Cartoon Blue-footed Booby Drawing in 12 steps

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw margin outside on your page.

We have to be careful not to pull the margin. We have to pull the margin by dropping half an inch around the white page. Here web can leave one centimeter in place of half an inch.

2. Make the Blue-footed Booby’s head.

First, we have to draw a circle, in the middle of the notebook, to draw the head of Draw the Blue-footed Booby’s head

3. Draw the body of the Draw the Blue-footed Booby.

Just below the head will be a long neck like a pipe. We will draw a boat-shaped Draw the Blue-footed Booby’s body on the lower part of the neck. Then we will draw a triangular tail on the back of the bird.

4. Pull the beak of a bird.

The bird’s lips will be long, like a duck. This lip is divided into two parts. With the help of these beaks, they go deep into the sea to catch fish.

5. Draw an eye of Blue-footed Booby’s.

The bird’s eyes will be round. We will give a line like an equator along the middle of the eye. Draw the eyelids in the front corner of the eye. We will draw eyebrows above the eyes.

6. Start painting the Blue-footed Booby.

First, we will paint the Blue-footed Booby’s head. The front of the head will be blue. And give the back of the head a light purple color

7. Color the part around the eyes.

We will make the white area around the eyes more purple. Paint the purple in such a way that the purple color does not get into the eyes. You can use yellow instead of purple here.

8. Paint the wings and tail purple.

We will paint the wings very deep purple as we did around the eyes. We will add purple on the upper and lower part of the tail and lighten it in the middle.

9. Paint the long neck.

We will give more blue on the front of the neck and lightly whiten the back of the neck. Give a very light purple color to the part around the wings. Now Blue-footed Booby’s whole body coloring is done.

10. Make the legs with the help of blue color.

We will make the legs of the Blue-footed Booby with the help of blue oil pastel. Then draw the footprint in blue on the back of the foot. You know, it looks like the Blue-footed Booby is walking in that direction.

11. Draw grass under Blue-footed Booby’s feet.

We will draw the grass under the feet of the bird with the help of a green pencil. Draw small spots of green color, from bottom to top as the grass is.

12. Color the lips.

We will do more yellow color on the Blue-footed Booby’s lips. Then highlight the outline with the more black rules

Cartoon Blue-footed Booby Drawing is now complete