Girl Drawing Simple and Easy Tutorial for Kids

When you head to your favorite artist to view a Girl Drawing, you see hundreds of different models available for drawing.

Some of them are hard, whereas a few others are easy to draw!

You might think, how am I going to find one for my easy Girl Drawing if you know nothing about human drawing basic?

But don’t worry! We got your back!

If you get stuck or have questions at any point, send me a message on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. Also, you can send me a letter from the contact us page. I will do my best to help you out.

I’ll help you find the perfect model for your easy Girl Drawing. All you have to do is spend an extra ten minutes reading this article.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to draw a girl step by step.

And when you reach the end of it, you probably have an idea of what you want and which type of drawing model best suits you.

So, without any more fluff, let’s get straight into the tutorial.

Let’s dive deeper into each of the Girl Drawing so that you get a better understanding of how to draw quickly.

Girl Drawing Simple and Easy Tutorial for Kids

How to Make Girl Drawing in 10 Steps

Learn how to make a Girl Drawing like the above one in about 10 minutes by following these steps:

  1. Draw Hair
  2. Draw Face
  3. Draw Body
  4. Draw Hand and Legs
  5. Draw the Wall
  6. Color the Wall
  7. Color the Body
  8. Color the Shirts
  9. Color the Floor and Window
  10. Finalize the Girl Drawing

When you are going to draw a girl, here are the requirements that you need to consider:

Oil Pastel color1 Pack

Step 1: Draw Hair.

Firstly, take pencil and draw the hair of the girl like the below picture.

Simple Girl Drawing

Step 2: Draw Face.

Now simply draw the face shape. After that make two small eyes, and a nose and mouth. You can get references from the below picture.

Simple Girl Drawing

Step 3: Draw Body.

In this step, we will draw the body of the girl. We need to draw just shirt and pant for the girl body.

Simple Girl Drawing

Step 4: Draw Hand and Legs.

Now we will draw the hand and legs. Simple first make the shirt’s hand and then make the girl’s hand like the below picture. Also, in the same way, make the legs and make sure to draw the shoes of the girl.

Simple Girl Drawing

Step 5: Draw the Wall and complete the Girl Drawing.

We have almost completed the girl drawing now we just need to draw the wall. Firstly draw a window on the left. After that make a painting on the right side. At the end just draw a line in the middle of the picture.

Simple Girl Drawing

Step 6: Color the Wall.

Now we will start coloring the girl drawing. Here take a purple color and fill it in the wall.

Simple Girl Coloring

Step 7: Color the Body.

Now first take black color and fill the hair. Also, make two red flowers on the hair. After that take a DIGITAL YELLOW colour and fill it in the body.

Simple Girl Drawing

Step 8: Color the Shirts.

In this step, we will fill the shirt with pink color, and Yellow color in the pant of the girl.

Simple Girl Drawing

Step 9: Color the Floor and Window.

In this step, we will take a light blue color and fill it in the floor and the window like the below picture. After that take the brown color and fill it in the border of the painting which hangs on the wall.

Simple Girl Drawing

Step 10: Finalize the Girl Drawing.

We have almost completed the girl drawing, now we just need a light pink color and fill it in the person which is in the painting hanging on the wall. At the last, just take a black marker and make outline.

Simple Girl Drawing

Video Tutorial of Girl Drawing

1. Which type of figure is best for girl ?

According to the class 12 CBSE Health and Physical Education textbook, 36-24-36 is considered the best shape for females.

2. How to draw girl’s face?

Read step 2

3. What color shirts do most of the girl wear?


Also, learn How to Draw a Girl?

Simple Girl Drawing Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on girl drawing. This video tutorial is very helpful for beginners. In this girl drawing video tutorial, we explain every step of the girl drawing slowly. So follow our video tutorial and draw a girl. Also not forgot to send your drawing😊.


Now you know how to draw a girl; then it’s time to choose one model from the hundreds available. Draw your girl drawing and send me through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

You can check out our dedicated articles on different types of drawings.

If you still have any questions regarding Girl Drawing, no worries! Just ask your doubt in the comment section below, and I will respond to you as fast as possible.

For now, thanks for reading.

Have a great day.

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