Boat Drawing Easy In 6 Steps

Boat Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Make the shape of the boat.

First, take drawing paper. Draw the margin evenly around the drawing paper. To draw the boat, draw two straight lines. And at the two ends of the straight lines draw the diagonal lines down.

2. Draw the mast.

To draw the mast, in the middle of the boat, draw two straight lines up from the boat. Make water with curved lines on the bottom of the boat.

3. Draw the sail.

We will draw two sails on the right and left sides of the mast. Make the sails triangular in shape.

4. Color the boat.

We will paint the lower part of the boat orange and the upper part blue. You can color as you like.

5. Color the mast, sails, and water.

We will color yellow on the right side of the boat sail and red color on the left side. To color the water, use blue color. And make the mast of the boat brown.

6. Highlight the picture of the boat.

Now, we’ll highlight the picture of the boat, bolding each line with a black marker pen. Now the drawing of our boat is finished, hopefully, you have done the drawing very easily.