Ways to Earn from Facebook Instant Articles

Hey friends! Facebook has a cool new feature called ‘Instant Articles’. If you have a blog or website and also a Facebook page, you can make a lot of money with it.

Welcome to today’s drawwithpappu.com blog post. I’ll talk all about how this ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ works.

Lots of us spend time looking through Facebook. But did you know some people are making lots of money from it? Especially with ‘Instant Articles’. Even big companies like Prothom Alo and Samam TV are using it. Let’s dive in.

How Does Facebook’s Fast-Click News Work?

Ways to Earn from Facebook Instant Articles

Ever clicked on a news link on Facebook and waited forever for it to load? Not anymore! Facebook’s ‘Instant Articles’ makes things super fast. It’s like magic – you tap on a story, and it pops up right away, no waiting!

Before, when you clicked on a news story, it would take you out of Facebook and into a new browser window. Now, with ‘Instant Articles’, everything loads super quick right inside Facebook.

This is great for us users because we don’t have to use extra data or wait for slow-loading pages. Big news websites love it too because they can reach us faster. And advertisers? They can show us their stuff more easily. That’s why Facebook made this awesome feature.

When Did Facebook’s Fast-Click News Start?

In early 2015, Mark Zuckerberg asked big news companies like the New York Times and BBC if they wanted to use a new speedy article feature on Facebook. This new thing was called ‘Instant Articles’.

By April 22, 2016, Facebook said, “Hey, now everyone can use ‘Instant Articles’!” But remember, only if you’re on a mobile phone.

Not just the big news companies, but even people with their own blogs or websites (like maybe you or your friend) can use this quick-loading feature now.

How to Spot Fast-Loading Facebook News

Ever clicked a link on Facebook and it loaded super quick? It’s like you’re not even waiting for the internet!

So, how do you know if a link will load this fast? Look for a lightning bolt icon on the right side of a shared link. That little bolt means it’s an ‘Instant Article’.

With these special links, you can see big clear pictures really fast and even play videos without any hiccups or stops.

Pros and Cons of Fast-Loading Facebook News

Facebook made ‘Instant Articles’ so we’d spend more time on their site and news websites would like them more. But while it’s cool for us users, people who put out news might see both good and not-so-good sides to it.

Let’s check out the good and bad parts of these fast-loading articles.

Good Things About Fast-Click Facebook News

Using ‘Instant Articles’ on Facebook is pretty great. Here’s why

  • Articles pop up super quick.
  • Moving between articles is smooth and fast.
  • It doesn’t mess up your website’s popularity.
  • You can get more visitors from Facebook.
  • Your links are much speedier, like 10 times!
  • And the best part? More visitors can mean more ad money for you.

The Not-So-Good Things About Fast-Click Facebook News

While ‘Instant Articles’ has cool things, there are some downsides too

  • Even though these articles load faster, they might mess up some parts of your website. Like, some of your website’s special tools might not work.
  • Fewer people might visit your site on their own, because they’re just seeing it on Facebook.
  • Before, you might have tried to get visitors from places like Google. But now, it’s mostly from Facebook.
  • Like all things, ‘Instant Articles’ has its good and bad sides. So, think about everything before you jump in!

How to Use Fast-Click Facebook News?

Ways to Earn from Facebook Instant Articles

Want to add your website to ‘Instant Articles’? It’s simple! Let’s dive into the steps.

  1. Open your internet browser. Then, type in ‘https://instantarticles.fb.com’. This will take you straight to the official Fast-Click Facebook News page.
  2. Next, click on ‘Sign Up’. It’ll then ask you which page you want to share the fast-loading articles from. Pick the right one!
  3. Pick the page where you want to use this fast news feature. Then, you’ll see a box for Facebook’s rules. Make sure to check that box before moving on.
  4. Once you’re done with the previous steps, go back to your Facebook page. Look for ‘Publishing Tools’ and click on it.
  5. Inside ‘Publishing Tools’, there’s a ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ option on the bottom left. Click on that to keep going.
  6. Next, you’ll spot an option labeled ‘Configure’. Click on it. Then, hit the ‘Authorize Your Site’ button.
  7. Once you click that, scroll down a bit. There’s a box where you need to type in your website’s link.
  8. If you use WordPress for your site and want to add it to ‘Instant Articles’, install an add-on called “Facebook instant article”. Then, put your website’s link in that add-on.
  9. If your site is built with HTML, it’s simple. Just enter your website’s link and claim it.

Having trouble claiming? Ask your website developer to help out.

Once you’ve followed all the steps right, every article on your website will automatically become a fast-loading ‘Instant Article’ on Facebook.

How Long Does the Review Take?

Wondering how long Facebook takes to check out your website for ‘Instant Articles’? Well, it varies.

Normally, it’s about 2-3 days. But sometimes, it can stretch to a week or a bit more.

Now, a heads up – if Facebook says no, don’t rush and try again. First, figure out what went wrong with your website. Add some fresh articles, fix any issues, and then give it another go.

How Can You Make Money with Fast-Click Facebook News?

Sure, ‘Instant Articles’ can help you earn money, but you need a couple of things first –

  • A Facebook page
  • A website

But just having these two isn’t enough. Just because you have a Facebook page and website doesn’t mean the money starts rolling in.

To make money from ‘Instant Articles’, you’ve got to follow some of Facebook’s rules. There are special things your website needs. Let’s talk about those next.

Your Facebook Page and Fast-Click News

So you know you need a Facebook page to use ‘Instant Articles’. But can any new Facebook page get approved? Not so much anymore.

Years ago, it was easier. But now, it seems harder for new pages. How old should your page be? Facebook hasn’t said exactly, but older pages might have a better shot.

Also, it helps if your page has lots of followers. Not that you can’t get approved with fewer followers, but more is better.

Why? Even if your website is popular, once you use ‘Instant Articles’, you might see fewer direct visitors. So, having a popular Facebook page can help get more people to your site.

The bottom line? The more followers on your Facebook page, the more visits to your site, and possibly more money for you.

Your Website and Fast-Click News

Earlier, I mentioned you need a website to use ‘Instant Articles’. But can any website work? Nope!

Your site must follow Facebook’s rules. If it doesn’t, getting approved can be tough. But if your website sticks to all Facebook’s guidelines, you’ll likely get a thumbs-up faster.

One big rule? Unique articles. Whether you’re trying to use Google Adsense or ‘Instant Articles’, everyone wants fresh content. Facebook says you should have at least 10-12 original pieces on your site. They’ll actually check them out when you apply!

Also, keep it clean! If your articles are about adult themes or are too violent, you won’t get approved.

What Rules Do You Need to Follow for Fast-Click News?

If you want to use Facebook’s ‘Instant Articles’, there are some rules. You can check them out by clicking here.

But, they’re in English, and not everyone might get it. So, I’ll break them down for you.

There are two main sets of rules

  • Rules about your content
  • Rules about your Facebook page

If you want in on ‘Instant Articles’, you gotta play by these rules. Let’s dive deeper into them.

Rules for What You Post

Facebook has certain rules about the stuff you put on your website. Here are some key points

  • Your articles must be original.
  • You should be in charge of your website.
  • Fix any website issues, like broken links or filler content.
  • Brand-new websites might not get approved.
  • If a lot of your website is locked or unreadable, that’s a problem.
  • Don’t post things that aren’t okay, like illegal stuff, false information, dangerous tips, or stuff about weapons or gambling.

Rules for Your Facebook Page

Ways to Earn from Facebook Instant Articles

Want to use ‘Instant Articles’ with your Facebook page? Make sure your page follows these rules

  • You must fully control the page you want to use.
  • Connect your website to that Facebook page. Simply add your website link in the ‘about’ section.
  • Share your website’s articles on your Facebook page.
  • Your Facebook page should be a bit older. New pages might not get approved.

These are the main rules, but there are a few more. You can find all the details in the link I shared earlier.

How Much Can You Earn with Fast-Click News?

Wondering about the cash? Let’s talk about how you can earn from Facebook ‘Instant Articles’.

Mainly, you’ll make money from ads. Advertisers pay Facebook, and then Facebook shares some of that with you, the person putting up content.

So how much will you get? Facebook typically gives between $1.5 to $4 for every 1000 views (that’s CPM). But the exact amount varies based on where your visitors are from.

If you’re targeting people from countries like the US or UK, you could earn up to $100 a day!

But even if your audience is mostly, you can still earn well. You’ll just need a lot of visitors. Some publishers, like the online news site ‘Pratham Alo’, make loads of money. It’s quite impressive.

How Do You Get Your Money from Fast-Click News?

Okay, let’s talk about getting your cash. Once you make money from Facebook ‘Instant Articles’, how do you actually get it?

After you’ve followed all of Facebook’s rules and made some money, you can transfer it to your bank account. Make sure you have one! If not, open a new account. But ask the bank first if they’re okay with Facebook payments. Some banks can be tricky and might hold onto your money.

Once you’ve given Facebook your bank details and you’ve earned at least $100, you can cash out.

Are Google Adsense and Fast-Click News the Same?

If you’re using Google Adsense, you might wonder if it’s the same as Facebook’s ‘Instant Articles’. Well, it’s both yes and no.

How are they similar? Both platforms show ads and share the money with people who create content. Both let you cash out when you’ve earned $100. And both aim to give visitors a great experience while supporting content creators.

But what makes them different?

With ‘Instant Articles’, you need to share your articles on your Facebook page. People who click on those Facebook links get a fast-loading experience.

Google Adsense, on the other hand, likes it when people find your content naturally through searches, not just clicks from shared links.

So, while they have some things in common, they work in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook Instant Articles is a feature that allows publishers to create fast-loading articles directly on Facebook, enhancing the user experience by eliminating slow load times.

How does Facebook Instant Articles work?

When users click on an Instant Article link, the content loads instantly within Facebook, avoiding the need to open a new browser window. This benefits users, publishers, and advertisers by providing a seamless and quick experience.

When did Facebook Instant Articles start?

Facebook introduced Instant Articles in early 2015 to selected big news companies and expanded its availability to everyone on mobile phones by April 22, 2016.

How can you identify Instant Articles?

Look for a lightning bolt icon on the right side of a shared link. This icon indicates that the link is an Instant Article, promising fast-loading content.

What are the advantages of Fast-Click Facebook News?

Fast-loading articles offer several benefits, including quick loading times, smooth transitions between articles, increased website traffic from Facebook, and the potential for higher ad revenue.

Are there any disadvantages to using Instant Articles?

While Instant Articles offer speed, they may interfere with certain website features, potentially reducing direct visits to your site. Additionally, reliance on Facebook for traffic may shift focus away from other platforms.

How can I use Fast-Click Facebook News for my website?

Follow these steps: Sign up on the official Instant Articles page, select the relevant Facebook page, agree to Facebook’s rules, access ‘Publishing Tools’ on your Facebook page, and configure Instant Articles to make your articles load faster.

How long does the review process take for Instant Articles?

The review process typically takes 2-3 days, but it can extend to a week or more. If rejected, address the issues, add fresh content, and reapply.

What do I need to earn money from Facebook Instant Articles?

To monetize Instant Articles, you need a Facebook page, a website adhering to Facebook’s guidelines, and compliance with specific rules.

What rules must my website follow for Fast-Click News?

Your articles must be original, you should control your website, address any website issues, and avoid posting illegal or inappropriate content. Additionally, new websites may face challenges in getting approved.

Wrapping Up on Fast-Click Facebook News

Now you know what ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ is and how you can make money with it. If you’re new or thinking about trying it out, go for it! Just make sure you play by Facebook’s rules.

Big companies around the world are using it, so why not you? If you have questions or get stuck, just leave a comment below.

I’ll do my best to help out. Catch you in the next post! And until then, happy Facebooking and stay healthy.

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