawing step by step. Let’s make drawing effortlessly!

How To Draw The Lord Krishna Picture Step By Step

Lord Krishna Drawing

Here is some very easy and straightforward step to draw Lord Krishna’s pictures.

Lord Krishna Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this Lord Krishna drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Lord Krishna Picture Drawing Step-by-Step Full Tutorial

Here are 8 Easy Steps to Draw a Lord Krishna easily.

1. Draw a Few Lines.

Lord Krishna Drawing

Get a piece of white paper and draw a diagonal line from the top to the bottom, right in the middle. From the middle of this line, draw three lines to the right. The top line is longer, and the middle line is smaller and below big.

2. Shape the Eyes, Nose, and Lips.

Lord Krishna Drawing

At the end of the first long line, draw Lord Krishna’s eye carefully. For the nose, make a small curved line at the end of the middle line. Finally, create attractive lips for Shri Krishna. Connect the top of the face part with a curved line to join the nose and lips, making the face look beautiful.

3. Make Eyebrows and Turban.

Lord Krishna Drawing

Erase the lines. Then Use a sketch pen to draw the eyelid and eyebrows above the eyes. Make the eyelids and eyebrows very attractive. Then, draw a curved line upwards from the head to make the turban.

4. Make Designs.

Lord Krishna Drawing

Draw a circle at the front of the turban for ornamentation. Create a beautiful design around the circle patiently. Draw another circle next to the design and add a flower petal-like little circle. Feel free to add more designs if you like.

5. Give Shade.

Lord Krishna Drawing

Take the picture as your opportunity. Begin shading the turban. Add shadows so it looks real. Once the turban is shaded, add shadows to the design. This will give a patient and calm feeling, making the turban beautiful.

6. Add White Dots and Tilak.

Lord Krishna Drawing

Place many white dots on top of the turban to enhance its brightness. Then, draw a small dot on the forehead. Create a curved line in the shape of the English letter ‘U’ above the dot, forming a small tilak in the middle of the ‘U’ shape. And give the shade to the face very beautifully.

7. Shade the Flute.

Lord Krishna Drawing

Shape the flute and shade it with a pencil. Add some small designs in the middle and create tiny dots to represent the flute holes. The sound of this flute brings supreme happiness to people worldwide.

8. Make Peacock Feathers.

Lord Krishna Drawing

Draw an oval for the middle part of the peacock feather on the left side of the flute. Patiently add designs inside the oval, then make feathers with fine lines outside the shape. Add many white dots to make the peacock feather look attractive. Optionally, draw a small bird on the upper part of the flute.

Congratulations! Your lovely Lord Krishna drawing is now complete. Hope you enjoyed drawing with us! Stay with DrawWithPappu for more new drawings.

Lord Krishna Drawing Video Tutorial

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