Beautiful Sunset Scenery Drawing with Watercolor for Beginners

Scenery Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Watercolors. – Tissue paper

1. Put masking tape and paint half of the paper.

First, we will take the white paper. In place of the margins around the white paper, we will put masking tape. We will color half part of it red watercolor on white paper.

2. Paint black watercolor over red watercolor.

Give the dark black watercolor on top of the red watercolor. Use black watercolor, and light amounts on the right and left sides of the paper. This black watercolor is the clouds.

3. Paint the bottom half of the paper and make the cloud shape.

At the bottom of the rest of the paper, we will color dark black watercolor. And create the cloud shape with black watercolor in the middle of the paper. These black clouds are flying in the sky.

4. Make some stars.

At the top of the paper, We will paint the star in the sky. We will color the star by making the dot with white color. Create innumerable dots, because there are innumerable stars in the sky, for that.

5. Make the shape of the sun.

Take another white paper just like drawing paper. Place it on the drawing paper. Then will make a circle with a compass cut in the middle of the paper and cut off the part of the circle.

6. Color the sun.

To draw the sun, We will paint the mixed white on the light black color in the cut circle part. Make sure the color doesn’t go out of the circle.

7. Pick up the paper.

Now, we will pick up the paper placed on the drawing paper. The setting sun is very calm in nature. When the sun is cool at the sunset, give the white color to the cool sun.

8. Paint red watercolor over the sun.

Now paint the red watercolor over the sun. These red watercolors are the rays of the sun. The sun looks red because of the sun’s rays.

9. Paint the tree.

We will paint a tree in the middle just in front of the sun. Paint the tree with a black marker pen. The tree has numerous stalks, but no leaves, because it is a dry tree.

Sunset scenery drawing  is complete.