Microsoft Teams Meetings Get New Zoom Controls to Improve Screen Sharing

Microsoft Teams, the popular collaboration platform, has introduced an exciting new feature in preview: zoom controls for screen sharing during meetings. This update allows participants to zoom in and out while viewing shared content, providing a more enhanced and accessible experience.

Previously, Microsoft Teams only offered limited options for zooming in on shared screens, such as using pinch-to-zoom gestures on trackpads or other shortcuts. However, with the new zoom controls, participants now have dedicated buttons to zoom in, zoom out, and restore the original size of the shared content. This feature will be particularly beneficial for individuals with low vision or visual impairment, as it allows them to adjust the content to their preferred viewing size.

Microsoft Teams Meetings Adopt Zoom Features

The Office Insider team explained, “Users in a Teams call or meeting will now see new buttons to zoom in, zoom out, and restore the original size of the incoming screen share. This will greatly enhance the experience of users viewing screen share.”

To take advantage of the zoom controls, IT admins can sign up for the Microsoft Teams public preview program and configure an update policy in the Teams admin center. However, it’s important to note that participants will not be able to view the zoom controls if they are using the watermarking feature during Teams meetings.

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At present, the zoom controls feature is available for desktop users on Windows, macOS, and the web app. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft plans to extend this functionality to the Teams mobile clients. The introduction of zoom controls further emphasizes Microsoft’s commitment to providing a seamless and inclusive meeting experience across various platforms and devices.

In related news, Microsoft is preparing to make Teams 2.0 the default client on Windows later this year. Teams 2.0 was first introduced in public preview for Windows in March 2023 and has since undergone a complete rebuild, focusing on improving performance and reducing power consumption on Windows devices. Furthermore, Microsoft Product Lead for Teams 2.0, Anupam Pattnaik, recently confirmed that the app will also be available in preview for macOS, the web, and other platforms later this year.

The shift to Teams 2.0 signifies Microsoft’s dedication to continuously enhancing the Teams experience, offering users a more efficient and reliable collaboration tool. By revamping the underlying architecture, Microsoft aims to provide smoother performance, better integration with Windows, and an overall more optimized user experience.

In conclusion, the introduction of zoom controls in Microsoft Teams meetings is a valuable addition that enhances the viewing experience for participants. With the ability to zoom in, zoom out, and restore original sizes, users can now have greater control over the shared content. As Microsoft continues to refine and expand its Teams platform, we can look forward to more innovative features and improvements that enhance productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

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