Toy Gun Drawing Easy Step by Step For Kids/Beginners

Today we will draw a picture of a gun. The name of the gun is Toy Gun. Kids have all seen the gun at the fair and even bought it and played with it. So drawing guns is not very difficult for them. We will draw the picture very easily step by step. Kids can draw more easily by following the steps. Let’s waste no more time little kids and start drawing.

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How To Draw The Toy Gun Picture Step By Step

Here is some very easy and straightforward step to draw the Toy Gun picture.

Toy Gun Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this Toy Gun Drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Toy Gun Picture Drawing Step by Step Full Tutorial

Here are 6 Easy Steps to draw an Toy Gun Easy.

1. Draw back part.

AK 47 Drawing Easy Step by Step For Kids/Beginners

First, take the drawing paper. Place masking tape on the four corners of the drawing paper so that the drawing paper does not move. Then draw the margin evenly around the drawing paper. Make the buttstock part very nicely.

2. Draw middle part.

AK 47 Drawing Easy Step by Step For Kids/Beginners

Make half of the middle part of the Toy Gun a rectangular shape and Make the other half long and spiky. In the middle of the Toy Gun are the dustcover and the rear sight and the charging handle.

3. Draw the front and bottom parts.

AK 47 Drawing Easy Step by Step For Kids/Beginners

We will draw the grip, trigger, and magazine with curved lines Make the bottom of the Toy Gun. Then draw the gun’s front sight, gas tube, and muzzle. Draw it just like us.

4. Color the dustcover, trigger, magazine, and front part.

AK 47 Drawing Easy Step by Step For Kids/Beginners

Color the trigger, dustcover, magazine, and front part of the Toy Gun with a pencil. Shade these parts with a pencil. While shading, take care that the color does not go beyond the outline.

5. Colour buttstock, middle of the gun, and grip.

AK 47 Drawing Easy Step by Step For Kids/Beginners

Paint the buttstock dark brown on the back of the gun. Then we will color the middle of the gun and the grip dark brown. Give the brown color very nicely and make sure that the color does not go anywhere else.

6. Highlight the picture.

AK 47 Drawing Easy Step by Step For Kids/Beginners

Finally, we will highlight the image of the Toy Gun very nicely with a pencil. Bold each line with a pencil. After highlighting, see how beautiful the Toy Gun looks. The children all saw this Toy Gun fair and bought the Toy Gun and played with it. We hope, the little kids made the picture of the Toy Gun very easily.

Look our Toy Gun drawing for kids is almost complete. There are many more drawing ideas like this on our website. And many more pictures will come later. So all of you bookmark this website in our browser and subscribe to our YouTube channel Draw With Pappu.

You must draw a picture of the Toy Gun and send me your Toy Gun drawing a picture with help of the link given below. I will definitely try to give your picture in my story.

Toy Gun Picture Coloring Page Download

Here is a printable coloring page of Toy Gun. You can download the snake’s Coloring page and print it. Then you can easily color the Toy Gun picture.

Toy Gun Drawing Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on Toy Gun drawing. This video tutorial is very helpful for beginners. In this Toy Gun drawing video tutorial, we explain every step of the Toy Gun drawing slowly. So follow our video tutorial and draw arugula. Also not forgot to send your drawing😊.

Toy Gun Drawing High Quality Picture Download

You can download Toy Gun Drawing Picture easily by clicking the download button.

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