Bird Drawing in 9 Easy Steps

Bird Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw beak.

First, take drawing paper. Draw the margin evenly around the drawing paper. We will draw the beak of the bird in a very beautiful way with the help of three lines. Connect the three lines to the ends of the middle line. Then to draw the nose above the beak, draw like a semicircle.

2. Draw shape of the head and the eyes.

Shape the head with a curved line from the nose to the back. Then draw round eyes and draw small round eyeballs inside the eyes.

3. Draw wing.

Now draw the wings of the bird very nicely. Make rows of feathers with curved lines on the wing. Show Less

4. Draw neck, leg, and tail.

Now draw the neck of the bird with two lines. Then make the tail of the bird very nicely on the backside. Draw the two legs with two lines on the lower part of the body. To draw the lower part of the bird body, draw a downward curved line from the neck to the tail.

5. Color head and tail.

Use a dark purple color on the bird’s head. Give dark purple color to the bird’s tail as well.

6. Color lower part of the body and the top and middle of the wings.

Use a very light ash color on the wings top and in the middle. Similarly use ash color for the lower part of the body.

7. Color neck of the bird and the row of the other two wings.

Do color the bird’s neck very light blue. paint dark blue on both wing rows. Make sure that the blue color does not go beyond the outline.

8. Color the nose and beak.

We will color the beak of the bird orange. Make dark yellow color on the nose.

9. Color the eyes and legs and highlight the picture.

We will give dark black color to the eyeballs of the bird and white color around the eyes. Color the legs with the help of a black marker pen, and highlight the bird’s whole body very nicely. Now our drawing is completed. Hope you have made it with us

Bird Drawing is now complete