Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids – Easy Eye Drawing Tutorial

Welcome, budding artists! Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of sketching the incredible human eye. We understand that drawing can be a bit tricky, but fear not! We’ve got a special rule just for you – the step-by-step drawing rule, making even the toughest sketches a breeze. This rule is here to guide you, especially if you ever felt unsure about where to start or what to do next in your drawing journey. So, for all the drawing enthusiasts out there, grab your drawing tools, and together, let’s embark on a journey to make challenging drawings a piece of cake. Get ready to sketch those amazing eyes – let the drawing adventure begin!

How To Draw the Sketch Eye Picture Drawing Step By Step

Here is some very easy and straightforward step to draw Sketch Eye pictures.

Sketch Eye Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this Sketch Eye drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Sketch Eye Picture Drawing Step-by-Step Full Tutorial

Here are 15 Easy Steps to Draw a Sketch Eye Easily.

1. Draw a Big Circle.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Grab a piece of paper and start with a large circle. Inside it, add a smaller circle for the iris and an even tinier one for the pupil. It’s like stacking circles – easy peasy!

2. Shape Your Eye.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Now, draw a curvy line above and below the iris. Connect the ends to make a fantastic eye shape. It’s as simple as connecting the dots!

3. Erase Extras.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Take your eraser and gently remove any extra lines, leaving just the awesome eye shape behind. Be careful not to erase the eye – we want to keep it looking sharp!

4. Make Eyelids.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Right above your eye, draw a curved line to create a playful eyelid. It’s like adding a cool hat to your eye.

5. Add Eyebrows

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Give your cartoon eye some character by drawing two curvy lines slightly above the eyelids. Connect the ends and make those eyebrows nice and thick. Wow, your eye is starting to look awesome!

6. Iris and Pupil Magic.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Color the tiniest circle (the pupil) almost black. Shade the iris gently. Don’t forget to add a bit of shading to the top of the eye shape.

7. Shade the Lower Part.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Time for some shading fun! Start from the right and gently shade the lower part of your eye. Move to the left with your shading magic. Patience is your secret weapon!

8. Draw Upper Eyelid Hair.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Imagine your eye with some funky eyelid hair. Draw fine lines from the right corner to the middle. Now, do the same on the left side. Cool, right?

9. Finish Upper Eyelid Hair

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Let’s complete the look! Draw some more hair on the remaining parts of the eyelids. Make it thick and fine – your eye is getting stylish!

10. Draw Bottom Eyelid Hair.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Now let’s make the hair of the lower part of the eyelid. We will start making the eyelid hair from the left corner of the eye. Draw the hairline very finely. The way he made the upper eyelid hair, just like that.

11. Complete Bottom Eyelid Hair.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Finish drawing hair on the rest of the lower eyelid. Keep it a bit lighter – it’s like giving your eye the perfect finishing touch.

12. Shade the Eye Sclera.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Time to add some shading inside the eye. Make the top darker and the bottom lighter. It’s like adding a bit of sunshine!

13. Draw Eyebrow Hair.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Give your eyebrows a gentle shade. Start drawing some hair from the left side of the eyebrow. Take your time – we’re making magic here!

14. Finish Eyebrow Hair.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Complete drawing hair on the rest of the eyebrow. Make it thick and fine, just like a superhero’s eyebrows.

15. Final Shading.

Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids

Feel free to add any extra shading you like. Finally, add a bit of darkness above the eyes for that extra WOW factor. Congratulations, you’ve just created an amazing cartoon eye! We hope you had a blast. Stay tuned for more drawing adventures!

Watch Sketch Eye Drawing For Kids Tutorial

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