Beagle Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw Beagle Face

First of all, we will draw the face of the Beagle. On the face, there are an eye and an ear. Make the face like a dog.

2. Draw the Nose

After that draw the nose like the below picture. And also make the line of the neck big.

3. Draw the upper body of the Beagle Drawing

Now just draw the back leg from the neck. Make sure the leg has three feet. These minor details can make your drawing attractive.

4. Draw Lower Body

In this step, we will draw the lower body, which has two legs. Connect the lower body with the face.

5. Make Detail in the Beagle Drawing

Now we will add some details to the drawing. First, draw a curved line from the beagle’s face to the front leg. Then draw another curved line on the upper body like the below picture.

6. Draw the Background

Our drawing is almost complete. Now we need to add the background bushes, sun, and clouds. Just draw them like the below pictures.

7. Fill Yellow color in the Body

Take Yellow color and fill it in the body like the below pattern.

8. Fill Black color in the Body

Take the black color and fill it in the nose, eye, and upper body like the below picture.

9. Color the Grass

Take light green color and make the grass in the floor.

10. Color The Bushes

Take Green color and fill the bushes with it.

11. Color the Sky and Sun

After that fill light blue color in the clouds. Also, take light yellow color and fill it in the sun.

12. Finalize the Beagle Drawing

We have almost completed the drawing. Here in this step, we just need to take the marker and make outlines.

The Beagle Drawing has almost completed.