Ben 10 Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the Hair and Eyes of Ben 10 Character

We will start drawing the Ben 10 character from the top part. Make the hair of Ben 10 very nicely with eyes.

2. Complete the Ben 10 Face Drawing

After that, we will complete the face by drawing Ben 10’s nose and mouth like the above picture.

3. Start Drawing the Shirt or Body

Now we have the last step to complete the Ben 10 Sketch. Draw the T-Shirt with the 10 Logo.

4. Give Brown Color to the Hair

From this step, we will start filling color in the Ben 10 Drawing. First of all, take Brown color and fill it in the hair like in the above picture. Now take the yellow color and fill it in the rest of the hair.

5. Shade the Face with Ivory or Sand color

You can use Ivory or sand in any of these colors to make shade on the face. Just take one of the colors and start shading from the left side of the face with it.

6. Now we will use the Black and Light Green Color

First of all, take black color and make the eye brows and eyes. After that, take light green color and fill it in the t-shirt like the above picture.

7. Fill the T-Shirt with Dark Green Color and Black

Now take the Dark Green color and fill it in the rest of the t-shirt on the left side. And then take black color and fill it in the innerwear. Our Ben 10 Drawing is complete but if we do 1 more step then it will be awesome.

8. Outline with a Black Marker

In this final step take a black marker and start outlining the edges or lines. Also, fill the black in the round of the Ben 10 logo in the t-shirt like in the above picture.

Ben 10 Drawing is almost complete.