Tulip Flower Drawing For Kids – Easy Step-by-Step Flower Drawing

Today we will draw two tulip flowers. Tulip flowers look very beautiful. And the fragrance of tulip flowers is very pleasant. We will draw the tulip flower in such a way that the flower becomes realistic. We will make eleven simple tulip flower pictures. By following these 11 steps, kids will have no problem drawing tulips. Children who have difficulty in drawing who are afraid to draw, or who don’t understand how to start drawing can easily draw by watching these 11 steps, and understand how to start drawing and make the flower easily step by step. So let’s start drawing tulip flowers with the drawing tool.

How To Draw The Tulip Picture Step By Step

Here is some very easy and straightforward step to draw Tulip’s pictures.

Tulip Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this Tulip drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Tulip Picture Drawing Step-by-Step Full Tutorial

Here are 11 Easy Steps to Draw Tulips easily.

1. Draw the Flower Petals.

Start by drawing a simple petal shape. Connect two petals together, like joining two raindrops. Imagine you’re making a lovely tulip petal necklace.

2. Make a Flower Shape.

Connect the left side of the flower with a curvy line. Imagine you’re drawing the tulip’s cozy blanket. Add more curves at the top for extra petals.

3. Draw the Second Flower.

Draw lines down the middle of the big petals, like drawing a zipper. Now, add another flower below the first one. Make the middle petal look like a leaf. Imagine you’re giving your tulip a friend to chat with!

4. Draw the Sepal and Stem.

In the center of the first flower, draw three little triangles for the tulip’s hat. Connect two lines down for the stem. Do the same for the second flower. Now your tulips have hats and sturdy stems!

5. Draw the Left Side Leaves.

On the left side of the stem, draw two curvy lines going up and connect them at the top. This is like making a tulip leaf ladder. Add another leaf with three lines below the big one, like a tiny leaf wave

6. Draw the Second Stem and Leaves.

Connect the second flower’s stem to the first one. Add two more leaves on the left side and draw a small leaf below the big one. It’s like your tulip is growing a leafy family.

7. Use Yellow Color on Flower

Color the lower part of the big flower with bright yellow. Think of it as giving your tulip a sunny dress. Lightly color the upper petals with a soft yellow, like painting a tulip sunrise.

8. Use Orange and Red Colors on the Flower.

Now, use orange in the middle part of the flower and red in the upper part. Pretend you’re giving your tulip a warm hug with these cozy colors.

9. Rub the Color.

Gently rub the colors with tissue paper. Imagine you’re giving your tulip a gentle pat on the back. See how the colors blend and make your tulip extra pretty.

10. Color the Sepal, Stems, and Leaves.

Use green to color the hats (sepals) and stems of your tulips. Don’t forget to color the inside of the leaves green, like you’re giving them leafy snacks.

11. Color the Outer Part of the Leaves.

Make the outside of each leaf darker green, like adding a leafy shadow. Rub a bit of dark green on the lower part of the stems. Now, your tulip family is ready to shine!

Great job, little artists! You’ve created a beautiful tulip family. Don’t forget to share your artwork with us. Keep drawing and having fun! 🌷🎨

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