Orange Drawing Easy Step by Step-by-Step for Kids

Welcome to an exciting artistic journey as we dive into the world of “Orange Drawing”! 🍊 Drawing an orange fruit can be a delightful and educational experience, especially when you add the beauty of watercolors to the mix. In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, we’ll explore the techniques and tips for creating stunning orange drawings that pop with vivid colors and lifelike details. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or simply looking for a fun and creative activity, this tutorial is perfect for you. So, grab your brushes, paints, and enthusiasm because we’re about to immerse ourselves in the art of “Orange Drawing.” Little friends, let’s begin this colorful adventure together and learn how to create eye-catching orange illustrations! 🎨

Orange Fruit Drawing Step by Step For Kids/Beginners

Let’s start orange drawing for kids without wasting any more time.

Orange Drawing tutorial 2022

Requirement Materials :

Here are the all materials that we need to make the orange drawing picture.

1. Draw the Orange Stem

  • Take a piece of white drawing paper.
  • Leave some space around the edges of the paper.
  • Draw the stem of the orange fruit. It looks a bit like a flower. Make the top part long and the bottom part look like a flower.

2. Add Leaves

  • On the stem, draw two leaves—one big and one small.
  • Make the upper leaf bigger and the lower leaf smaller.

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3. Draw the oranges fruits.


Right below the stem, draw a circle. Oranges are round, so it’s easy to draw them.

Look our orange drawing is almost complete, Now we color it step by step.

4. Color the orange fruit.


Now, it’s time to color! Grab your orange crayon or colored pencil and color the orange fruit. Make it nice and orange, just like the name suggests.

5. Color the Stem and Leaves


Use green to color the stem and both leaves. The stem is what holds this tasty orange fruit, and everyone loves a green leafy tree.

6. Make It Pop

Orange Drawing for Kids complete
  • Take a black marker pen and outline the stem, leaves, and the orange fruit. This will make your drawing stand out.

Congratulations! You’ve finished your easy and colorful orange drawing. Now you can imagine taking a big, juicy bite from your delicious creation! 🍊🎨

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Orange Drawing Step-by-Step Full Video Tutorial :

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