Realme Narzo 60 Series Pre-Bookings in India All Details Here

The Realme Narzo 60 series is generating excitement among smartphone enthusiasts as it gears up for its highly anticipated launch in India on July 6. This much-anticipated lineup includes the regular Realme Narzo 60 5G and the Narzo 60 Pro 5G, which promise to deliver exceptional performance and cutting-edge features. With the pre-reservation details now revealed, customers can look forward to pre-ordering these devices through the official Realme website and Amazon, starting next week.

One of the most striking features of the Realme Narzo 60 series is its impressive RAM and storage capacity. Both the Narzo 60 5G and Narzo 60 Pro 5G are expected to offer up to 12GB of RAM and up to 1TB of onboard storage. In fact, Realme claims that this series will debut as India’s first smartphone to offer a massive 24GB RAM and 1TB storage. It’s worth noting, however, that the 1TB storage support might be facilitated through a microSD card.

Realme Narzo 60 Series Pre-Bookings in India to Start on July 6; RAM, Storage Details Teased

Starting from July 6 at 1:00 pm IST, customers can reserve their Realme Narzo 60 series smartphones in two captivating color options: Cosmic Black and Mars Orange. Realme has also sweetened the deal by offering discounts to early pre-order customers. Those who pre-book the Realme Narzo 60 Pro will enjoy a discount of Rs. 1,500, while customers opting for the vanilla Realme Narzo 60 5G will receive a discount of Rs. 1,000. Additionally, both models will come with an extended six-month warranty, providing peace of mind to consumers.

Moving on to the design, the upcoming Narzo series models are expected to impress with their curved displays. The screens will boast a high refresh rate of 120Hz, ensuring smooth scrolling and seamless visuals. Moreover, the 2160Hz Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) frequency eye protection will reduce eye strain, making it comfortable to use the devices for extended periods. Realme has also managed to minimize the chin size to a slim 2.3mm, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience.

Scheduled for launch on July 6 at 12 pm IST, the Realme Narzo 60 5G and Narzo 60 Pro 5G will surely make a splash in the Indian market. Realme’s India website and Amazon have unveiled microsites that provide detailed specifications and tantalizing teasers about the upcoming series. Industry insiders expect these smartphones to be priced starting from Rs. 17,999, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

Based on the available information, it appears that the Realme Narzo 60 series will bear some resemblance to the Realme 11 5G. While we eagerly await the official launch, it is evident that Realme is aiming to cater to the increasing demand for high-performance smartphones in India. With its impressive RAM and storage capacities, the Narzo 60 series is expected to offer users ample space to store their multimedia content, apps, and games. The combination of powerful features, advanced display technology, and competitive pricing makes the Realme Narzo 60 series a compelling choice for smartphone enthusiasts seeking a device that can handle their multitasking needs while providing an immersive user experience.

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The Realme Narzo 60 series pre-bookings are set to commence on July 6, signaling the imminent arrival of India’s first 24GB RAM and 1TB storage smartphone. With its powerful specifications, attractive design, and competitive pricing, the Narzo 60 series is poised to make a significant impact

in the Indian smartphone market. If you’re in search of a high-performance device that offers ample storage and a seamless user experience, the Realme Narzo 60 series might just be the perfect fit for you.

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