Boat Drawing for Kids Easiest Step by Step Tutorial

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

Step 1 : Draw a picture of the boat’s head.

First, we will take the white paper. Draw the margins leaving half an inch to draw the margins evenly around the white paper.

Step 2 : Draw a boat on the water.

We draw the bow of the boat with help of two downside lines. Draw a picture of rippling water with the help of curves.

Step 3 :Make the flag on the boat.

On the top of the boat, draw a long rod along the upper side. Then draw the flag at the top of the long rod.

Step 4 : Draw sails on the head of the boat.

Draw two sails of the boat on either side of the rod. To draw the triangular sail on the left with the curved line and the triangular sail on the right with the straight line.

Step 5 : Paint the sails on the left side.

First, paint the left sail of the boat. Give the boat sail an orange color. Then, make sure that the color does not go out of the sail.

Step 6 : Paint the sails on the right side of the boat.

Use blue color to color the sails on the right side of the boat. We will give two different colors in two sails.

Step 7 : Paint the boat head, the rod, and the flag.

Paint the rod brown in color. Then give the same brown color to the flag. We will paint the head of the boat sky color.

Step 8 : Paint the boat.

We will give beautiful color to the boat. This beautiful color is pink.

Step 9 : Give the color to the water.

To paint water, we will use sky color here. Give a very light amount of sky color in the water.

Step 10 : Highlight the picture of the boat.

We will highlight the picture of the boat with the help of a black marker pen. Highlight the surroundings of the boat in a very beautiful way.

Boat drawing is complete.

Boat Drawing Easy