Beautiful Village Scenery Drawing Tutorial – Oil Pastel Drawing

1. Draw the house.

First, We will take the white paper. Draw the margins leaving half an inch to draw the margins evenly around the white paper. Draw the house on the left side of the paper.

2. Draw another house on the left.

This house will be associated with margin spots. And draw the house beside the first house. Draw a window, a door, and a roof of this house.

3. Draw a house between two houses.

Draw a house in the upper part just between the two houses. To draw a house on the right side. Draw the same to see each house.

4. Now draw tree trunks and roads beside the house.

On the left, draw a tree trunk next to the house. On the right, draw lots of tree trunks. And draw the road with the help of the curve in the middle of the paper.

5. Draw the fence beside the road.

Draw a fence on the right side of the road. The fence is interrupted by poles below the fence, and two tall bamboos above.

6. Paint the roof of the house.

We will use orange color to paint the roof of the house. We will give a light orange color to the lower part of the house roof and more orange color to the upper part.

7. Paint the left side land.

Paint the bottom of each house brown. We will paint the side of the road yellow color. Give a light yellow color.

8. Color the trunk of the tree.

Paint the tree trunks brown color. On the trunk of the tree, We will paint a little more brown on one side, and light yellow on the other side.

9. Paint the leaves of the tree.

First We will give pink color to the leaves of the tree and then slowly give it yellow. Paint the leaves of the tree very slowly and beautifully.

10. Paint the grass on the right side.

There is a small garden on the right. There is plenty of grass in the garden. Give the grass green color. Use dark green color on the grass.

11. Paint the road.

Color the road orange. Then we will color the fence dark brown. Use brown color on fence poles and bamboo. Look, our Beautiful Spring Season Drawing is almost complete.

12. Color the windows and doors of the house and highlight the border.

We will color the windows and doors of every house black. Now, the drawing and coloring of the “beautiful scenery village” are complete. Generally, a Beautiful Spring Season Drawing can be seen in the village itself.

Beautiful Village Scenery Drawing is complete.