Carrot Drawing in 6 Easy Steps 

Carrot Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw shape of the carrot.

First, take the drawing paper, and draw the margin all around. Then we will make the carrot shape with the help of two lines. Drag two lines from top to bottom and join the two lines below.

2. Draw petiole.

Now draw the petiole on the carrot using curved lines. Draw the petiole very nicely. The upper part of the soil is the petiole and the lower part contains the carrot.

3. Draw grooves and midrib veins on the carrot.

Make the groove by drawing the small lines on the carrot. Draw a straight line between the petioles and draw small lines on both sides along the diagonal of the straight line.

4. Color the carrot.

Do the orange color to the carrot. Do the orange color very nicely. Make sure that the orange color does not go beyond the outline.

5. Color the Petiole.

To color the petiole, use green color. Give the green color very well on the petiole. It is by this green part that we lift the carrot from the ground.

6. Highlight the carrot picture.

We will highlight the picture of the carrot very nicely with the help of a black marker pen. Especially highlight the grooves and midribs of the carrot. Now our drawing is completed. Hope you also made the picture very easy.

Carrot Drawing is Now Complete