What is Pinterest Marketing? All About Pinterest Marketing

What is Pinterest Marketing? Today, social media is super important for businesses. It helps businesses see what they’re doing right, what they need to fix, and what products people want.

With social media, businesses can find out if people like their products and what changes they should make. It’s a must-have tool for businesses today.

Social media has helped businesses grow a lot. Lots of people are using it for their businesses and seeing how great it is.

One popular social media site is Pinterest. In this article, we’ll talk about how to use Pinterest for marketing and why it’s important.

So, let’s dive into how Pinterest can help your business and what it’s all about.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a big digital bulletin board where people share pictures and videos of things they like or find interesting.

What is Pinterest Marketing? How to do Pinterest Marketing?

If you use Pinterest, you can “pin” (or save) pictures and videos from the internet onto themed boards. This way, other people can see what you’ve saved and maybe find something they like too. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you might want to make one! It’s a fun place to show off what you like or what you’re selling.

You can upload pictures or videos of things you’re selling, and when people like them, they can save them to their boards. There’s also a special button you can add to your web browser to pin stuff easily.

A good way to get noticed on Pinterest is to follow other people’s boards, like their pins, and even save their stuff to your own boards. You can also add links to your website on your pins so more people can find you.

Remember, there are two types of accounts – personal and business. If you’re selling stuff or promoting a business, you might want a business account. It gives you extra tools like seeing how many people are looking at your pins.

If you make videos directly on Pinterest, they’ll give you even more cool features, like showing ads.

Many marketers love Pinterest because it’s great for showing off products.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest Marketing is a way to show off your business using Pinterest.

It’s not just for bloggers, but for any business that wants to reach customers with pictures and videos. With Pinterest, you can promote almost anything – your business, website, blog, or even just a page.

Why Do Pinterest Marketing?

Got a business or a blog? Want even more people to see it?

What is Pinterest Marketing? How to do Pinterest Marketing?

Want folks from everywhere to know about what you offer?

Then you should try Pinterest Marketing! It’s a way to show your stuff to tons of people on Pinterest. And guess what? Sharing your products or website there is super easy.

What Does Pinterest Do?

Pinterest is like a big digital photo album. People use it to find and save pictures, videos, and other cool stuff to their boards.

Plus, it can help bring more visitors to your website.

How to Do Pinterest Marketing?

Marketing on Pinterest is simple and it’s super popular right now.

This article will guide you on how to do it and what to pay attention to. Here are 4 main steps

  • Share pictures or videos of what you’re selling, or content from your website.
  • Organize these into different boards.
  • Share those boards or individual pins with others.
  • Keep pinning more to get more visitors and sales.

The more you pin, the more people see your stuff. And remember, organizing your pins into separate boards helps promote what you offer even better.

What Does it Take to Do Pinterest Marketing?

To start marketing on Pinterest, first, you need an email to set up an account. Go for a business account because it gives you extra tools to show off your stuff.

Next, add your website’s logo and a little bit about what you do. After that, begin sharing your products or website. Try to make and share one new board every day.

What are the Benefits of Pinterest Marketing?

In the US, a lot of people (83%) use Pinterest. That’s more than Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter! A post on Pinterest sticks around way longer than one on Facebook.

Most Pinterest users (78%) say it helps them decide to buy something. Plus, 60% learn about new brands or stuff from Pinterest.

People spend more time on Pinterest compared to other social sites.

So, you see? Using Pinterest can really help your business. It’s a fantastic place to show off and promote what you sell.

7 Tips for Pinterest Marketing

Marketing on Pinterest has some tricks to make it work best. If you follow these tips, your stuff will get noticed faster.

Here are 7 key tips that really help in showing off your product or site.

Promote Attractive Products

On Pinterest, pictures speak louder than words. Actually, 85% of people on Pinterest like looking at pictures more than reading.

But, always use your own pictures and make sure they look great from every angle.

How to Make a Good Pin?

People on Pinterest love looking at pictures more than reading. 85% of users like this! But always use your own cool photos and designs.

How to Create a Great Pin?

  • Nice Picture – Since most people use Pinterest on their phones, make sure your picture isn’t cut off and looks good from every side.
  • Explain the Picture – Write a bit about the photo or video and add a link.
  • Good Title – Add a catchy title to match what you’re showing.
  • Use Your Logo – Put your logo on the picture or video so people know it’s yours.
  • Share a Story – Tell a story that people can connect with.

Keep Pinning Regularly

Pinterest suggests pinning something every day. It’s better than just making new boards now and then. By pinning often, more people will see your stuff.

And a tip – You can plan your pins for when most visitors are online.

Imagine the Seasons

When promoting your brand, plan ahead! If there’s a holiday or festival coming up, Pinterest says to get ready 30-45 days before. Holidays and special days are great times to market on Pinterest.

Use the Boards to Connect the Pins

Want people to follow your Pinterest boards? Make fun stuff like how-to guides or DIY projects.

If your board isn’t interesting, folks won’t look at it. That means you’re wasting time.

Make different boards for different topics. Don’t mix everything into one. Plus, Pinterest now lets you have group boards.

With group boards, you can chat and share posts with others easily.

Do Pinterest SEO

Think of Pinterest like Google, but for pictures. To help people find your stuff, you can use special words called keywords.

Add these keywords in your board names, pin names, and descriptions. Using hashtags (#) can also help because people use them to search for cool things.

To do good on Pinterest SEO, start by pinning stuff from your website and create boards about common topics people like.

Target Pins with Ads

You can also promote your stuff on Pinterest using ads. Pinterest lets you show your ads to people based on what they like, where they are, how old they are, and more.

With Pinterest ads, you can

  • Send newsletters to your visitors.
  • Give special offers to people who check out your website.
  • Reach out to those who like or save your pins.
  • Focus on topics that people love the most.

Make Shopping Easy for Pinners

People love online shopping. They enjoy looking at things to buy. So, help them out by making it easy to shop from your pins.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog or Site from Pinterest?

Want more people to visit your website from Pinterest? Here’s what you can do

  • Pin something every day. If you can pin 10 times a day, even better!
  • People on Pinterest love pictures. So, share images that tell a story or have fun text on them.
  • Like and follow other people’s pins and boards.
  • Organize your pins into different topic boards.
  • When you like someone’s pin, they might check out your stuff too.

Do You Have an Account on Pinterest?

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you should make one today! It’s a cool place where you can show off what you’re selling and get more people to visit your website.

What is Pinterest Marketing? How to do Pinterest Marketing?

And if you’re into email marketing, CPA marketing, or affiliate marketing, Pinterest is a big playground for you!

What to Do to Open an Account

  • Make a business account.
  • Choose categories that match what you do or sell.
  • Add a profile picture or video.
  • Pick special words (keywords) that describe your stuff.
  • Use hashtags (#) in your profile.
  • Share your Pinterest account on your other social media.
  • Start following other people on Pinterest.

Pinterest Follow Button Must Be Added on the Website

Check out which of your boards people like the most. Make new boards on those popular topics.

Use similar hashtags to help people find your board. If they like what they see, they might follow you.

That way, when you have something new to show or a special deal, they’ll see it right away. So, don’t forget to put a ‘follow’ button on your profile or boards.

Stay Connected with Social Networks

While you’re using Pinterest, don’t forget about other social sites. Share your Pinterest profile or boards on them too.

For success on Pinterest, think about what people like and what’s currently popular.

Stay active, share cool stuff, and always bring something new. People don’t like seeing the same thing all the time, so get creative.

Create Pinable Text Images

When you look at Pinterest, you’ll see it’s all about cool pictures.

People love these types of pictures. So, when making a picture, add some text to it.

Don’t worry if you can’t use fancy tools like Photoshop. There are many free online tools to help you make your picture.

Always use clear, high-quality images. Low-quality ones won’t work well on Pinterest.

When you share something on Pinterest, always include your website link. If you don’t, people won’t know where to go for more.

So, when you pin a picture or video, add your website link, a catchy title, and a short description. This way, people will know what you’re sharing and might want to click on your link to learn more.

Create Board Category

On Pinterest, group your pins on boards by topic. Name each board after its topic and use hashtags that fit.

Doing this keeps everything tidy and makes your marketing smoother. Remember, having clear categories really helps on Pinterest.

Some boards on Pinterest are super popular. Many people add their stuff to these boards.

You can add your pins to these boards too. It’s a good way to show off your website or stuff.

Try to regularly add to these boards. People will get to know your site, and you might even get some cool offers.

Stay Engaged

Now that you know how to make your pins popular, keep them in front of people to get more visits to your website.

Remember, the more you show up, the more success you’ll have. It’s important to know what people are looking for on Pinterest.

Research from the University of Minnesota found that Pinterest users mostly check

  • How many followers do you have?
  • The number of pins you’ve shared.
  • Your latest board count.

So, stay active on Pinterest, and you’ll attract more visitors.

Keep Followers Happy

Always reply to comments and answer questions, just like you would on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Say hi to them by using their names. This makes them feel noticed and closer to you. Give likes and comments on their pins, and follow their boards too.

Pinterest is a great place to show off your stuff. Just keep in mind the tips mentioned and stay active.

Give it a couple of months, and you’ll see more people checking out your stuff. With some time and effort, Pinterest can be a great place to grow.

From today’s article, you’ve learned what Pinterest marketing is and how to do it.

Want to learn more about online marketing? Check out our ‘online’ section for easy guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest Marketing is a strategy that businesses use to promote their products, websites, or blogs on the Pinterest platform. It involves creating visually appealing content such as images and videos to showcase offerings and attract the attention of Pinterest users.

Why is Pinterest Marketing important for businesses?

Pinterest Marketing is crucial for businesses as it provides a platform to showcase products or services through visually engaging content. With a vast user base, businesses can reach a wider audience, increase brand visibility, and drive traffic to their websites.

How does Pinterest work for marketing purposes?

Pinterest operates as a digital bulletin board where users can pin images and videos onto themed boards. To engage in Pinterest Marketing, businesses can create boards, share visually appealing content, and leverage features like linking to their website. Interacting with other users by following boards and liking pins is also essential.

What are the key steps in Pinterest Marketing?

The main steps in Pinterest Marketing include sharing pictures or videos of products, organizing content into different boards, sharing boards and pins with others, and consistently pinning to increase visibility and engagement.

What does it take to start Pinterest Marketing?

To begin Pinterest Marketing, businesses need to create a Pinterest account, preferably a business account. This involves adding a profile picture, providing a brief description of the business, and regularly sharing products or website content. Consistent pinning is essential for success.

Why should businesses use Pinterest Marketing?

Businesses should use Pinterest Marketing because a significant percentage of the population uses Pinterest, and posts on the platform have a longer lifespan compared to other social media sites. Pinterest is effective in influencing purchasing decisions, making it an ideal platform for showcasing products.

What are the advantages of Pinterest Marketing over other social media platforms?

Pinterest has a high user engagement rate, with users spending more time on the platform. Additionally, Pinterest is known to influence purchasing decisions, making it a valuable marketing tool for businesses.

What are some tips for successful Pinterest Marketing?

Promote Attractive Products – Use visually appealing images to showcase products.
Create Engaging Pins – Craft pins with clear images, catchy titles, and relevant links.
Pin Regularly – Consistently pinning content increases visibility.
Consider Seasons and Trends – Plan marketing strategies around holidays and popular trends.
Utilize Boards Effectively – Create different boards for various topics and consider group boards.
Implement Pinterest SEO – Use keywords and hashtags to improve discoverability.
Explore Paid Advertising – Utilize Pinterest ads to reach specific audiences and promote products.

How can businesses increase traffic to their websites from Pinterest?

To boost website traffic from Pinterest, businesses should pin regularly, focus on visually appealing content, engage with other users by liking and following, and organize pins into different topic boards. Including website links in pin descriptions is also crucial.

Why is it important to add a Pinterest Follow Button to the website?

Adding a Pinterest Follow Button to your website encourages visitors to follow your Pinterest profile or boards directly from your website. This helps in building a larger and more engaged audience.

How can businesses stay engaged and keep followers happy on Pinterest?

Respond to Comments – Engage with followers by responding to comments and questions.
Personalize Interactions – Address followers by their names to create a more personalized connection.
Like and Follow Others – Actively like and follow other users’ pins and boards to foster a sense of community.
Stay Active – Consistently pin and stay active on Pinterest to attract more visitors and maintain a positive presence.

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