What is the Output Device? All About Output Devices

Have you ever wondered how you see the results on your computer after you ask it to do something? Well, that’s all thanks to output devices! They show us the results or ‘output’ from our computer commands. Today, we’re going to chat about what these output devices are and how they work. If you’re curious about them, keep reading! By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea about output devices. Let’s dive in.

What is the Output Device?

What is the Output Device Called? What are the Types of Output Devices?

Think of output devices as the parts of your computer that show you things like videos, music, or documents. They bring the computer’s information out for you to see or hear. In this article, we’ll explore the various gadgets that help show us these things, and they’re all called output devices.

What are Input and Output Devices?

Ever wonder how you tell your computer what to do or how it shows you stuff? Well, things like keyboards or mice let you give commands, and they’re called input devices. On the other hand, screens and speakers show or play things for you, and they’re known as output devices. Let’s dive in and learn more about these cool gadgets.

What is Input?

Ever wonder how your computer knows what you want it to do? That’s called ‘input’! It’s like when you type on your keyboard, tap on your screen, or even take a picture. All of these actions are ways you give information to your computer. Whether it’s words, pictures, or sounds, you’re helping your computer understand what you need. Just like when you tell your friend a story, you’re giving ‘input’ to your computer when you use it.

What is the Output?

Ever tell your computer to do something and then see or hear the result? That result is called ‘output’! It’s like when you ask your computer to play a song and then you hear the music. That music is the ‘output’. So, every time your computer responds by showing or playing something, it’s giving you its ‘output’. Cool, right?

What is the Input Device?

What is the Output Device Called? What are the Types of Output Devices?

How Do We Tell Computers What to Do? Let’s Learn About ‘Input Devices’. Input devices are like the computer’s ears and eyes! They’re the tools we use to give the computer information. Things like keyboards, mice, and cameras are all input devices. So, whenever you type, click, or take a picture, you’re using an input device to talk to your computer.

How Does a Computer Show Us Results?

Imagine asking your computer to show you a movie or print a picture. Once it does, how do you see or get those results? That’s where ‘output devices’ come in. They are the parts of a computer that let us see or hear its answers. So, things like screens, speakers, or printers are all output devices. For instance, when you print a photo, the printer is the output device showing you the final picture!

What is the Output Unit?

Computers have parts that let them take in and show information. Think of these parts like teams. One team (or ‘unit’) listens to what we tell the computer, and another team shows us the results. This team that shows us things is called the ‘output unit’. It’s like the TV screen showing your favorite show, but for the computer.

What is the Function of Output Device?

What is the Output Device Called? What are the Types of Output Devices?

We’ve talked about what output devices are. Now, let’s explore what they do and how they work. Think of the computer’s brain (the CPU) as speaking a secret language of ones and zeros. We can’t understand this language! So, output devices help by translating that secret language into pictures, sounds, or words we can understand. It’s like turning a secret code into a story we can read or watch.

How Many Types of Output Devices and What are They?

We’ve talked about what output devices are, but did you know there are different kinds? Just like there are different flavors of ice cream, there are different types of output devices! Some show pictures, some print stuff, some make sounds, and more. Here’s a quick list

  • Devices for seeing things (like screens).
  • Devices for data (like flash drives).
  • Devices for printing (like, well, printers!).
  • Devices for hearing things (like speakers).

Now, let’s dive deeper and see what devices fit into each category.

Visual Output Device

Think of visual output devices as the screens that let us see things from a computer. Whether it’s words, pictures, or videos, these devices show them to us. The most common ones? Computer screens (or monitors) and big projectors like the ones used in schools or meetings. So, when you look at a computer screen or watch a presentation on a big screen, you’re seeing the magic of visual output devices.

Data Output Device

Ever save a picture on a flash drive or print a document? Those are examples of data output devices. They help us move and share our computer data, like songs, photos, or documents, with other gadgets or people. While some of these devices, like printers, give us physical copies, others, like GPS, help us with information on the go.

Printer Output Device

Printers are like magic machines that put our computer stuff onto paper. Whether it’s words or pictures, they can print it all! Over time, printers have changed a lot. While the early ones could only do simple things, modern printers can print in bright colors and even super fast with lasers. Today, there are many types, from the ones that print your essays to big ones called plotters that make large images. So, whenever you see something printed from a computer, a printer does that.

Sound Output Device

Ever listened to a song or watched a movie on your computer? That sound you hear comes from sound output devices! They turn computer data into sounds we can enjoy. The most popular ones are speakers, but we also have headphones or wireless speakers. So, if you’re jamming to a tune or hearing a beep from your computer, thank the sound output devices! Some examples are headphones, speakers, and the sound card inside the computer.

Examples of Some Output Devices

We’ve chatted about what output devices are and their types. Now, let’s look at some everyday examples! Below, we’ll dive into some popular output devices you might have seen or used. So, keep reading and let’s explore them together.


One important output device for computers is the monitor. It’s like the computer’s TV screen. Everything you do on the computer shows up on the monitor. That’s why it’s called the computer’s visual display unit.


A printer is like a magic machine for computers. It takes what’s on the screen and puts it onto paper. So when we want something from the computer in our hands, like a photo or document, the printer makes it happen. It’s one of the top tools that show us computer results.


Do you know how a monitor shows stuff from a computer? A projector does the same thing, but on a big wall or screen. It’s like turning your computer into a movie theater! So when you want to share a computer video or presentation with many people, a projector is the tool you use. It’s another cool way computers show us things.


Most of us know about earphones, right? We use them with our computers, phones, and more. They’re like personal little speakers that let us hear music, calls, or movies privately. So when you want to listen to something without disturbing others, earphones are the go-to device.

Output Device Names

From our chat above, now you know what an output device is. For those curious about some popular ones, here’s a list of 10 you might come across

  • Monitor (the screen for computers)
  • Printer (prints out our digital stuff)
  • Audio speaker (lets us hear sounds)
  • GPS (shows maps and directions)
  • Braille reader (for the visually impaired)
  • Plotter (a big printer for designs)
  • Sound card (makes computer sounds possible)
  • Video card (makes visuals on the screen better)
  • Projector (like a big screen for sharing)
  • Earphones (personal mini speakers for our ears)

There are even more out there, but these are some common ones you might see or use.

What is the Printed Output from the Computer Called?

When a computer puts something onto paper, we call it a ‘printout’. It’s like taking what’s on the screen and making a paper copy of it. We use a printer to do this. Whether it’s pictures, words, or documents, a printout lets us hold and keep that info in our hands.

Let’s Talk About Output Devices

Imagine a computer without a screen or speakers. How would we know what it’s doing? That’s where output devices come in! They show or play the computer’s answers to us. Today, we’re going to chat about these handy devices. If you’re curious and want things explained simply, you’re in the right place. Thanks for reading, and we hope you stick around for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an output device?

Output devices are components of a computer system that display or convey the results of computer commands. They showcase information such as videos, music, or documents for users to see or hear.

What are input and output devices?

Input devices, like keyboards and mice, enable users to provide commands to the computer. Output devices, such as screens and speakers, display or play the results of those commands.

What is the function of an output device?

Output devices translate the computer’s internal language (composed of ones and zeros) into understandable formats like pictures, sounds, or words. They essentially show or play the results for users.

How does a computer show results, and what are output units?

Output devices, collectively known as the output unit, display the results of computer operations. They act as the computer’s ‘showing’ team, presenting information in a comprehensible form, similar to a TV screen showing a favorite show.

How many types of output devices are there?

There are several types of output devices, including visual output devices (screens), data output devices (flash drives), printer output devices (printers), and sound output devices (speakers and headphones).

What is a visual output device?

Visual output devices, such as computer screens and projectors, allow users to see information presented by a computer. They display words, pictures, or videos, making them essential for visual representation.

What is a data output device?

Data output devices, like flash drives, facilitate the movement and sharing of computer data, such as songs, photos, or documents. Some devices, like printers, provide physical copies, while others, like GPS, offer information on the go.

What is a printer output device?

Printers are output devices that transfer digital content from a computer onto paper. They can print text, images, or other documents and come in various types, including those suitable for essays and large-scale images known as plotters.

What is a sound output device?

Sound output devices, such as speakers and headphones, convert computer data into audible sounds. They allow users to enjoy music, movies, or any other audio content generated by the computer.

Can you provide examples of some common output devices?

Certainly! Examples of common output devices include monitors (screens), printers, audio speakers, GPS devices, Braille readers (for the visually impaired), plotters, sound cards, video cards, projectors, and earphones. Each serves a unique purpose in displaying or conveying computer-generated information.

What is the printed output from the computer called?

When a computer transfers information onto paper, it is referred to as a ‘printout.’ Printouts, produced using printers, allow users to obtain physical copies of digital content, including pictures, words, or documents.

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