How to Create a Watermelon Drawing Easy: Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a watermelon in a simple and engaging way. Follow along as we break down each step, from shaping the watermelon to adding intricate details, all while keeping it easy and enjoyable.

How to Draw watermelon Step by Step

Here is some very easy and simple step to draw a watermelon.

Watermelon Drawing Easy Step by Step

Watermelon Drawing Requirement Materials :

Here are the materials we need to make this watermelon picture drawing.

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box
  • Tissue paper

Watermelon Picture Drawing Easy Steps

1. Create the Watermelon Shape.

Watermelon Drawing Easy

To start, place a blank sheet of white paper in front of you. Make sure to evenly draw margins around the paper. Once the margins are set, sketch a semicircle to form the basic shape of the watermelon. Additionally, add a groove on the right side to give your drawing depth and dimension.

2. Outline the Outer Portion.

Watermelon Drawing Easy

Continuing with your drawing, sketch a curved line just above the semicircle’s edge. This will outline the outer part of the watermelon. Next, draw the round eyes of the watermelon and add eyeballs within them. Craft the mouth using gentle curved lines to bring your watermelon to life.

3. Add Watermelon Seeds.

Watermelon Drawing Easy

Let’s proceed by drawing the watermelon seeds. Start from the right edge and draw a row of seeds that extends to the left edge. Remember to maintain consistent spacing between each seed, giving your drawing a realistic touch.

4. Color the Interior.

Watermelon Drawing Easy

Now comes the fun part – coloring! Use a vivid red color to fill in the interior of the watermelon. This will give your drawing that juicy and refreshing look that a real watermelon has.

5. Color the Eyes, Mouth, and Seeds.

Watermelon Drawing Easy

Enhance your drawing by adding color to the eyes and mouth. Blacken the eyes for a striking effect, whiten the eyeballs for contrast, and give depth to the mouth using a black marker pen. Don’t forget to color each watermelon seed in black, bringing out its distinct texture.

6. Paint the Exterior and Add a Heart Symbol.

Watermelon Drawing Easy

Switch to a bright green color to paint the outer part of the watermelon, capturing its signature appearance. As a final touch, incorporate a heart symbol in red color for a cute and playful element. Use a black marker pen to emphasize lines and give your drawing a polished look.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a captivating watermelon drawing using our easy tutorial. Whether you’re drawing for fun or learning new artistic skills, this tutorial proves that anyone can create an impressive piece of art. Feel free to explore more drawing ideas on our website and stay updated with our upcoming creations by bookmarking our site and subscribing to our YouTube channel, “Draw With Pappu.”

Watermelon Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on watermelon drawing. This video tutorial is very helpful for beginners. In this watermelon drawing video tutorial, we explain every step of the watermelon drawing slowly. So follow our video tutorial and draw a watermelon. Also don’t forget to send your drawing😊.

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