Cartoon Flying Kite Drawing in 8 easy steps

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Red Color.

Draw the margin.

First, we will take white drawing paper. We will draw the margins around the white paper. Equalize the margins around the white paper. Draw the margin by placing half an inch around it to equalize the margin. If the margins are equal the white paper will look nice.

Draw the eyes, face, nose, and legs of the creature.  

Draw a picture of Creature in the left corner of the white paper. The creature’s nose will be long. And draw a lot like a lamp to see the eye. And draw a curved face. Draw a lot like chicken legs to see Creature’s legs. Draw a lot of funnel shapes to see Creature’s body.

Draw the creature’s two-handed, kite thread and the kite’s tail.    

raw like a lot of thread to see the hand of the creature. And draw the kite over the right corner, so that it looks like the kite is flying in the sky. Draw the kite thread in such a way that the creature holds the kite thread in both hands. Draw the tail of the kite crooked

Paint the whole body except the eyes, face, and stomach of the creature.      

Use blue to color the entire body of the creature. And paint the two legs blue. Give the color blue in such a way that it does not go out of the outline. You can use other colors. Kids love the color blue so we painted the body blue

Paint the belly of the creature on the face and two hands and the area around the eyes.        

Use light red to color the Creature’s belly. Do light red on the top of the abdomen and white on the bottom. And use blue to paint both hands. And give a light yellow color to color the face. Also, give a light yellow color to the areas around the eye of the creature

Paint the kite.          

If we paint the kite in two parts, it will look very beautiful. Use pink to paint the part on the kite. And use red to color the bottom part. The creature looks like a baby. That’s how kids fly kites. The kite looks too small to fly in the sky

Paint Creature’s fingers and kite’s tail.            

Use red to color the creature’s fingers. The creature holds the kite thread in both hands in such a way that it looks as if the fingers of the hand are like a jug. Use purple to paint the tail of the kite. Occasionally leave the kite’s tail blank. Then the tail of the kite will look more beautiful

Paint the thread of the kite and give the border.              

Use black to dye the yarn. The whole body of the kite and the creature will be bordered with black markers. We will paint the floor with blue paint under the creature. And designed with blue on the side of the kite’s tail. Look, a creature like you is flying a kite in the sky with great joy

Cartoon Flying Kite Drawing is now complete