Bean Drawing By 9 Easy Steps

Bean Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the pedicel.

First, take the drawing paper. Draw margins evenly around the drawing paper. Then draw the pedicel very nicely. Draw the pedicel in three parts.

2. Draw bottom part of the valve.

To draw in the bottom valve, draw a curved line very nicely down from the pedicle. Draw the curved line big, not too small.

3. Draw upper part of the valve.

Draw the curved line of the upper valve, slightly above the lower valve. Add two valves to the end part. Then draw a fine curved line between the two valves.

4. Draw seeds.

Now draw the many seeds in a row between the two valves. Draw the seeds one by one. Bean seeds are very tasty to eat. These seeds we cook and eat.

5. Draw seeds on the outside of the bean.

Draw two or three seeds on the outside of the bean. Few seeds lie on the outside of the bean. After the beans ripen, the seeds fall to the ground.

6. Color valve.

We will do green color on both the upper and bottom valves of the bean. Give the green color very nicely on the valve. While coloring, make sure that the color does not go beyond the outline.

7. Color pedicel.

We will give a very dark green color on the pedicel. Much darker than the valve. Make sure that the color of the pedicel does not go anywhere else.

8. Color seeds.

We will give dark yellow color to the bean seeds. And give dark yellow color over the seeds lying in the lower part.

9. Highlight Bean’s picture.

Finally, with the help of a black marker pen, we will highlight the whole picture of the bean very nicely. Hope you have done drawing and coloring of beans very easily. Now highlight the picture of beans. After highlighting, our drawing is completed.

Bean Drawing By 9 Easy Steps Is Now Complete