The Masked Singer Recap: Medusa AKA Bishop Briggs Named Season 9 Winner

The Masked Singer Season 9 finale on Wednesday night was a thrilling culmination of performances and reveals. The victor, Medusa, turned out to be Bishop Briggs, while the runner-up, Macaw, surprised everyone by being David Archuleta, the beloved American Idol star.

Panelist Nicole Scherzinger’s ability to discern the identities of both Medusa and Macaw added to the intrigue and excitement of the show. Medusa’s renditions of “Elastic Heart” and “Welcome to the Black Parade” left a lasting impression with her vocal prowess and stage presence.

Medusa’s journey showcased her perseverance and talent, making her the deserving Season 9 champion. The panel and audience recognized her exceptional artistry and electrifying performances.

Before the unmasking, the panel shared their final thoughts and guesses, including Grimes, Fergie, and Susan Boyle. Nicole Scherzinger’s accurate guess of Bishop Briggs as Medusa stood out, demonstrating her expertise in deciphering the masked singers’ identities.

Bishop Briggs expressed her gratitude upon being revealed as Medusa and delivered a powerful rendition of her song “River,” reaffirming her extraordinary talent.

Macaw, the second-place finisher, mesmerized the judges with performances of “Hold Back the River” and “All By Myself.” Nicole Scherzinger correctly identified David Archuleta as Macaw, adding to her track record of accurate guesses.

Medusa (Bishop Briggs) Crowned 'The Masked Singer' Season 9 Winner

The revelation of David Archuleta as Macaw triggered emotions, especially for panelist Ken Jeong, who shared his personal connection to Archuleta’s journey from American Idol. Archuleta reflected on his emotional journey, creating heartfelt moments for both himself and the audience.

David Archuleta’s touching rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful” marked the end of the show, leaving a lasting impression. He etched his name in the show’s history as one of the most memorable contestants.

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Fans eagerly anticipate Season 10, scheduled to air later this year, as The Masked Singer continues to captivate with its unique blend of mystery and music.

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