Cartoon Chick Drawing in 12 easy steps 

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Color Box – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Tissue paper

1 :Draw margin outside on your page.

First, we will take a clean white paper. Then draw the margins around the white paper with the help of scale. When drawing the margins, make sure to leave half an inch around.

2 :Draw the body of the chicks.  

The body of a chicken will look a lot like a mango. We will draw a few hairs on the top of the head from the front. Draw a small tail on the back.

3 :Draw the eyes of the chicks.    

We will draw the eyes with the help of two small dots. We will draw eyebrows above the eyes. Keep an eye on the chicks in such a way that it looks like it is looking forward.

4 :Draw the lips of the chicks.      

The lips of the chicks will be small and thin. The chick’s just born so her lips won’t be a very strong one. We will draw the lips just below the eyes.

5 :Draw the hands and feet of the chicks.        

The hands of the chicks will be small. There are two hands on either side, one below and the other above. It’s as if the little chicken is saying ‘Hi’ to us. Then we will draw small legs under the chick.

6 :Draw the eggshell.          

Now we will draw the eggshells which are lying after the chicks. We know that chicks come out of eggs. So after coming out, the eggshells will be lying around him. Moreover, the eggshells will be broken into pieces.

7 :Start coloring the chicks and eggshells.            

First, we will take a yellow oil pastel. With the help of yellow oil pastel, We will first paint the chicks and then the eggshells. Then rub a little with tissue paper on the paint. The chicks will be more yellow and the eggshells will be light yellow. Don’t use yellow oil pastel on eggshell pieces, use yellow rule pencil there.

8 :Give a black color shading on the eggshell.            

First, we will take a black rule pencil. We will give a black shading on the eggshell. We will give a little more black on the edge of the eggshell and a little less black on the bottom.

9 :Give the shading of brown color.            

Now with the help of a brown rule pencil, we will give the brown shading on the side which is not black shading. If you look at the picture above you will see how we are giving the brown shading with the help of the rule.

10 :Give a brown shading to the chick.            

Just like we gave the brown shading to the eggshell a little while ago, we will give the brown shading to the chicks. Give the shading from top to bottom from head to toe. The chicks will have a little more acne on the front and yellow on the back.

11 :Color the chicken tail brown.              

A little while ago we painted the front of the chicks brown. This time we will paint the side of the tail in the same way. However, you will see that the back of the head does not go brown.

12 :Paint the lips and shadow of the chicks.                

We will give pink color to the lips and feet of the chicks. Here you will use a pink pencil. Now I will paint the shadow, the shadow is very important. The existence of an object cannot be understood without shadows. Under the feet of the chicks and under the skulls of the chicks, we mean light blue rubbing. This time we will write “Happy Easter” just above the head of the chicken. Writing means he is telling us ‘Happy Easter.

Cartoon Chick Drawing in 12 easy steps is now complete