What is the Survey? Ways to Earn By Doing Surveys

What’s a Survey? It’s a way to make money online by doing simple tasks.

Imagine making money just by answering questions from home. Cool, right?

Lots of people make money online. Some do freelancing, but now many are joining survey sites. Some have even turned it into a full-time job!

Are you a student or someone without a job right now? Then, surveys might be a good fit for you. If you do it well, it could be a great way to earn.

Hey there! Welcome to our drawwithpappu.com guide on making money with surveys. I’ll share everything you need to know.

If you’re interested in joining the survey world, keep reading. We’ll also explore some popular survey sites out there.

What is Survey?

A survey is just asking people questions about different things.

What is the Survey? Ways to Earn By Doing Surveys

In a survey, you’ll get questions and you need to answer them.

You might wonder, “Who’s asking these questions?” Big companies do! They want to know if people like their products.

They also want to find out who is using their stuff and how old these users are. Cool, right?

Who Can Do the Survey?

Yes! If you really want to, anyone can take surveys. But there are a few things that can help you do them better.

What is the Survey? Ways to Earn By Doing Surveys

You don’t need to be super educated, but knowing some English helps because most survey questions are in English.

Tip – If English isn’t your strong point, use Google Translate. It can help you understand questions in any language.

Note – Surveys are mainly for people in the USA. So, sometimes you might see surveys looking for answers from people with USA names.

Another thing – You should be okay with spending time on the computer. The more time you spend, the more you can earn.

If you’re just doing surveys as a side thing, cool! But if you want to make it your main job, plan on spending 6-8 hours a day.

So, if you have the patience and a bit of English knowledge, you’re good to go for surveys. And if you want to learn how to make money from surveys, make sure to read the whole article. It’ll help a lot.

What is Needed for the Survey?

The most important thing you need is a computer or laptop. Being quick helps too because the faster you answer, the more you can earn.

Here’s what you’ll need for surveys

  • Residential IP or VPS – They can cost from Rs.1000 to Rs.3000+.
  • A computer, laptop, or mobile with internet.
  • A verified bank account from the USA and a debit card.
  • A USA phone number for account checks.
  • Knowing English is a big plus!

With these things, you’re set to start taking surveys. It’s easier on a computer because you can see everything better and click faster.

You might wonder, “Can I do surveys on my phone?” Yes, you can! But surveys sometimes use tools that might not be as easy on a phone. It’s not impossible, just a bit trickier.

How Much Money Can Be Earned By Survey?

Want to know how much you can make online? Especially from surveys? Let’s get to it. After all, we’re all here to make money, aren’t we?

I have two friends who take surveys. From what they’ve told me, if you can spend 6 to 8 hours a day, you can make as much as you would from a regular job.

How much you earn depends on how many hours you put in. If you’re a student, you can do surveys part-time and make some extra pocket money.

But if you make it a full-time thing, you could earn 10-15 thousand rupees a month!

Sounds like good pocket money, right? Or do you want more? Let us know in the comments.

How to Start the Survey?

So far, we’ve talked about what surveys are, what you need for them, and how much you can earn. I hope you’re clear on all that.

Now, let’s dive into “How to get started with surveys.” Ready? Let’s go!

First, you need a Virtual IP to take surveys. Sadly, survey jobs aren’t directly available.

But don’t worry! you can still take surveys. You just need to get an IP. [This is super important!]

You might be wondering, “What’s an IP?” Let’s discuss that next.

What is IP? What is the Function of IP?

Every device using the internet has its own unique IP address. This IP address shows where you’re using the internet from.

Surveys can’t be taken directly, so you need to “trick” the system by changing your IP address. That’s where a Virtual IP (or VPN) comes in.

To get a Virtual IP, you’ll need to spend between 1000-3000 rupees. Many companies sell good Virtual IPs. Some might charge 1000 rupees, while others might ask for up to 3500 rupees. Which one you choose depends on what you need and want to spend.

How to Earn from Surveys?

Alright, you’ve learned a lot about surveys. You know what they are and why they’re done. Now, let’s get to the fun part – making money!

To earn from surveys, you first need to find the right websites where these surveys are available.

But be careful! While there are many survey websites out there, not all of them are good. Some might waste your time and not pay you.

But don’t worry too much. I’ll share some popular and trustworthy survey websites with you. With these, you won’t have to worry about not getting paid.

Which Website Can Be Surveyed?

As I mentioned before, there are loads of survey websites out there. I’ve picked some of the best and most trusted ones for you.

The cool thing? On many of these sites, you can take as many surveys as you want. No limits!

A quick tip – It’s better to take surveys at night because of the time difference with America. If these sites figure out you’re not from the USA, they might block your account. So, let’s dive into some of these awesome survey websites.


Swagbucks is, in my view, one of the top survey sites out there. For every survey you take, you can earn anywhere from 0.50$ to 5.00$.

Each survey can take between 10 to 60 minutes of your time.

What’s super cool? You don’t need to earn a lot before you can get your money. Just make at least 5$ and you can cash out.

And guess what? They’ll send you your money in about 24-48 hours. That’s pretty fast!

But, there’s a catch. Swagbucks is mainly for people in Canada, Australia, UK, France, and Germany. you’ll need to use an IP from one of these countries to work on Swagbucks. Once you do that, you’re good to start earning.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another cool survey site. Guess what? When you sign up, they give you a 5$ bonus. That means just by creating an account, you get free money!

Apart from surveys, you can also make money by telling your friends about the site. If your friends sign up and earn money, Inbox Dollars gives you an extra 30% of what they earn. That’s a win-win!

Once you earn 10$, you can take out your money. And for each survey, you can earn between 0.5$ to 5.00$.

Note – You need to be 18 or older to use Inbox Dollars. And, it’s best for people in the US, Canada, and UK. If you’re not from these countries, remember to use the right IP address.

My Points

My Points

My Points is another popular survey site that many people use to earn money.

Here’s how it works – Instead of getting money directly, you earn points for each survey. Once you collect 100 points, you get 1$.

Each survey can take you between 5 to 30 minutes. And the cool part? You can earn between 0.50$ to 3.00$ for every survey you take.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a top site where you can earn a lot from surveys. They pay well for each one!

If you want to earn even more, there’s a paid membership. But don’t worry! Even with a free membership, you can still make money. Just know that with the free version, there might be fewer surveys for you.

Each survey can take around 20 to 30 minutes. Oh, and there’s no sign-up bonus here, just so you know.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

If you’re new to the world of surveys, Survey Junkie is a great place to start. It’s beginner-friendly and you can start earning easily.

Right when you sign up, you get a bonus of 0.25$. Plus, for each survey, you can earn anywhere from 0.25$ and up. Remember, you need to be 18 or older to join. You can take surveys on both mobile and computer.

I’ve used this site for a few months, and there’s something cool I noticed. If you start a survey and can’t finish it for some reason, they still give you a little money. That’s a nice touch.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

Almost everyone who’s done surveys has heard of Branded Surveys. It’s a pretty popular site.

On this site, you can work for about 20 to 300 minutes each month and earn between 2$-3$. But here’s the thing – you earn points first, not direct cash. Every 100 points you earn equals 1$. To take out your money, you need at least 10$ (or 1000 points) in your account.

I’ve found these survey sites reliable after looking around online. But there are other good survey sites too. If you’re interested, there’s a list of more survey sites below.

Best Survey Website List

There are tons of survey websites on the internet. But be careful! Not all of them are good, and some might not pay you even after you work.

Besides the sites I’ve already mentioned, here are some other popular and trusted survey sites

  • Toluna
  • PrizeRebel
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Vindale Research
  • OneOpinion
  • RewardSurvey
  • Harris Poll
  • E-Poll
  • MySurvey
  • ClixSense
  • Valued Opinions
  • LifePoints
  • Surveytime
  • American Consumer Opinion

But here’s a tip – Don’t just join a site because someone said it’s good. Always check online reviews for any survey site before starting. That way, you won’t waste your time on bad sites.

Ways to Earn More from Surveys

What is the Survey? Ways to Earn By Doing Surveys

You know by now that surveys can help you earn money. But there are some tricks to make even more!

Every job has some techniques to earn more, and surveys are no different. If you want to make a good amount, say 20$-25$ by spending 6-8 hours each day, follow these tips

  • Referrals – Most survey sites offer a referral bonus. If someone signs up using your link, you earn extra. So if you have friends or a group, tell them about surveys. If they join, you benefit!
  • Diversify – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead of just one site, try using three or four different survey sites. If you have 8 hours, spend about 2 hours on each site.

Remember, the more time you put in, the more you can earn. So think about how much time you can give before diving in.

How to Take Surveys from Restricted Countries

Many of the survey sites I mentioned cater mainly to people in larger countries like the US, UK, or Canada. You might be thinking, How can someone from a restricted country participate in these surveys?

The solution – Even if you’re in a restricted country, you can appear as if you’re accessing from the US or another accepted country. How? By using a unique internet address known as an IP.

You’ll need to purchase an IP that gives the impression you’re in one of these major countries. It’s crucial to get a top-quality IP so that the survey sites can’t detect your actual location.

Several companies offer these premium IPs at fair prices. Costs can vary, with some charging Rs 1000 per month, while others might ask for Rs.3000 a month.

You might wonder, “Can’t I just use a VPN?” However, it’s not that straightforward. Survey sites can often detect VPN usage. Since VPNs can frequently change their IP addresses, it’s easy for survey platforms to spot this. Hence, buying a consistent IP is a safer bet.

How to Take Payment from Survey?

After you earn money from surveys, you’ll want to get that cash, right? Each survey site has its own way of paying you.

Before starting on a site, find out how they’ll send you your money.

Many survey sites pay through PayPal. Some use MasterCard. But don’t worry if you don’t have these. There are other ways to get paid, like Bank Transfer, Gift Cards, or Coinbase. Just pick what works best for you.

Challenges of Taking Surveys from Certain Countries

Taking surveys is generally straightforward, but if you’re from specific regions, you might face some challenges. Let’s dive into these problems and figure out solutions.

  • Getting Your Money – One main challenge is withdrawing the money you’ve earned. Several survey sites pay via PayPal or MasterCard. However, in some regions, PayPal might not be available, and not all have a MasterCard. This situation can be a bit complicated. But there’s hope! Some local services can help you access your funds, although they may take a small fee.
  • Account Bans – There are times when, after putting in lots of effort, your account might suddenly get blocked right when you’re about to withdraw your earnings. This experience can be really disappointing since you end up losing both your time and potential money. Various reasons could lead to these bans, which I plan to discuss in an upcoming article.

Being aware of these potential challenges and preparing for them is crucial if you’re considering taking surveys.

Hopefully, you now understand a lot about surveys. To sum it up, you can make good money and even have a career with surveys. Just use the right strategies, and you can earn a lot.

Keep visiting our drawwithpappu.com for more tips on making money online. And hey, if something’s confusing, just drop a comment, and we’ll help out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a survey?

A survey is a method of making money online by answering questions about various topics. Companies use surveys to gather information about their products and understand their audience better.

Who conducts surveys?

Big companies conduct surveys to gather feedback on their products, understand consumer preferences, and learn more about their target audience.

Who can participate in surveys?

Anyone can participate in surveys, but some basic requirements include having a computer or laptop with internet access, knowing English (as many surveys are in English), and being comfortable spending time on the computer.

What is needed to participate in surveys?

To participate in surveys, you’ll need a computer or laptop with internet access, a Residential IP or Virtual Private Server (VPS), a verified bank account from the USA, a debit card, and a USA phone number for account checks.

How much money can be earned through surveys?

The amount you can earn from surveys depends on the time you invest. By spending 6 to 8 hours a day, you could potentially earn as much as you would from a regular job. Earnings can range from extra pocket money for part-time participants to 10,000-15,000 rupees per month for full-time participants.

How to start taking surveys?

To start taking surveys, you need a Virtual IP to access survey sites. This is obtained by changing your IP address. You can use tools like Virtual IPs or VPNs to access survey opportunities.

Which websites offer surveys?

Some popular and trustworthy survey websites include Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, My Points, Pinecone Research, Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, Toluna, PrizeRebel, Opinion Outpost, Vindale Research, and more.

How can someone from a restricted country participate in surveys?

Residents from restricted countries can participate in surveys by using a Virtual IP or VPN to make it appear as if they are accessing the surveys from an accepted country.

How are payments made for survey participation?

Survey sites have various payment methods, including PayPal, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Gift Cards, or Coinbase. The payment method depends on the survey site, so it’s essential to check before starting.

What challenges might be faced by participants from certain countries?

Participants from specific regions may face challenges in withdrawing earnings due to limited payment options. Account bans could also occur, and participants should be aware of potential issues and seek solutions.

How to earn more from surveys?

Participants can earn more by referring friends to survey sites, diversifying and using multiple survey sites, and investing more time, aiming for higher earnings.

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