What is the URL? Function of Url (Uniform Resource Locator)

What’s a URL? Imagine the internet is a big city and every website or file is a house. Now, each house has its own address, right? In the internet world, we call this address a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Ever seen the link at the top or bottom of your screen while reading this? That’s this blog’s “address” or URL. Just like houses in a city, we use URLs to find and visit different sites or files on the internet.

So, what exactly is a URL and how does it do its magic?

Stick around! In this article, we’ll dive into the world of URLs on the drawwithpappu.com Blog. We’ll chat about what a URL is, what it does, and how it helps us explore the web.

What’s a URL Anyway?

What is the URL? What is the Function of Url?

Think of the internet as a big map. Each spot on this map, like a website or file, has its own special address. We call that address a URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

Let’s break it down –

  • Protocol – It’s like the rules of the road. Most times, for websites, it’s “https://”.
  • Domain Name – Think of it as the main street name. For instance, “drawwithpappu.com”.
  • Path – It’s like the exact house number on that street.

Take this for example – “https://www.drawwithpappu.com/what-is-url”. Here, “https://” is the protocol, “drawwithpappu.com” is the domain name, and “/what-is-url” is the path.

So, a URL is like a home address on the internet. It helps us find and look at all sorts of things online.

What’s the Real Meaning Behind URL?

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When we say “URL,” it’s short for ‘Uniform Resource Locator.’ It has a similar meaning in various languages.

Think of a “Uniform Resource Locator” like this –

Uniform – It means standard or the same way for everyone.

Resource – This could be anything like a website, a picture, or an email.

Locator – It’s like a map pointer, helping you find that resource.

So together, “Uniform Resource Locator” is just a fancy way of saying “a standard address for finding things on the internet.” Whether it’s visiting a cool website, sending an email, or checking out a picture, we need URLs.

Basically, URLs are super important in our day-to-day internet adventures. Now that you know URL stands for ‘Uniform Resource Locator,’ let’s dive into how it works!

What Does a URL Do?

What is the URL? What is the Function of Url?

When we say “URL”, we’re talking about a fancy internet address. The long name for URL is “Uniform Resource Locator”.

Think of it like this – if the internet is a big city, then URLs are the signs that show us where to go. Whether you want to visit a website, check out a picture, or download a file, you’d use a URL.

So, a URL is like a guide that points us to places on the internet. It’s how we know where to go and find cool stuff online!

How Do URLs Help Us Find Stuff Online?

Ever wonder how you magically land on a website when you click or type something in your browser? That’s the magic of URLs!

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Think of it as an address for places on the internet, whether it’s a webpage, a picture, or even a video.

Here’s a simple breakdown of a URL

  • Protocol – It’s the rule for how we get to the place. The usual ones are HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Domain Name – It’s like the main street sign. It could look random, but often it’s named after a person or a brand.
  • Path – Imagine this as the exact house number on that street.

For instance, when you see
It’s like saying – “Let’s use the HTTPS way to go to the main street called ‘drawwithpappu.com’.”

Your browser is like your car. It reads the URL, figures out where that place is, and then takes you there! In short, URLs are our internet GPS, helping us find exactly what we’re looking for online.

How Do You Make a Web Address (URL)?

Imagine a URL as a home address, but for places on the internet like websites.

Making a URL is like writing an address. Here’s how you do it:

  • Protocol – Choose how you’ll visit. Like walking or driving? For websites, it’s usually HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Domain Name – This is the main part, like the street name. It’s often named after a brand or a topic.
  • Path – It’s like adding an apartment number to your street address. It points to a specific page or section.

For example

https://www.drawwithpappu.com/ Here, we’re using HTTPS to visit the main page of ‘drawwithpappu.

This time, we’re visiting a specific section about “what is URL” on the same website. To make your own URLs, there are tools called URL generators that can help you piece together these parts. It’s like having a helper to write addresses for you

Different Kinds of Web Addresses (URLs) and What They Do

Did you know there are various types of internet addresses, known as URLs? Let’s look at some of them and learn what they do

Web Browsing URLs (HTTP/HTTPS)

These are the most common. They’re what you use when visiting websites.

  • Example – “https://www.example.com/about-us”.

File Sharing URLs (FTP)

They help in moving files between computers and servers.

  • Example – “ftp://ftp.example.com/files/document.pdf”.

Click on these, and they’ll open up your email to send a message.

  • Example – “mailto:info@example.com”.

File Location URLs

These show where a file is saved on your computer.

  • Example – “file:///C:/Users/User/Documents/myfile.txt”.

Phone Call URLs (Tel)

Click on these, and it starts dialing a phone number.

  • Example – “tel:+1-123-456-7890”.

Data URLs

These are cool; they have all the data right in the link itself.

  • Example – “data: text/plain;base64, Hello World!”.

All these different URLs help us do things online, like visiting websites, sharing files, sending emails, or even making calls. Pretty neat, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does “URL” Really Mean?

“URL” stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Think of it as a special address for stuff on the internet. Just like how every house has a unique address, every website or page online has its own URL. Cool, right?

What are URLs and HTTP?

URL is like a special address for places on the internet, and “HTTP” is the way we visit those places. So, URL is the where, and HTTP is the how! Simple as that.

What Does a URL Show?

A URL is like a signpost that points to a specific spot on the internet. It could lead you to a website’s main page, a particular section, or even a single file. Just like an address shows where someone lives, a URL shows where something is online.

How Do You Spot a Website’s Address (URL)?

When you’re on a website, just glance at the top in the address bar. That’s where you’ll see the website’s URL or address. Easy, right?

What’s a URL and Where Can You See It?

A URL is like a web address that tells you where something is on the internet. When you’re browsing online, you can spot the URL at the top of your browser in the address bar. Think of it as the online version of a street address!

Why Don’t Some Websites Have “www”?

Have you noticed that some web addresses don’t start with “www”? That’s because it’s not always needed. Just like some people go by nicknames instead of their full names, websites can use shorter addresses too. Whether they have “www” or not, they still work the same way!

Why Doesn’t My Website Work Without “www”?

Having trouble accessing your website without typing “www” first? It might be due to how your web hosting is set up. A quick chat with your hosting provider should help you sort it out. They’ll guide you on how to fix it!

How to Write a Proper Website Address?

Want to make sure your website address is correct? A good website address, also called a valid URL, follows some simple rules. For example, a proper one looks like this –
https://www.google.com/ Let’s learn more about these rules!

What’s the Long Name for “URL”?

When we say “URL”, it’s short for “Uniform Resource Locator”. It’s like the full name of a nickname!

What Does a URL Tell Us?

A URL is like a signpost for the internet. It points to where something is online, whether that’s a whole website, a certain page on a website, or even just a file. It’s how we know where to find things on the web!

What Does a URL Do?

A URL’s main job is to act like an address for web pages on the internet. It points us to the exact spot where we can find a website or a specific page. Think of it as a house address but for online places!

How Do IP Address and URL Connect?

Think of the internet as a huge city. Every building (or website) in the city has a unique address (URL) and behind that address is a specific set of numbers (IP address) which is like the building’s unique ID. So, while a URL is the friendly address we use to visit a website, the IP address is the real, technical address computers use to find each other online.

Wrapping Up on Web Addresses (URLs)

URLs are like the road signs of the internet, guiding us to the exact spot we want to visit. They’re crucial for hopping around online, helping us reach websites and their treasures.

Remember, a URL is like a special code for a place on the web. We’ve chatted about its different parts – the protocol, the main street (domain name), and the exact house number (path).

Got more questions about URLs or any other techy topic? Just drop a comment below. Catch you in the next post, and until then, keep exploring the digital world with the drawwithpappu.com blog. Cheers.

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