Shinchan Drawing Easy Step by Step – Oil Pastel Drawing

Today we will draw a picture of Shinchan. Shinchan drawing will be easy and simple by following our Shinchan Drawing Tutorial. So that kids and beginners can easily draw Shinchan pictures. Our primary required materials to make the picture are drawing paper, a pencil, and a color box. First, make the sketch and then color it. Let’s start Shinchan drawing, little kids.

Shinchan is one of the main characters in the Shinchan cartoon. This cartoon started on April 13, 1992. Shinchan is a fun and popular cartoon. Shinchan is a five-year-old child in this cartoon. Today we will draw a picture of this five-year-old child Shinchan. First, we will make a sketch. Then we will color the sketch. We will do everything step by step. By looking at the step by step., the children can easily draw and learn the picture. let’s start little friends

How To Draw The Shinchan Picture Step By Step

Here is some very easy and straightforward step to drawing Shinchan cartoon picture.

Shinchan Drawing Easy Step by Step - Oil Pastel Drawing

Shinchan Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this Shinchan drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Shinchan Picture Drawing Step by Step

1. Draw eyes and eyebrows.

Shinchan Eyes Drawing

First, take the drawing paper. Draw margins evenly all around on the drawing paper. Then draw Sinchan’s circular eyes and draw small round eyeballs inside the eyes. Draw thick eyebrows with two curved lines above the eyes.

2. Make the shape of Sinchen’s face, ear, and hair.

Shinchan Face Drawing

First, we will draw the structure of Sinchen’s face. Then make the left side of the face with curved lines and the right side with straight lines. Then draw the ears on the right edge and draw the hair behind the ear. Make the head with two curved lines above the two eyebrows.

3. Draw dress on the hands and body.

Shinchan Body Drawing

Now draw the two hands of Sinchan. Draw Shinchan’s two hands upwards. Then draw two fingers upwards and the remaining three fingers simultaneously. Make both hands’ fingers a similar way. Make the dress on Sinchen’s hands and body. Draw rectangular-shaped pants. Then make a fold in the bottom center of the pants.

4. Draw leg, shoes, and socks.

Shinchan Full Body Drawing

Draw two legs of Shinhan very nicely at the bottom of the pants. Then draw socks and shoes on the leg.

5. Color the skin.

Schinchan Drawing And Coloring

Now we will color Shinchan’s skin. On Shinhan’s skin, do the color of the skin well. Be careful not to do the skin color anywhere other than the skin.

6. Color hair, eyes, and eyebrows.

Schinchan Drawing And Coloring

We will give white color to Shinchan’s eyeballs and black color around the eyes. Give dark black color to the eyebrows. Then make black color on top of the hair.

7. Color upper dress on the body.

Schinchan Drawing And Coloring

For Shinchan’s upper body clothing, we will use dark red color. Make sure that the red color does not go beyond the outline.

8. Color pant and shoes.

Schinchan Drawing And Coloring

We will give dark yellow color to Sinchen’s pants. Also, paint yellow on the shoes and white color on the socks. Now we have completed the drawing. Hope you also made Shinchan pictures with us.

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You must draw a picture of Shinchan and send me your Shinchan drawing picture with help of the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

Shinchan’s Picture Coloring Page Download

Here is a printable coloring page of Shinchan’s. You can download Shinchan’s Coloring page and print it. Then you can color easily Shinchan’s picture.

Shinchan’s Drawing Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on Shinchan’s drawing. This video tutorial is very helpful for beginners. In this Shinchan’s drawing video tutorial, we explain every step of Shinchan’s drawing slowly. So follow our video tutorial and draw a Shinchan. Also not forgot to send your drawing😊.

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