Playing Cat Drawing Step by Step for Kids or Beginners

Today we will draw a cat playing with a ball. We will draw the picture of this cat playing with the ball step by step. We are drawing it step by step to make the picture simple and straightforward. First, we will start drawing with the cat’s eyes and mouth, and nose. Then, draw stripes spots on the cat’s body, legs, tail, and body. We will draw the ball after drawing these. We will start painting slowly. With the color, we will create a small garden. So let’s start Playing Cat Drawing for kids with colour now.

little friends, Let’s start the cartoon cat drawing for kids with colour.

Playing Cat Drawing Step by Step For Kids or Beginners

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Requirement Materials for the Playing Cat Drawing:

Here are the materials we need to draw the playing picture.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Step 1 :

Draw the cat’s eyes, face, and nose.

First, we will take the white paper. We will draw the margin by keeping half an inch to draw the margin evenly around the white paper. The cat’s eyes are round, the nose is triangular, and now start Playing Cat mouth drawing under the nose.

Step 2 :

Draw eyebrows, ears, and face shape.

Cat Face Drawing

Draw the cat’s two eyebrows over the two eyes. Then draw the two ears of the cat towards the corner just above the eyebrows. Draw almost round to see the shape of the cat’s face.

Step 3 :

Draw two legs in front of the cat.

Draw two legs in front of the Playing Cat Drawing, two sides of the head. Just draw the cat’s toes on the left. And draw both feet and toes on the right.

Step 4 :

Draw the cat’s Nose hair, spine, tail, and one leg on the back.

To draw hair with small lines on both sides of the cat’s nose. Draw the cat’s spine with curve lines. And draw a beautiful tail on the back. Draw a foot under the tail.

Step 5 :

Draw the cat’s second leg and abdomen.

Just draw the toes of the second foot on the back of the Playing Cat Drawing. Draw the belly under the cat’s body.

Step 6 :

Draw striped spots on the cat’s skin.

Playing Cat Drawing sketch

Draw striped spots on the cat’s forehead. Then draw stripes spots on the upper and lower parts of the cat’s body as well as on the tail.

Step 7 :

Draw the ball.

Playing Cat Drawing with a Ball

Draw a ball in front of the Playing Cat Drawing face. The ball is round and looks like a football. Make some designs on the ball.

Step 8 :

Paint some parts of the cat’s body.

We will use a yellow color to paint the body of the cat. Make sure that the yellow color does not appear on the cat’s eyes, eyebrows, legs, abdomen, and striped areas.

Step 9 :

Paint the striped place.

The cat has striped spots on its forehead, body, and tail. Give the black color to the striped spots. We will give the same color to each striped spot of the Playing Cat Drawing.

Step 10 :

Color the cat’s eyeball, eyebrows, and inside the ears.

Give black color to the cat’s eyeball. Keep the upper part of the eye white. Paint the cat’s eyebrows brown. And paint the inside of the cat’s ear the same brown color.

Step 11 :

Paint the design part of the ball.

The ball has eight different designs. We will give red, sky, orange, white, pink, purple, and green colors to the ball design which is in front of the Playing Cat Drawing.

Step 12 :

Highlight the picture of the cat and ball.

Playing Cat Drawing tutorial

We will highlight the cat well around the body with a black marker pen. Give light brown color to the cat’s toes well and also give a light brown color to the cat’s stomach, very lightly. Highlight the ball with the black marker pen in the same way. This is the playing cat drawing for kids with colour. Now we will add some grass and flower to this drawing to make it more interesting.

Step 13 :

Draw the grass.

Playing Cat Drawing in grass with a ball

Draw grass under the Playing Cat Drawing body as well as grass under the ball. Make these grass green and light orange in color.

Step 14 :

Draw the big grass.

We will give green color to large-sized grasses. The grasses spread out like vines, creating a small jungle.

Step 15 :

Draw the fence.

We will make the wooden fence with brown color. The fence is made of wood. The cat is playing in this fence.

Step 16 :

Draw the grass flowers.

There are many beautiful flowers on the big grass. We will paint these flowers with light red color. The small grass and the beautiful flowers of the big grass make a small garden.

Step 17 :

Give the boundary of the small garden.

Pull a black line under the wooden fence to encircle the boundary of the small garden. This line is the boundary of the garden. Within this boundary, the cat is playing with a small ball in the joy of the mind.

Finally, we complete the Playing Cat Drawing in these easy ways.

You must draw the picture and send me your drawing a picture with help of the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

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