Bird Scenery Sketch Drawing In 7 Steps

Requirement Materials For Bird Scenery

– White paper. – Pencil. – Pencil sharpener. – Eraser. – Tissue paper.

Step 1: Draw a Circle

Firstly draw a circle with a pencil. You can use any method to draw the circle. Like you can use campus or any round thing to make this circle.

Step 2: Draw a Wall

Now from the half of the circle start drawing straight lines with an equal area to the bottom. This is the brick of the wall. Also, draw another small circle at the top-right corner of the circle. It is the moon.

Step 3: Draw Two Birds and the Moon

This will look like a wall of brick. After completing the wall just draw two simple small birds looking at each other. Look at the below picture for better figure clarity of birds.

Step 4: Shade the Wall and Moon

Now start shading with a pencil from the edges of the brick. Keep edges in deep shade and middle in light shade.

Step 5: Draw the Tree

We will add a tree to make this sketch more interesting. Draw a tree with a pencil like the below picture. Slowly draw the leaves of the tree. This will make this sketch awesome.

Step 6: Finalize Bird Scenery Sketch

It’s time to double-check the sketch. if you find any error then fix it. And also try to do the final touch. Like you can give shade or outline at the end.